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The ZZ2 Zeus Ultra: the Superior CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter For You - - BlackboxMyCar

The ZZ2 Zeus Ultra: the Superior CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter For You

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – a must-have for drivers who prioritize convenience and entertainment within their cars. While dash cams are built to record every situation when you drive, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto bring your mobile apps to your car display so you can ditch the phone, and focus while you drive.

Whether you need to answer a call, read messages, find directions, play music, or watch videos, all of these are already accessible once your phone is connected to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your screen. However, there’s something that we find inconvenient within the process – the plugs, and the dangling wires.

We ourselves love CarPlay and Android Auto, but admittedly, we are not fans of the wired connections! And sometimes, we can’t help but look for more features that we can enjoy within our infotainment systems aside from the usual songs and movies that play over and over again. We want more.

And it seems like the makers of the ZZ2 CarPlay and Android Auto Adapters heard us – and all of you who want to experience superior entertainment inside your cars – with the ZZ2 Zeus Ultra Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Live Streaming Interface Box. We have already tested how powerful this fresh accessory is, and in this article, we will share with you 5 reasons why we think it's superior among the CarPlay and Android Auto accessories we know!

5 Reasons Why the ZZ2 Zeus Ultra is the Most Powerful Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto Device

Named after the king of the gods, the Zeus Ultra is the flagship and most advanced CarPlay and Android Auto accessory offered by ZZ2. While other models like the ZZAIR CP and ZZAIR Duo are capable of wirelessly connecting your phone to your screen, the other models like the ZZAIR Pro and Zeus Ultra have the capacity to let you stream Netflix and YouTube!

However, Zeus Ultra remains the most superior among all of them because of the features that we will enumerate next:

1. Ultra Sleek, Sophisticated, Aesthetic

Aesthetics matter. We want our car devices and accessories to look as neat as possible, so it won’t be distracting. While other accessories may be a sore to the eye with various colours and big chunky hardwares, the Zeus Ultra boasts an elegant black finish, making it an easy-to-keep and easy-to-hide accessory.

We also mentioned that we are not a fan of cables and wires, and the Zeus Ultra hits the spot. Yes, no need for wires as you can directly access these streaming services directly through your car’s radio controls. For maximum entertainment, it also comes with a new HDMI output for rear monitors – so even the guys in the next row can sit back, watch, and relax.

2. More Than Just YouTube. More Than Just Netflix.

Alright, we understand that YouTube and Netflix are the most popular streaming services out there. But what if the shows and movies that we love aren’t available on them?

You no longer have to tell your friends or kids to just settle on watching new films and series on their phones, or at home. Among all the ZZ2s, the Zeus Ultra is the only one that’s been equipped with preloaded apps like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HULU, Pluto and more. All of these can be enjoyed in a tap – via single USB connection. More convenient, and more choices for everyone indeed.

3. Watching LIVE is LOVE.

Can you imagine how exciting it is to watch and cheer for your favorite team in the finals – together with your road trip buddies?

We do, and we look forward to it! Enabling you to watch live TV using your internet TV provider such as YouTube or Sling TV, the Zeus Ultra doesn’t let you miss the latest news, events, and games because it streams these shows LIVE. You don’t just get entertainment, you also receive the freshest news even without scrolling through your feed or sitting on the couch in your living room!

4. As long as your car has CarPlay, you can enjoy it.

One thing we noticed about other CarPlay and Android Auto adapters is that they are not compatible with all types of cars. And that’s not the case with the Zeus Ultra.

Since this is the most advanced, and probably flexible adapter in the market, it is built compatible with all types of vehicles equipped with OEM, Aftermarket radios, wired with CarPlay input. And even if your car is only equipped with Android Auto, no worries! Zeus Ultra and the rest of the ZZ2 has their own intuitive interface design, making it easier for you to navigate as well.

5. It transforms to a mobile hotspot for your gadgets – including dash cams!

And last, but definitely not the least reason why we love the Zeus Ultra is its mobile hotspot connectivity feature – the similar reason why we love our LTE-enabled dash cams!

The Zeus Ultra requires an internet connection to supply streaming services while going about your ride – and connecting is made easier with an optional SIM card slot. This means you can either pair it with an external Wi-Fi source, or insert an activated 4G or 5G SIM card directly into the Zeus Ultra for LTE connectivity. With this feature, the Zeus Ultra can act as a mobile hotspot for other devices including your smartphone, and even a cloud-ready Dash Cam like BlackVue and Thinkware.

Don’t settle for less – go big with the Zeus Ultra!

The ZZ-2 ZEUS ULTRA Zeus Ultra Video Streaming Interface Box lets you enjoy the best of entertainment with live streaming services unlike any other. Keep your friends, families and kids at home – in your car – with the Zeus Ultra, now available at BlackboxMyCar.

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