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BlackVue DR770X Box 3-Channel Dash Cam vs. Thinkware MB-100 Multiplexer Box

Among all the dash cams that we carry at BlackboxMyCar, both the BlackVue and Thinkware lineup have been a crowd favorite. Although these dash cams obtain a higher price tag compared to VIOFO, and FineVu, they are still aggressive drivers due to their reliability, tech, design and innovation, which our customers (and us) look forward to!

In this article, we will take a look at BlackVue and Thinkware’s dash cam models that are available in multiple channel configurations, plus a Box - the BlackVue DR770X Box and the Thinkware MB-100 Multiplexer Box. The Multiplexer has been around for some time now, and we’ve produced a couple of YouTube videos covering how this accessory has transformed a full HD dash cam to a 5-channel dash cam. Let’s see if BlackVue’s newly designed DR770X Box can beat it.

BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box: Design

Let us differentiate these two products first. The BlackVue DR770X Box is a triple-channel dash cam that comes as a full package. On the other hand, the MB-100 is an optional product for select Thinkware dash cam models like the F200 Pro.

Thanks to the modular design of the MB-100 Multiplexer, you can add a combination of side, interior, exterior, and rear views to the main forward-facing dash cam. It converts the dash camera's rear Full HD 1080p video @30fps resolution channel into one – enabling you to capture two to four video feeds in a single rear video file. However, take note that the Multiplexer is not a camera and cannot be used to record driving footage by itself. The package includes the MB-100 Multiplexer module, a video out cable, and a custom wiring harness. The wiring harness contains 4 video input connectors labeled Cam1 through Cam4 for up to four cameras, a video out connector, two power wires for constant battery power, and a ground connection. The Multiplexer will require an additional camera to perform, specifically the Thinkware F200 Pro 2-CH is the only model that we currently offer that can behave as such for the Multiplexer.

On the other hand, the DR770X Box 3-Channel dash cam is a full package from BlackVue. For the first time, BlackVue designed the DR770X Box to be a separate unit from the cameras, carrying the BlackVue dash cam's processor, WiFi source, and memory card.

Here, we found that the DR770X Box has three cameras - one each for the front, rear, and interior. The DR770X cameras are linked via coaxial video cable to the Box, which serves as the recording unit that can be safely stored in the glovebox or under the seat. Unlike other cameras, the DR770X Box cannot be easily slid off the mount since the mount is firmly secured and locked to the unit with a specific Allen key that comes with the unit. Beyond that, the power cable and SD card slot are both protected by their own tamper-proof locking cover. Even besides the Box, each camera unit presents its own difficulty to break into, as all three of them come with their own tamper proof casing. This casing prevents the cabling from being unplugged, and the cameras taken off the mount.

In our opinion, this is BlackVue’s most secure dash cam entry. We found out that aside from these additional, physical protections, the BlackVue DR770X Box has innovated security with an alarm. Once the head unit itself has been disconnected from the Box unit, the Box itself will enter into an emergency mode, blaring loud and proud like a true car alarm. There’s also a coin battery-powered, remote Bluetooth button that can be used to trigger Event recordings manually, as a way to easily bookmark important files.

BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box: Video Recording Capabilities

Now, let’s check out the video recording capabilities of these two. If the Thinkware front dash camera is connected to the MB-100 Multiplexer and recording video, all of the cameras connected to the MB-100 will record video as well. However, because the MB-100 combines around 2-4 1080p@30fps video feeds into one video feed, the video quality may be reduced but it does keep things optimally sized.

Best paired to the MB-100, the F200 Pro is capable of providing you with full HD footage with 2.0 megapixel, 1/2.7" SOI Image Sensor, and video enhancing technologies such as WDR, Automatic Exposure and Super Night Vision. Its front camera covers 140-degrees while the rear camera captures up to 160-degrees. Additionally, the optional low-profile full-HD exterior side cameras can fit neatly on the side of your vehicle while covering a 129-degree field of view. You can also add an interior camera that records a 160-degree view range.

Let’s take a look at the BlackVue DR770X Box’s footage. Using 2MP Sony STARVIS image sensors, the new DR770X Box is capable of capturing the front in full HD @ 60 frames per second, and full HD @ 30 frames per second for the interior and rear cameras. The front field of view is 139°, the rear is 116° while the interior covers 180° - the wider in its class. Like the standard DR770X-2CH, the DR770X Box is also equipped with a new SigmaStar CPU and ISP Tuning software which are responsible for the improvements in white balance, dynamic range, and contrast in daytime videos.

