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Should I Use an Adhesive or Suction Cup Mount?

Adhesive vs. Suction Cup Mounts

Dash cams are typically mounted on the front and rear windshields of the vehicle and come with either adhesive or suction cup mounts.

While suction cup mounts may seem convenient and easy to use, they are not recommended since they can come off the windshield easily and are much more prone to vehicle vibration, which makes video footage shaky and blurry.

Almost all dash cams use adhesive mounts for good reason, as they are much more durable and reliable in the vehicle.

Adhesive Mounts

Adhesive mounts are usually thin and flat pieces of mounts so that they offer a discreet and low profile design. They also lack the long arm piece that suction cup mounts have and thus decrease the overall footprint of the dash cam.

Once the adhesive is stuck onto the windshield, the dash cam does not vibrate in video footage since it’s a single piece of equipment attached to the windshield and doesn’t otherwise move around by itself.

In the event of a high impact, an adhesive mount is much more likely to stay attached to the windshield.

Thin, flat and discreet: adhesive mounts decreases the overall footprint of your dash cam and keeps it attached to your windshield.

Static Windshield Stickers

Dash cam manufacturers, like VIOFO, has also began providing Static Windshield stickers. The transparent sticker is a static sticker, the film-like stuff is not adhesive, but it can attach to the front windshield of your vehicle by static electricity. By using the static sticker, there will be no residual marks and cleaning troubles when you reposition your camera

Thin, flat and discreet: adhesive mounts decreases the overall footprint of your dash cam and keeps it attached to your windshield.

Suction Cup Mounts

The only cases where suction cup mounts are recommended (or at least more convenient) is when a dash cam is being used in a rental vehicle or need to be swapped in and out of the vehicle on a frequent basis. Suction cup mounts can easily be taken off of the windshield without leaving behind any residue, whereas adhesive mounts usually leave some adhesive glue on the windshield (can still be cleaned off).

For example, if you’re visiting somewhere and are receiving a rental vehicle, it may be easier to use a dash cam with a suction cup mount so that you can easily put on and take off the dash cam.

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