Introducing the IROAD X1



1080P @ 60FPS

The X1 is equipped with the Sony STARVIS Image Sensor that offers seamless and crystal clear footage


The Sony STARVIS Image Sensor offers the brightest and the cleanest images in low light environments.


Brightness is automaticaly diagnosed and recording brightness will be set to 3 times higher in dark environments.

Continuous Recording Mode

When the car engine is started, the device is automatically turned on and starts recording on driving mode.

Event Recording Mode

During parking or driving, when a motion & Impact is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording.

Motion Detection & Parking Mode

Safe parking to support the recording mode to protect the vehicle, even when parked.

Format Free

The file system improved in stability by utilizing the JDR system.

Data Recovery

Saved images can be saved and restored with the auto recovery system.


For the purpose of battery protection, automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Lane Departure Warning System

For the purpose of battery protection, the dash cam automatically detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point. Once initiated, recording is stopped and power is turned off. The motion detection function is effective for saving battery.

Forward Collision Warning System

The FCWS function calculates the average distance from the vehicle in front and alerts the driver in advance when reaching the range of safe breaking distance in order to prevent a collision.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning

Front Vehicle Departure Warning is for generating a warning upon start of a vehicle in front of the subject vehicle while stopped and waiting for a signal.