We also noticed that as far as bitrate choices go, there are four: Highest/Extreme, Highest, High, Normal. While it is expected to capture clear full HD, the front camera also needs an accessory that can prevent rain droplets, dust, and other environmental elements from ruining the footage - that’s why we highly recommend you to get a BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield - which is also compatible with Thinkware dash cams.

BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box: Parking Mode

We also checked the parking mode capabilities of these two dash cams. Extending parking mode monitoring, Thinkware boasts its Energy Saving mode. This reduces power consumption by half, giving you 2x longer video recording than normal parking mode. It will go to sleep in Energy Saving mode and will wake up to start recording once an impact is detected.

Similar to Thinkware, the DR770X Box offers standard Loop Recording, Intelligent Parking Mode, Impact and Motion Detection, and Time Lapse Recording. Once the dash cam is hardwired or hooked up to a battery pack, it will switch to parking mode automatically when the car’s ignition is turned off. They both come with a built-in voltage monitor to protect your vehicle battery, and a voltage cutoff timer can be set in the BlackVue app.

BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box: Video Playback, File Storage and Cloud Connectivity

In the Thinkware Multiplexer’s case, it merges recordings from the additional cameras into one feed, allowing the F200 Pro to operate as a full DVR system that would traditionally cost a fortune. However, all additional cameras record in 1080p Full HD and then reduced to 960p x 540p to be combined into one video. Choose whether you want to watch it on your Android phone, iOS phone, Windows or Mac. With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can simply connect the F200 Pro to your mobile device through the Thinkware Dash Cam LINK to view and manage your videos.

In our opinion, the DR770X Box is a standout in this field. Not only does it have the same wifi setup as Thinkware, while allowing the Wi-Fi to be perpetually on, but it comes with advanced connectivity options as well. The DR770X can also be connected to the BlackVue CM100G LTE module, or any hotspot/Wi-Fi connection in the vehicle, allowing the camera to connect to the BlackVue Cloud. Using the newly redesigned BlackVue App on your smartphone or tablet or the BlackVue Web Viewer, you can see in real-time where your vehicle is located and detailed tracking of the vehicle’s route, plus other Cloud features like Remote Live View, Live Auto Upload, GPS Tracking, Two-Way Voice Communication, and Event Map.

BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box: Pricing

The BlackVue DR770X Box is priced at $489.99 for the whole package - the front, interior, rear cameras plus the Box. Meanwhile, the Multiplexer is priced at $99. However, it doesn’t include the cameras.

If you’re getting the Thinkware F200 Pro, you will have to add $159.99 for the two-channel variant. There are also flexible options like the Uber/Lyft Rideshare Bundle at $299.99, the Cargo/Sprinter Van Bundle at $349.99, and Heavy Duty Truck Bundle at $449.99.

Verdict: Which is better? BlackVue DR770X Box vs. Thinkware Multiplexer Box.

In this review, we find the BlackVue DR770X Box and the Thinkware MB-100 Multiplexer reliable. Supporting up to five active viewpoints, the Thinkware MB-100 Multiplexer accessory combines the video signals of two to four cameras into a single 1080p @ 30fps video, which is highly recommended if you want to have a view of your car’s front, rear, interior and full exterior coverage. We also consider it a great option for fleet, ride-sharing and RV drivers, as the core mix and match concept does allow for a wider range of cameras and setups. With this level of functionality, using the MB-100 Multiplexer could be less expensive than buying multiple dual or triple-channel dash cams.

Although, in terms of overall security, video resolution, and Cloud connectivity, the DR770X Box wins the fight.

In our opinion, video resolution is the biggest factor here. The Multiplexer may be able to capture up to five channels, but the video resolution is greatly reduced to 960 x 540p. With the DR770X Box, you’re guaranteed to see better footage as for its Full HD frame rate up to 60 FPS.

We also found that the installation of the Multiplexer is more tricky, especially since the side cameras must be mounted on the car's exterior body. Unfortunately, it will not work with certain European models because the wires will be too tight to wrap, unlike the DR770X Box that's suitable in all types of cars.

Moreover, the DR770X Box can also be connected to the Cloud which enables you to track and monitor your dash cam wherever you are in just a tap. In terms of security, the DR770X Box cameras plus the Box itself are also built with special tamper-proof cases, so your footage is guaranteed to stay safe, bringing you maximum peace of mind in every drive.