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Safety Scout Writing Requirements

Writing Requirements

As part of the BlackboxMyCar Safety Scouts program, we're looking for original content that helps promote safety on the road and your thoughts on the latest automotive technology. Your opinion matters, and we want to hear from you! This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Advice on road safety, automotive insurance legality, etc.
    • Thoughts on the latest or newest automotive technology
    • Reviews on the latest dash cams, radar detectors, OBD scanners and other automotive-related merchandise
    • In-depth tutorials to introduce other users to the technology, or how to setup their own device into their own vehicles
    • Interviews with other professionals within the automotive industry
    • Other creative pieces in which an audience of fellow writers can learn something new

Rule #1:
Original Content

Submissions must be original and unpublished anywhere previously. Stories may be republished to your personal blog, LinkedIn, or another publication only after it's been published on the BlackboxMyCar website.

Rule #2:

Submissions must be non-fiction. We do not publish fiction stories.

Rule #3:
Family Friendly

Submissions must be family-friendly. We reserve the right to reject content deemed offensive or inappropriate for our wide audience. Please do not submit anything related to politics, sex, or religion.

Rule #4:

Submissions must be unique, well organized, and of high quality. Submissions that are derivative, too abstract, unclear, meander, have an indeterminate purpose or take-away, are clickbaity, or do not focus on creativity or writing are rejected. Personal takes and opinions are welcome, but diary-like blog posts are not.

Rule #5:
Family Friendly

Submissions must not be spammy. We do not publish stories whose sole intent is to sell or promote a book, blog, service, tool, or anything we deem to be a product. Honest product reviews that help our community make informed decisions are acceptable. However, ads or press releases are not.

Writers may promote their book, blog, service, tool, or other product with a short text link at the bottom of the piece.

Rule #6:
Call-to-Action (CTA)

Submissions must be free of most calls to action (CTA). A call to action is something requesting the reader do something. Any request should be reasonable, short, and not capture user information directly within the story.

Rule #7:

Submission must be ready to publish. Our team will assist with laying out your article on our website!

Stories must be written in fluent U.S. English, well organized, and free of spelling, grammatical, and language issues. Writers are expected to fully edit and vet all pieces before submitting them for publication.

Last but not least:

We request that all publications be a minimum of 500 words, and are written in 1st person.
If you have any questions, or when you have something to submit, please send it to

Community Submissions Writing Requirements

Based on 4992 reviews
Very easy to install.
VIOFO A129 Plus 2K QHD Dash Cam with GPS
Excellent Customer Service & Installation
Great good customer service and product
Cpl filter works
Quality product with excellent video capture
Knowledgeable staff
Hi Stephen, thanks for leaving a review!
Easy to use
Hi N.D., thanks for leaving a review! Glad to know the power inverter worked for you.
A129 Plus Duo Great Value Easy to Use
Thanks for shopping with us, George! Great feedback, and we hope you continue to love the VIOFO dash cam.
Thanks for shopping with us, Deokyu! Come back anytime :)
Great Product + Great Service = Great Buying Experience
Hi PK, thanks for leaving a review! Yep, we got lucky and we got the units in sooner than expected luckily. Glad you didn't have any issues with the installation!
Thanks for shopping with us, Louis! Come back anytime :)
Thanks for shopping with us, Jesus! Come back anytime :)
Thanks for shopping with us, Jesus! Come back anytime :)
Great product, install can be a bit tricky.
Hi Cody, thanks for leaving a review!
Thanks for shopping with us, Scott! Come back anytime :)
Just a little suggestion.
Thanks for the feedback, Johnny!
Glad I waited so long for the perfect camera.
Hi Bryan, oh no for the skunk, but hey - great footage. Looking good!
Surprisingly good
Hi Mike, thanks for shopping with us. Glad to know you're loving the Thinkware U1000. The user friendliness will improve over time, we can guarantee you that!
Great Product
Hi N.D., thanks for leaving a review! Glad to see you love the Cellink NEO battery as much as we do.
Hi Mike, thanks for coming back and for leaving a review!
Exactly what i need!
Hi Ferdinand, thanks for shopping with us! Glad to know we had the solution that you needed :) Come back anytime!
Great Support!
Thanks for shopping with us, George! Come back anytime if you have any questions :)
add a fuse
Hi Luke, thanks for shopping with us. We will keep this in mind in the future - thank you for the feedback.