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4th of July Week Sale Now On! Use code 'FIREWORKS' to get an extra 5% OFF!

How do I increase the bitrate of my BlackVue Dash cam?

With the latest firmware update for the DR650 series dashcams, a configurable bitrate was added. This allows for higher bitrate recording which means less compression, larger file sizes, and better video quality! To change the video quality you will need to either use the Blackvue C App for Android and iOS or the Desktop viewer for Mac/Windows.

The default setting after you've changed your firmware is "high" which is the middle setting, many users aren't aware that there is a "highest" setting that can improve the video quality. Do note that if you increase to the highest setting you will get less recording time out of the same size memory card. The setting is under Basic Settings -> Video Settings -> Quality for the Blackvue C app.

For users that have a 16GB card, we recommend sticking with the high setting as the highest setting reduces recording time down to only about 2 hours for 16GB users.

Blackvue Bitrate Changing

Please note that for the desktop viewer the settings are a little bit different. To increase the video quality to the highest setting, you would actually need to change "Image Compression Ratio" to "Normal"

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