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Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 2-Channel Dash Cam Installation

We get a lot of questions about doing hardwire dashcam installations on the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS so we're glad to deliver with this latest install video. This customer upgraded from a FineVu CR500HD + Power Magic Pro to the BlackSys CH-100B 2CH. One of our favourite things about the BlackSys is the direct hardwire cable as it results in a cleaner install requiring much less wiring and no need to mount a module where you might kick it getting in and out of the car.

For the fuses we used on this install, we used the 7.5A Radio fuse and for constant we used the 7.5A stop light. We always recommend using fuses that aren't too intrusive to the operation of the vehicle and these felt like the best choice. The previous installer had used Add-A-Fuses with the power magic pro, however we decided to undo that as when using the add-a-fuse it was impossible to get the fuse panel cover back on so the customer had to zip tie the cover on. We had a lot of excess cable to deal with going from the front camera to the back camera which we spread out between the C-Pillar and rear headliner. These connecting cables are long enough to fit on full size SUV's such as the Audi Q7 so you can imagine how much excess cable we had!

Installation Pictures

scion frs blackboxmycar

Our customer's Scion FRS in Raven Black

FRS hardwire install

View of the CH100B from the interior, the front unit is completely hidden by the mirror when driving

The CH100B from the outside of the vehicle, notice the customer's FineVu CR500HD on the dashboard!

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