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Best 2-Channel Parking Mode Dash Cams of 2023

The industry's best for the best parking mode protection

Getting a dash cam for your car is like having a silent witness. It keeps you secured, and gives you the peace of mind that whatever happens while you’re driving, everything’s recorded on video. But what about the dangers when your car is already parked?

Parking Mode to the rescue! A dash cam's Parking Mode feature addresses the need for 24-hour car surveillance. Previously a feature only found in high-end dash cams, by 2023, the majority of dash cams now offer this mode due to its growing importance. Whether you are driving or your car is parked in your garage, this feature ensures your vehicle is monitored around the clock.

If you're looking for the best dash cam with parking mode, especially one that records the front and rear of your vehicle, check out our Top Dual-Channel Parking Mode Dash Cams.

Thinkware U1000, Q1000, X1000 with the Thinkware Radar Module

One of the reasons Thinkware is popular among security-conscious dash cam owners is its advanced parking mode surveillance, particularly for the U1000 4K UHD, Q1000 2K QHD, and X1000 2K QHD dual-channel models. Their technology enabled game-changing car surveillance features such as impact detection with buffered recording, time lapse mode, and energy saving modes.

When Thinkware launched the U1000, they also introduced the Radar Module that enhances the dash cam's Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 with ultra-high frequency radar motion detection.

The Thinkware Radar Module allows the camera to remain at rest for longer, reducing power consumption. When the radar detects motion, it wakes the camera up to record that segment. Following that, if an impact is detected, it will use that pre-recorded motion footage as a buffer on the impact footage, showing 10 seconds before the impact, and 10 seconds after for a 20-second clip. If no impact is detected, then the motion footage is not saved.

So, what does this all mean to you? Your two-channel 2K or 4K can stay in parking mode six times longer (pair it with the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 battery pack to get up to 10 days of parking mode runtime). You also get to enjoy ultra-high frequency radar motion detection with buffered recording

BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus with the CM100G LTE module

For many drivers, a more interconnected system is preferable. One that provides live updates to their phone when something happens to their vehicle, and the ability to connect and access their camera from any location. That is where the BlackVue DR900X Plus excels.

The DR900X 2-CH Plus is a top-selling premium dash cam, renowned for its professional design, advanced cloud features, and the capability to capture 4K UHD videos. It features customizable motion detection zones with buffered recording. In other words, not only do you get a comprehensive account of the incident, you can also tell your dash cam to ignore swaying trees in the background to conserve power and microSD storage space during parking mode.

Looking for more? Pair the BlackVue DR900X Plus with the CM100G LTE connectivity module. Just insert an active SIM card into the CM100G LTE module and connect it to your BlackVue dash cam to enable 24/7 BlackVue Cloud connection.

If you have another source of Wi-Fi in or around the vehicle, the DR900X-2CH Plus can connect to that too! Offering those cloud features as long as the camera is in range. Furthermore, the built-in power management circuitry in the DR900X-2CH Plus ensures that your camera will never deplete your vehicle's battery when operating overnight, switching off if the car's battery level falls below a pre-set level.

DR750X-2CH LTE Plus Cloud Dash Cam

Not only is the DR750X-2CH Plus one of BlackVue's smartest dash cams in parking mode. Despite the fact that it only captures Full HD @ 60FPS, as opposed to the DR900X and Thinkware U1000 which capture 4K, the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus has been sought-after for its built-in LTE connectivity.

This means you can use BlackVue Cloud to connect to your BlackVue from anywhere in the world at any time - just insert and activate the SIM Card and you're ready to go. And yes, you no longer need a Wi-Fi hotspot for this.

For additional convenience, you can also receive Push Notifications on your phone whenever the dash cam detects an impact on your parked vehicle, and you can see for yourself with Remote Live View. Even better, with Live Event Upload, BlackVue can upload critical footage to the Cloud in real time, such as a break-in or a hit-and-run. AT&T, T-Mobile, Telus, Rogers, and Bell SIM cards are all compatible with the DR750-2CH LTE Plus.

