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4K Dash Cam Review: Nextbase 622GW vs. Blueskysea B4K

If you search for 4K dash cams on the internet, you will come across many unfamiliar brands. Some dash cam brands claim to provide 4K video but only record in interlaced mode or at a low frame rate. But don't be taken in by deception. If you live in North America or Canada, BlackboxMyCar can assist you in finding the best dash cam for your ride.

And if you're looking for 4K dashcams, take a look at this comparison of the Blueskysea B4K and the Nextbase 622GW.

Blueskysea B4K Image and Video Quality

The Blueskysea B4K, which has a full 4K resolution, captures footage at Ultra HD resolution of 4K-3840 x 2160 at 30 frames per second using the latest generation Sony 8MP IMX415 low light capable image sensor.

You can capture every detail of what happens in front of the car with its 120° ultra-wide-angle A+ lens. The WDR function allows you to capture a broader dynamic range of light levels. This model also comes with an optional CPL filter to reduce reflections on the windshield when driving in bright sunlight.

In terms of the design, the Blueskysea B4K has an integrated 3.16" ultra-wide screen IPS monitor which clearly displays dual front and rear video views (note that the rear camera is optional).

Does the B4K Pro Have Parking Modes?

For added security, the B4K includes basic parking mode options such as impact detection, which employs a built-in g-sensor to detect a sudden jolt or movement of your vehicle, such as a hit-and-run in a parking lot. You can also enable motion detection, which causes the camera to record any time movement is detected on the front or rear cameras.

Moreover, the B4K dash cam also has a more advanced parking mode feature called "buffered parking mode," which means that when parked, the dash cam continuously records over and over in a loop, so if an event occurs, it will have video 10 seconds before the event occurred.

If you intend to use any of these parking mode features, you must use a dash cam hardwire kit or an external battery pack to power the camera while your vehicle is parked and turned off.

Does the B4K have a GPS?

The B4K also includes a GPS receiver, logs the current speed and GPS location with an optional video overlay and automatically synchronizes the clock with GPS satellite time.

Smart APP Control & Built-in WiFi

For enhanced connectivity, the Blueskysea B4K now has a built-in Wi-Fi and can connect to your smartphone app with ease. The Ucam app allows you to sync the files on the car camera to your phone, while video files can be saved to a smartphone and then shared via social media.

What are other convenience features of the B4K?

When the micro sd card is full, the seamless loop recording function overwrites the oldest footage with the newest. A configurable sensitivity G-sensor also detects sudden impact and protects the event footage from overwriting. Moreover, the car camera supports a maximum microSD card size of 256GB, allowing for nearly 24 hours of recording time before overwriting the oldest video footage. In addition, this dash cam has many more basic functions such as time-lapse recording, audio recording, and time+date+speed video watermarks, making it an excellent choice for your driving recorder.

Review: Nextbase 622GW 4K Dashcam

Priced a little higher than the B4K, the Nextbase 622GW goes beyond the basics, bringing state-of-the-art features for holistic security not only to the car, but for the passengers as well.

Nextbase 622GW Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

For starters, the 622GW includes a new Ambarella H22 quad-core chipset that enables users to capture pin-sharp 4K footage at 30fps from a 140-degree field of view.

If you don't require the highest quality, 1440 p at 60fps or 1080p at 120fps are also other options.

Similar to the B4K, Nextbase also has installed a removable polarizing filter, which allows drivers to rotate a bezel in front of the lens to produce beautiful, glare-free footage.

Nextbase also has an option to add an in-cabin and rear dash cam module that records at 1080p@30fps, all sold separately.

What are the Convenience Features of this 4K dash cam?

Alexa Integration

The 622GW has Alexa connectivity. You can control the dash cam with your voice as long as you have the app on your phone. The two built-in microphones in the car that pick up on speech.

Emergency SOS

If the driver fails to respond, the 622GW knows exactly what to do. The dash cam will automatically notify emergency services near your location. However, it does not stop there. It also gives them access to any medical information you choose to share with the app.

Extreme Weather Mode

Because fog and other harsh weather conditions are major causes of traffic accidents, Nextbase created an extreme weather mode. Whether you are involved in or witness an accident, this feature can help you identify vehicles in your footage. It ensures that registration plate numbers can still be detected.

Image Stabilization

This is yet another fresh Nextbase feature. It significantly reduces camera vibrations caused by your car, resulting in a super-smooth and clear image. Adding to stability, the Click&Go magnetic Pro GPS mount makes it very easy to fix in place and remove, and the rear touchscreen is clear and responsive, allowing for a great view out of the windscreen quickly and easily.

Intelligent Parking Mode

When this feature is enabled, it begins recording immediately after detecting impact. As a result, if someone hits or scratches your car in the parking lot, the dash cam will record it.

Super Slow Motion

When you record video in 1080p at 120 frames per second, the dash cam enters Super Slow Motion mode. This feature can be critical in determining what happened during an accident. In most cases, you can rely on it to reveal important information from each clip.

what3words Connectivity

Another main factor the 622GW is one of the best dash cams on the market is its what3words connectivity. Using only its own GPS module, this model can always pinpoint your exact location, limiting your location to a three-meter squared area.

Moreover, the 622GW also has access to the MyNextbase Suite which includes MyNextbase Connect, the mobile app and MyNextbase Player, the desktop app.

Product Comparison: Blueskysea B4K VS. Nextbase 622GW

Blueskysea B4K

Resolution (Front)

4K - 3840 x 2160 at 30 FPS

4K Footage UHD @ 30 FPS; 2K QHD @ 60FPS; Full HD 1080p @120FPS


Image Sensor

Sony 8MP IMX415

Omnivision OS08A10 8MP CMOS sensor

Parking Mode






Wide-Angle View






Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (from -4°F - 158°F)

-20° to 45°C (from -4° to 113°F)


Loop Recording



Maximum SD Card



LCD Screen

3'' IPS Screen

3'' IPS Screen










Country of Origin


United Kingdom

Blueskysea B4K vs. Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam - Which True 4K should I trust?

In terms of price, Blueseasky wins the match. A true 4K camera with advanced parking mode options and remote wifi connectivity can be had for under a hundred dollars. You also get a free mobile app to configure and control the performance of your dash cam, which is very convenient from the driver's end.

Parking mode is a notable advantage of the B4K over the 622GW, which only has Intelligent Parking Mode. However, in terms of advanced features and dependability, we're rooting for the Nextbase 622GW, thanks to the built-in Alexa, image stabilization, extreme weather mode, emergency SOS, and the easily accessible MyNextbaseSuite to manage all your files and connectivity.

In comparison to the Blueseasky, the British brand Nextbase guarantees a longer life span for your dash cam - as evidenced by the reviews when compared to the B4K, which has had issues with both the app and the dash cam itself in the long run.

If you don't plan on using your dash cam for an extended period of time, the Blueseasky will suffice. However, if you want a 4K dash cam that you can rely on for a long time, the Nextbase 622GW is the dash cam for you.