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Connecting Korean Dashcams to the Cellink Battery B

One of the best features of Korean market dashcams is Parking Mode by Motion Detection, however many Korean dashcams only support this feature if you pair them with a hardwiring kit. When they are powered using cigarette power cables they will continue recording in a normal/driving mode rather than activate motion detection. A few models work around this by using the G-sensor to determine when to switch into parking mode such as the Blackvue and BlackSys dashcams. But models like our Thinkware dashcams will not switch into parking mode if powered using a cigarette socket adapter, this means constant powered cigarette jacks in the vehicle or Power Magic Pro/Multi Safer hardwiring kits would not activate parking mode properly. Our Cellink battery pack comes pre-installed with a female cigarette socket on the output cable but there is in fact a way to hook it up to enable parking mode!

 Cellink Cigarette Output

On the Cellink's Output cable there are actually 3 wires coming out: red, yellow, and black. But when paired with the cigarette socket as we've requested from the manufacturer, only the yellow and black wires are used, and the red wire is covered up. To use these wires with your dashcam's hardwire kit, you would need to cut the heatshrink of the Cellink's output cable and cut off the female cigarette socket. Afterwards you should have your three Cellink wires ready to splice into your dashcam's hardwiring kit. *Note* For these particular dashcams, you must still purchase your dashcam's hardwiring kit even when you go with the Cellink, you can not cut up the camera's cigarette adapter and still use parking mode*

You will also need to cut the grounding ring off of the hardwiring kit and strip the wire so that it can be spliced. Once you have your wires stripped you can match them up; for the BlackSys dashcams, red is constant and yellow is acc/ignition switched, this is the inverse of the Cellink output cable. Make sure to check what the colour orientation of your dashcam's hardwire kit is before splicing, some kits have red as constant while others have yellow as constant. Around our office, when we splice these wires we typically use a lineman splice and heatshrink to secure it, be sure to put the heatshrink on before splicing or you'll have to undo the wires! 

Once your wires are spliced together you should be good to go, plug your new Cellink Output cable/Hardwiring Kit combo into your Cellink and it will power your dashcam! Make sure to start your car as many dashcams require the ACC power signal to start up for the first time. 

Side Notes/Tips:

  • The BlackboxMyCar Hardwiring Kit is compatible with many Korean dashcams such as the BlackSys, Thinkware, eCELL, and FineVu CR2000 OMEGA
  • If you are not comfortable with splicing, feel free to contact us at info@blackboxmycar.com and we can offer this service for a small fee.
  • A 10 foot hardwiring cable + 4 foot Cellink output cable are sufficient for most applications but if the Cellink has to be mounted in the trunk it may need a bit of an extension. To extend it purchase 24 AWG stranded wires and do a similar splice. 
  • On your camera's settings, set the voltage cutoff to the lowest possible setting. Because the Cellink only uses ACC power, the camera can't run your car's battery down and this will maximize your recording time with the Cellink