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Should Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet Use Dash Cams? - - BlackboxMyCar

Should Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet Use Dash Cams?

Before we dive in and answer this article's question, allow us to start with some statistics. Did you know that based on research for Traffic Safety, a hit-and-run crash happens every 43 seconds on America's roads? What's even shocking is that that only 10 percent of these hit-and-run cases are solved. Unfortunately, it's all because of an overwhelming lack of evidence

While accidents are unforeseen and unwanted, having evidence to capture the scene is unequivocally a good idea. This is why the National Transportation Safety Board states that dash cameras are one of their highly sought after road safety improvements.

For those who usually spend time on the roads, particularly fleet and transport businesses, having a dash cam is a must. Dash cam manufacturers have already introduced innovative models, virtual platforms, and connectivity that are essential in ensuring efficiency, reducing accidents, preventing fraud, and most importantly, saving lives on the road.

Dash Cam Benefits for Your Fleet

Let's face it. There are still a lot of cars, and fleet vehicles that haven't been installed with a dash cam. One of the reasons is because they think that it's expensive and will just cost the business more money.

However, if you think about maximizing workflow and driver efficiency, saving from repairs in time of an accident, and the insurance claims? Having one is a worthwhile investment.

A 'Silent Witness' for evidence and insurance claims

Having concrete evidence and processing fleet insurance claims are likely the main reasons anyone would consider a dash cam - especially for a transport business. Accident evidence is crucial to defeating faulty claims, and proving innocence for your trained fleet drivers.

When a dash cam video is included in the case, the often lengthy and drawn-out insurance claims process is sped up. This can help to resolve the issue faster and take less time away from running your business.

Dash cams are the absolute best witness to accidents on the road, as they’re always watching and waiting in case of a collision. With the help of a dash cam, you can keep an honest, impartial accident witness both inside and outside of your fleet vehicles.

A Police that Protects You From Scams and Fraud

Drivers all over the world face insurance scams and driver fraud. This is particularly true when comparing personal vehicles to commercial fleet vehicles. Because scammers know fleet vehicles have a company behind them, they are targeted more frequently than the average family sedan.

Unfortunately, a "crash for cash" scam, in which the offending driver passes a large, slow breaking commercial truck and slams on their brakes to cause an accident, has grown in popularity in the United States.

These types of collisions were previously difficult to discredit or defend your drivers from, but thanks to fleet dash cams, they become an ultimate defense.

Dash cams are the ultimate impartial witness to thwart a would-be highway scam artist, and they'll provide peace of mind for your entire fleet on the road.

A Location Tracker Who Knows Where Your Drivers Are - Exactly.

Real-time GPS positioning of vehicles can keep your business safe and efficient.

Many dash cams include GPS functionality, which can come in quite handy for a commercial fleet manager.

You’ll be able to make sure your fleet vehicles are sticking to their routes and staying where they should be.

“Personal miles” in company vehicles can sometimes leave your business on the line for accidents that happened without your knowledge or direct consent.

GPS data can conclusively determine that a vehicle is being used for business purposes at all times. After all, the more efficient your drivers are at staying en-route and on task, the more productive your business will be.

An Operations Manager for your team and transport business

Multi-cam systems keep your drivers accountable, helping form better habits. We know that having a team you can trust is essential to running a business right.

That’s why you hire trustworthy people to drive your vehicles and offer proper training to make sure they’re the best drivers they can be.

At the end of the day though, having a little extra protection for your expensive vehicles and cargo is always a good idea.

With a dash cam system in your fleet, there’s an instant level of caution added to your team of drivers. When the road and inside of the cab are always monitored just in case of trouble, anyone driving the fleet truck, van, or another vehicle will likely drive more defensively and pay a little bit more attention. These natural behavioral changes could end up saving you money and keeping your fleet on the road more often without trouble.

Dash Cam Fleet Discounts Available at BlackboxMyCar

Many commercial fleets outfit all their vehicles at once. We understand the value of doing so to keep things simple for your business. That’s why BlackboxMyCar offers fleet vehicle dash cam discounts for commercial fleet managers who are looking to purchase their dash cams in bulk.

Having dashcams equipped inside of these daily-use vehicles is essential to many of our fleet customers to ensure safety and peace of mind for their drivers and bottom line.

As North America’s number-one dash cam supplier, we know that every fleet, truck, and vehicle on the road deserves the best product for their needs. We’re passionate about what we do day in and day out. That’s why we offer the best price matching, customer service, and dash cam install service on the market.

BlackboxMyCar as your Fleet Partner

Whether your main goal is to protect your drivers and vehicles, eliminate fraud attempts on your business, keep your drivers accountable, or reduce your insurance premiums, equipping your fleet vehicles with cloud-ready dash cams is a worthwhile investment.

BlackboxMyCar is your trusted partner when it comes to fleets - we have a track record of success with fleets, with satisfied customers like:

Recommended dash cams for your fleet

Thinkware U1000

4K recording resolution and energy efficient parking surveillance with radar motion detection offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle and cargo when the driver is not around.

BlackVue DR750X-3CH Plus

Keeping the same ultra-stealth design, Full HD @60FPS video quality and no-hassle Cloud integration in a triple-channel system.

BlackVue DR900X-2CH IR Plus (Cabin View)

Now fundamental upgrades from its predecessors - an improved image sensor with 4K resolution, Seamless App Pairing and Mobile Hotspot capabilities.

BlackVue DR750X-2CH Truck Plus Dash Cam

External waterproof protection built for Trucks, Vans and Commercial Vehicles with full HD @60FPS video quality and no-hassle Cloud integration.

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