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Military & First Responders Discount

Military & First Responders Discount

This Veteran’s Day, we would like to acknowledge the courage, service and sacrifice of those who have fought to preserve our freedom, our safety and our homes with the BlackboxMyCar’s Military & First Responders Discount - a special offer exclusive to our heroes to help them stay protected and connected for the road ahead.

Who's Eligible?

Starting today, if you've served in the military, or are a current active duty or reserve member, or if you are a member of the police, fire-rescue, and emergency services, you are eligible for a 10% off your next purchase, no minimum. This is the perfect way to start protecting your vehicle and capturing your drive with a dash cam.

Already have a dash cam installed in your vehicle, there are many other ways to take advantage of the offer: maybe you’ve had your eyes on one of the latest 4K UHD dash cams? Or perhaps you would like to install a dash cam on your spouse’s, kids’, or parents’ car?

To Get Started

1. Get your unique discount code

Please include your full name and Id number and send it to us at

Once eligibility is verified, a personalized discount code will be sent to you.

Proof of identifications we need from you:

Valid Military ID - Send us your military ID number if you're and Active Duty member, Reservist, military spouse, military academy student, etc.

Valid Veteran ID - Submit your Veteran ID number if you have served in the military.

Valid Badge Number - Submit your Badge number if you're currently serving in the Police Force, Homeland Security, Corrections, Fire Department, etc.

Valid Emergency Medical Personnel Registry Number - Submit Emergency Medical Personnel Registry Number if you're currently a EMS/Paramedic, etc.

2. Start shopping

Visit to find the dash cam you want. We have the latest 4K dash cams as well as dash cams for motorcycles! You can start using your discount code immediately on your purchase - 10% off, no minimum.

Not sure which dash cam best fit your needs? Talk to us, we got you!

Terms and Conditions

The Military & First Responders Discount is an ongoing offer exclusive for Military Personnel and Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMS/Paramedics. Identification proof is required. Offer is a one-time discount code that can be used on one order, no minimum purchase requirement. Offer may not be combined with any ongoing sale, promotion, discount, coupon, vouchers and/or offer. Offer has no cash value and cannot be sold or otherwise bartered.

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