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Experienced Full-Time RVer Reveals the Best RV Dash Cam

A study by RVshare found that of the people traveling in 2023, RVs and motor homes are the top three accommodation options. Think RVs are only for older generations? Interest in RV travel is rising, and more young people are getting on board.

Exciting changes in RVs in 2023

One of the major developments expected for RVs in 2023 is the rise of electric and hybrid-powered RVs, as more people have become environmentally conscious. Luxury RV maker Bowlus has already produced a solar-powered RV that runs entirely on electricity. Loyal Winnebago would be delighted to know that their new all-electric, zero-emission eRV2 prototype is in its final field testing stage.

Additionally, more RVs are equipped with advanced features like wifi connectivity, pre-installed routers, Starlink internet pre-wiring, and upscale amenities like heated flooring and high-end kitchen appliances.

But what about RV security?

Ensuring the safety and security of your RV is critical, given that it represents a significant investment. While the RV camping community is generally trustworthy, one cannot guarantee complete peace of mind when overnighting at an unfamiliar campground.

Moreover, capturing footage of your surroundings as you travel the road is handy. If you rent or rent out an RV, a dash cam can be handy as it enables you to review footage captured during rentals.

Dash cams are a must for RVs. With an RV dash cam, you get the added protection of having caught video of any accidents in the field of the camera’s view. Dash cams can also provide data-backed accident reports in case of an accident or unexpected obstacle that prevents you from stopping or swerving in time. An RV dash cam can be used to create content for YouTube videos or document your travels.

Best dash cam for the modern RV

Let’s say you decide a dashboard camera is something you’d like to have in your RV. You’ll want to know what to look for in such a camera as you shop, and if you have no experience with dash cams, you also want to know if it is difficult to install.

There are a lot of dash cams out there. When we started researching the best dash cams for RVs, we didn’t want to just throw in any dash cam. We wanted one that:

✅ 3-camera system to capture footage and incidents of the front, rear, and interior of the RV
✅ records smooth footage, ideally at 60FPS
✅ best video quality under any light
✅ small, stealthy design
✅ equipped with advanced parking mode to watch over the RV when parked
✅ allows you to tap into the dash cam using your smartphone and check on footage in real-time
✅ offers GPS route logging
✅ Cloud-ready for push notifications, remote live view, footage backup, and two-way voice communication
✅ Unlimited Cloud storage backup

And one that checks all the boxes -theBlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus!

BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus review by a full-time RVer

Ray, our friend at Love Your RV, recently installed and reviewed the BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus dash cam.

Short on time? Here are some of the highlights of Ray’s BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus review video.

(Though, we do recommend you watch the full videos as Ray shares a lot of tips and insights)


  • Three camera kit
  • Quality hardware and cables
  • Easy install and setup
  • Compact design
  • Infra-red interior camera
  • 60 FPS for fluid video, less blurry frames
  • Hardwired parking mode (Motion Detect or Timelapse)
  • Handles High Heat – Cut Off Temp 80°C (176°F)
  • Backup Battery – Super Capacitor
  • Free cloud feature
  • Optional Blackvue hotspot can be connected
  • The software works well – WiFi App, PC Viewer & Online Cloud
  • Well-known brand name


  • Maximum Resolution is 1080P HD
  • The interior camera is black and white
  • Expensive
  • The footage seems dark and underexposed

Get the BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus for your RV

Looking to enhance the security and safety of your RV? Look no further than the BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus. Take advantage of our current offer using code “BBMCTUBE” to receive an additional 5% discount when you buy now.

If a non-cloud system is what you're after, consider the VIOFO T130. Alternatively, for greater customization, the Thinkware F200 Pro with Multiplexer enables you to create a multi-channel system tailored to your needs by selecting any combination of secondary exterior and interior cameras.

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