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Bargain Hunting? Get More Than Just A Price Match at BlackboxMyCar - - BlackboxMyCar

Bargain Hunting? Get More Than Just A Price Match at BlackboxMyCar

Paul came across a Thinkware U1000 Product Video on YouTube one night and immediately, he’s in love. He was just about to hit Buy Now on Amazon when Nancy, his wife, convinced him they needed to do some comparison shipping first. Wives know best, and Paul set off to bargain-hunt. He found that pricing for the 4K dash cam is pretty much standard across the board and major chain retailers like Best Buy and Walmart offer price-matching policies anyways. But the more he reads, the more he panics - there is so much more to owning a dash cam than just finding the best deal - there’s hardware installation, camera configuration, maintenance, memory cards, cables and wires, cloud (what’s a cloud dash cam anyway?), WiFi, troubleshooting, and much more. Help!

Then Nancy said, Why not check out BlackboxMyCar, they are North America's #1 dash cam store! I’m sure they can help!

You bet we can help!

What makes us great is not only because we carry a wide selection of best-quality dash cameras by various premium brands, including the real 4K dash cams, and it is definitely more than just our latest dash cam sale or our guaranteed best prices.

Nowadays, you can buy a decent 2 channel dash cam from just about any major retail chain - Walmart, Staples, Best Buy and of course, on Amazon. And these stores are great, you can grab your Thinkware dash cam, crayons for the kids, a can of tomato soup, and just about anything else you need quickly and easily.

On the other hand, BlackboxMyCar is a dash cam specialty store. You won’t find pet food or frozen TV dinners here because we only specialize in one thing - dash cams, and we are a bit of an expert at that. Anything you need to capture your drive you can be sure to find it on our website: dash cams, battery packs, microSD cards, hardwiring kits, installation tools, power cables and adaptors, filters, mounts and tapes; we even have Smile, You’re on Dash Cam” stickers!

BlackboxMyCar 360° Customer Happiness Guarantee.

Everywhere you shop, you can see a “We Price Match!” sign, so what is the best price anyway? Besides, most dash cam manufacturers (such as Thinkware and BlackVue) have strict policies on the lowest price a retailer can market the dash cams or when a retailer can throw a grand dash cam sale. In other words, if one store has a sale going on, you can expect the rest of them to follow suit, too. Yes, the chase for the best or the lowest price is a never-ending one.

That’s why at BlackboxMyCar, we prefer to use the term, Customer Happiness Guarantee.

Customer Happiness = Best Selection + Best Prices + Best Service + Best Support

You get the best selection in brands, features and more

We work closely with premium dash cam manufacturers like Thinkware, BlackVue, IROAD, VIOFO and many more. We are always one of the first in the know of upcoming products and price-drops, and that makes us feel extra special because getting new products ahead of time gives us ample time for our own in-house testing. And the more we test out the features, the more we know the good and the bad of each model - we know what to include in our product lineup and what to send back. From 4K UHD to Full HD, front-facing and in-cabin, cloud and low profile dash cam and more, we’ve got them all. Not sure what you need? Our Best Dash Cams of 2020 guide is a good place to start! Yes, we’ve tested all those dash cams and have written extensively about them all.

So, you might need advanced parking surveillance to watch over your vehicle or you need to record your miles-upon-miles in 4K, or perhaps, both? We’ve got a wide selection of dash cams so you’re bound to find one that fits your specific needs.

You get the best prices with our Price Match Guarantee

Let’s start with our Price Match Guarantee: we price match all North American retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, etc. Looking for a price match? We’re ready! If the product you’re comparing meets our criteria, we will match their price!

In addition, we have different promotions and deals each month, whether it’s a discount at checkout or free accessories with the purchase, and for an even sweeter deal, we also offer free extended warranties on our hottest products. For example, while you will get the same standard 12-month manufacturer warranty on the Thinkware U1000 everywhere, when you shop at BlackboxMyCar, you can get an extra 5% off just by subscribing to our newsletter! Quite sweet, isn’t it?

And sometimes, we accept trade-ins, too! Rather than resorting to the recycling depot, why not contact us to see if your old dash cam qualifies for a trade-in offer - it never hurts to inquire.

You get the best service from our in-house dash cam experts

We sell, service, install, write and film dash cams; all our meetings are about dash cams; we have the dash cam manufacturers on speed-dial. We’ve got answers to your dash cam questions, anything from what’s the perfect dash cam for my drive to how to hardwire a dash cam.

And in case you’re wondering, we don’t outsource our customer service. Each time you contact us, whether it’s by email, Live Chat, phone or in-person, you are talking to a real BlackboxMyCar-trained dash cam expert who knows the ins and outs of the dash cams on our shelves. Looking for Blackvue or Thinkware dash cam comparison? Talk to us for our most honest recommendations.

But, don’t just take our word for it, check out reviews and testimonials from real customers.

You get the best support with fast shipping and professional installation

And just because your dash cam has left our shipping centre doesn’t mean we stop providing you support. In fact, it’s the other way around here at BlackboxMyCar - you can expect nothing but real support even before your dash cam leaves our warehouse and all the way until you drive off our lot after a professional dash cam installation and beyond.

Once your order is packed, we arrange for it to be picked up by our mail courier as soon as possible to ensure rocket-fast shipping. Did you know that we offer door-to-door in 1-3 days for most major cities in Canada? You can contact us anytime if there should be any problems and we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth delivery.

After you’ve received your dash cam, and whether you need installation help, or tips on getting the most out of your dash cam, you can come talk to us anytime. And if you’re not satisfied with the dash cam for whatever reason, just send it back to us, we have a no-questions-asked return policy.

We also have a dedicated Install Service Centre in Vancouver, BC. Yes, that means if you live in the Greater Vancouver area, and you are not comfortable tackling the installation yourself, just bring it to us. Just sit back, drink some coffee, watch some Netflix (or YouTube), surf the net (complimentary WiFi) while our technician installs your dash cam for you. We’ve had customers bring in their vehicles all the way from Calgary, AB and Seattle, WA. Our technicians have installed dash cams in a multitude of vehicles, from domestic pickups to import racers, exotic supercars and even fleet vehicles.

Located outside the Vancouver, BC area but need installation assistance? Let us know, we do know a few reputable technicians in various US and Canadian cities that might be able to help you with your dash cam installation!

Thank goodness for Nancy!

Thank goodness for Nancy, Paul gave us a call and our Sales team walked him through his questions about the Thinkware U1000 and other options available. Not only did he get a price match, he also got a free 6-months extended warranty, free 1-day shipping, and a bunch of tips on how to get the most out of his new dash cam.

Best selection + price match + in-house experts + comprehensive support, now that's the BlackboxMyCar 360° Customer Happiness Guarantee.

(See, wives do know best!)

Happy Adventure-Capturing, Paul!

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