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Combating Distracted Driving: How Dash Cams Ensure Accountability - - BlackboxMyCar

Combating Distracted Driving: How Dash Cams Ensure Accountability

In an era where multitasking is second nature, the dangers of distracted driving are more prevalent than ever. Did you know that according to CAA, distracted drivers are 8x more likely to be in a crash, and 4x more likely when talking on the phone while driving?

April is distracted driving awareness month, and we all need to do our part to ensure our roads stay safe.

Despite widespread awareness campaigns and stringent laws, many drivers still succumb to the temptation of using their phones, eating, or even applying makeup while driving. However, there's a technological ally gaining traction in the battle against distracted driving: the dash cam. This blog post explores how these devices are not just silent witnesses to our journeys but active participants in promoting safer driving habits and accountability on the roads.

The Growing Prevalence of Distracted Driving

Did you know that according to the NHTSA, Cell Phone use is involved in 12% of Car Accidents, and roughly 3,000 people die in fatal crashes involving distracted driving every year in the U.S alone?

Distracted driving encompasses any activity that diverts attention from driving, taking your eyes off the road. This includes texting, cell phone use while driving, eating, or adjusting the navigation system. Even hands-free systems and passengers can be potential distractions when you’re behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The consequences can be severe, increasing the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It's clear that a proactive solution is needed to curb this growing issue and the concern it poses to traffic safety.

79% of Canadians admit to sometimes diverting attention to a distraction. While it’s important that we all reflect on our own driving habits and stay attentive on the road, the simple fact is that we can’t control other drivers. Instead, we can ensure that everyone is accountable for their actions through a Dash Cam.

Dash Cams: The Watchful Guardians

Enter dash cams: compact, unobtrusive devices that can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle. Originally used primarily by law enforcement, dash cams have become popular among everyday drivers due to their myriad benefits.

Dash Cams are beneficial for Evidence Gathering, and ensuring accountability. Dash cams continuously record the road ahead (and sometimes behind or inside the vehicle) while you drive. This footage can be invaluable in the event of an accident, providing clear evidence of what transpired. In the context of distracted driving, a dash cam can show whether a driver was using their phone, eating, or otherwise not paying attention in the crucial moments before a collision.

Dash cam footage can serve as definitive proof of fault, streamlining the insurance claims process and ensuring that justice is served. For victims of distracted driving, this evidence is crucial for holding the responsible party accountable and can be instrumental in avoiding wrongful blame.

Furthermore, dash cam footage of distracted driving incidents can be a powerful educational tool. By sharing clips of real-life consequences, road safety organizations, and individuals can raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and encourage others to change their behaviour.

Some modern cameras even have Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS), aiding drivers to stay aware of what is going on around them.

Choosing the Right Dash Cam

There are many dash cams out there, but there’s a fair bit to consider between them, so let’s break it down for you.

Look for High-Quality Video Recording: When it comes to capturing license plates and other small details, every pixel matters. That’s why we recommend high-quality dash cams, offering 4K or 2K image quality, outfitted with the latest image sensors.

Look for Multi-Channel Cameras: While having a front-facing camera is much better than none, it’s vital to get the whole picture. A rear camera is essential to protect all angles of your vehicle, and some even consider interior-facing IR cameras, or multi-camera setups to cover the sides as well.

Look for Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems(ADAS): Dash Cams don’t have to stop at recording. Nowadays, they can support various advanced features to keep you protected on the road, such as ADAS. With this, the camera can help you stay aware of what’s going on around the vehicle and ensure there are no unfortunate surprises. This is commonly found in Thinkware and FineVu cameras.

Safe driving out there, everyone. For all things Dash Cam, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

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