VIOFO A229 Duo Dash Cam

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, but intelligent parking mode capable dash cam, we highly recommend the VIOFO A229 2K QHD dual-channel dash cam.

The VIOFO A229 has multiple parking camera functions, including Auto Event Detection with Buffered recording. It also offers three advanced parking to help you capture full evidence during parking.

  • Auto Event Detection: Automatically record for 45s when detecting moving objects or impacts during parking. Optimized with buffered function, its 45s-video recording starts 15 seconds before and ends 30 seconds after the detected event.
  • Time Lapse Recording: Record a video at low frames at 1/2/3/5/10 fps and compress into a long file.
  • Low Bitrate Recording: Record videos continuously at low bitrate 4MB/s with audio recorded.

FineVu GX1000 Dual-Channel Dash Cam

Finding that you need a more detailed and comprehensive take on the accident and what happened? FineVu’s AI features are here to lend a hand.

FineVu's latest and smartest dash cam is the GX1000 2K QHD dual channel dash cam. It includes Intelligent AI features such as Absolute Power Saving Parking Mode, AI 2.0 Temperature Monitoring, and AI Damage Detection 2.0.

FineVu's Absolute Parking Mode provides you with the critical first 20 seconds of the incident when impact is detected. With 10-seconds before and after the event, no detail is missed from the scene.

Hot temperatures are not a problem with the GX1000 as well. Unlike other brands, the FineVu GX1000 continuously monitors the ambient temperature and, if extreme heat is detected, it will automatically switch to Power Saving Mode (with a reduced power consumption of 0.2W).

The GX1000 also has AI Damage Detection 2.0 for added security. The impact area during parking is subdivided into eight directions and reported in multiple levels of impact size using machine learning techniques. When you return to your car and turn on the ignition, the GX1000 will notify you of the impact, and the WiFi app will display which area was likely hit as well as a video clip of the incident.

Power Up Your Parking Mode with Dedicated Battery Packs

For users who want to extend their parking mode functions, dash cam battery packs are an alternative to traditional hardwiring kits. Powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4, these accessories are ideal for drivers who park for long periods of time and come in handy when the vehicle's battery is insufficient to power up the dash cam.


BlackVue B130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack

If you’re using a BlackVue dash cam like the DR900X and DR750X, we recommend the BlackVue B130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack. Compared to the previous BlackVue B-124X unit, this new model has 25% more power, while maintaining the same high reliability. It carries 7,500 mAh / 12.8 V / 96 Wh and includes a fuel gauge integrated circuit.

The BlackVue B-130X can either be connected to a cigarette lighter-type power socket or hardwired to your vehicle's fuse panel. Within 50 minutes, this Power Magic Ultra Battery can reach a full charge, while also lasting for over 30 hours in parking mode.


BlackBoxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack

If you are looking for higher specifications, capacity, brand compatibility and better value for money, go for the BlackboxMyCar Powercell 8 battery pack.

The BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 was designed by BlackboxMyCar and is manufactured by Egen Inc, the world's largest and most trusted dash cam battery manufacturer, which also produces the Cellink NEO battery packs.

Like the B-130X, it is built with the safest battery technology, LiFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), which will keep your dash cam running in parking mode for longer hours in extreme weather conditions.

Because of the unique characteristics of LiFePo4, the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 could be charged quickly in 50 minutes while also maintaining a longer life of up to 2,000 cycles even with frequent deep discharge cycles.

Unlike the B-130X that’s built solely for Blackvue dash cams, the BBMC PowerCell 8 is compatible with most dash cams on the market - making it a more efficient choice.

Get Protected with Parking Mode Function

If you are concerned about hit-and-runs, theft, or vandalism while your vehicle is parked and left unattended, your dash cam's Parking Mode feature is the ultimate saviour.

With the numerous two-channel dash cam options we listed above, plus the recommended battery packs, it is now simple to figure out which works for your daily driving needs, while ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle for extended periods of time.