VIOFO WR1 Review

VIOFO has proven themselves to be one of the leaders in the dash cam world. They did this by offering excellent value in their impressive product lineup. Their A119 and A119S are some of our favourite entry level dash cams. One area they did not previously tackle was WiFi connectivity which has typically been reserved for higher end dash cams (Such as the Thinkware F770 and BlackSys CH-200). That's changed with the launch of the brand new WR1 which has built-in WiFi instead of an LCD screen like VIOFO's other products. 


The design of the WR1 really surprised the team at BlackboxMyCar. The camera has a tiny body that's less than two inches tall. Even the mounts are thoughtfully designed to be very compact. While we always recommend using the adhesive mount, we like that VIOFO has included a suction cup for other applications. It has a rough matte black paint job that stays very hidden when mounted on a windshield. There's only one button on the back of the device that is used for event recording.


Despite the low price tag, we are surprised to see that VIOFO has equipped the WR1 with a Sony CMOS sensor. That being said, this camera only records 1080P video at 30 frames per second. The video quality is decent but not as good as both the A119 and A119S cameras. Even with daytime video, the shadows could be better exposed. With the Sony sensor, night time video is pretty clear and better than a number of pricier dash cams. We also noticed that the mic was noticeably quieter than the A119 series dash cams. Those looking for the absolute best video should consider the non-WiFi VIOFO cameras. 


The WR1 is fairly simple in terms of features and is similar to other Chinese entry level dash cams. The main difference being that this camera offers a WiFi function. Despite the low price tag, we're really impressed with how well this WiFi app works and how fast it is. The design of the app is not the most attractive but it's pretty easy to use overall. The only thing this camera is missing at the moment is a GPS option however we find that this is typically more important for fleet users than average consumers. 


We're excited to introduce the WR1 as one of the most affordable 1080P dash cams on the market. Even though the G1W-C has been out for more than 3 years, it's still one of the most popular dash cams today. Many users still want a suction cup mounted dash cam but most manufacturers haven't focused much in this area. We think the WR1 is a great choice as it lets the entry-level buyer experience a fairly sophisticated WiFi dash cam.