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Hot Gifts Adventure-Lovers Actually Want

Hot Gifts Adventure-Lovers Actually Want

How are you supposed to know what gift to buy for an adrenaline-junkie? Or a wanderlust soul who’s already got enough travel mugs and passport holder? Can’t give everyone universal adapters or neck pillows, can we?

If you’re looking for the best gifts for adventurer lovers or for things to give to your friends and family this year, you’re better off buying things that are meant to get them out there experiencing the world with things that they’ll enjoy for years to come and create memories that they will cherish even longer. After all, none of it is going to do you much good sitting in the closet or garage…

The VIOFO A119 V3, the Thinkware M1, and the Thinkware U1000 are perfect gifts for those who love to start every adventure with a vroom-vroom.

Video quality:  2K QHD+ 1600p Front | Field of view: 140° | WiFi: N/A | Cloud-ready: N/A| Parking mode: Yes   | ADAS: N/A| Memory card: microSD card up to 256GB

The VIOFO A119 V3 is the perfect little dash cam for those who spend long hours on the road, and have probably collected more than a few bumper stickers from their car rental journeys. It’s always nice to send them a gift that is functional, something that makes their trip easier and more enjoyable and most importantly, something that they can use on a variety of car rental excursions.

With a 140° wide viewing angle, the A119 V3 captures more of the open road, sunsets, city skylines and just about everything else along the way in 2K QHD. The A119 V3 comes with an adhesive mount, but an optional suction cup mount is available so they easily bring the dash cam with them from city to city, car to car, no tools required.

Video Quality:  1080p Full HD Front + Rear | Field of View: 140° | WiFi: Yes | Cloud-Ready: No | Parking Mode: No | ADAS: No | Memory Card: MicroSD card up to 64GB

The Thinkware M1 is the ultimate must-have for all adrenaline junkies. This 1080p Full HD dual-channel dash cam is built for any type of weather conditions and terrain. An epic ride on the Dragon’s Tail? Bumpy desert on a dune buggy? Snowy mountains on a snowmobile? You bet, thanks to the rugged and weatherproof IP66-rated body. Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization ensures a smooth and steady video recording, making shaky footage due to bumpy roads and vibrations a thing of the past. Capture all the excitement of adventures or rushes in cinematic Full HD with the M1.

Video quality:  4K UHD Front; 2K UHD Rear | Field of view: 150° | WiFi: Yes | Cloud-ready: Yes | Parking mode: Yes   | ADAS: Yes | Memory card: microSD card up to 128GB

If they are into making their own travel videos to share on the big screen, what better way to capture their adventures than the Thinkware U1000. This dash cam records in 4K UHD, which is 8 times more vivid than HD! They can show it on their smartphone, laptop, flatscreen or even through a projector! Equipped with Super Night Vision 2.0 technology to ensure your videos are pristine in all light environments, day or night.

Got Questions?

With the VIOFO A119 V3, the Thinkware M1, or the Thinkware U1000 Dual-Channel on board, every mile, every rush and every moment will be captured to be re-lived over and over again. Got questions about these dash cams? We’re always here to help. Make sure to check out our Stocking Stuffers Guide for optional accessories and add-on that can turn these great dash cam gift ideas into even better ones. Stay tuned for more Holiday Gift Guides on our website and our YouTube channel for all of our fabulous holiday favourites.

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