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5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Dash Cam

There are plenty of articles out there telling you why you need a dash cam, from having first-hand evidence to monitoring driving habits. We have to admit, dash cams are pretty nifty. But do you really need one?

Absolutely not! Here are 5 reasons you would never need a dash cam (this is not Amazon; we hate to see you buy things you don’t need).

1. You don’t have a car or a driver’s license

It’s generally a rite of passage that people get a driver’s license as soon as they turn 18. Most young adults love that as it gives them the freedom to go anywhere they want. But, some may wait longer due to various reasons, and thanks to extensive public transportation systems and the rise of rideshare services, many people don’t drive as much. Some don’t even have a car.

Because dash cams are designed to be installed in a car, if you don’t even have a car or a driver’s license, then you don’t really need a dash cam. It also means you don't own a truck, van, motorcycle, ATV, tractor, boat, etc., because there are dash cams for all these, too.

Of course, unless you are feeling extra generous and want to gift one to your rideshare driver. Or perhaps you might want one for your own protection. A dash cam does protect the car, the driver, and the passenger, just like how the cameras on-board a bus protect the driver and its passengers.

2. You don’t want your other half to know where you really were when you said you were working late last week

Maybe you were at a guys night at your buddy’s. Or perhaps you were playing beer pong at the local frat house. Unfortunately, all your other half needs to do is take the microSD card out of your dash cam and plug it into the computer. All your travels will be mapped and stamped with date, time, location, and driving speed. Of course, no one says you can’t pop in a new, lower capacity microSD card and blame the “missing” footage on loop-recording.

Or maybe you got yourself a very understanding partner, and flowers and chocolate work like a charm every single time.

But for those of us not so lucky, it’s wise to think twice before getting a dash cam. Oh, and if you’re serious about covering your tracks, you might want to turn off your smartphone, too. I guess you didn’t know that some of the apps on your phone track your whereabouts.

3. You don’t need the constant reminder that you are a traffic hazard

You are a terrible driver. All those dash cam videos out there on bad, horrible drivers who can’t drive or park without hitting something - oh yah, that’s you. We feel your pain and embarrassment when you call your insurance agent the nth time this month, explaining to her how you ran into yet another car.

We hear ya - getting a dash cam that constantly reminds you of your struggles is probably the last thing you need right now. Even though everyone agrees that dash cam footage is a great way to see what you’re actually doing wrong so you can improve, but who’s got time for that. Besides, people see you enough in those social media videos they will soon learn how to share the road with you.

4. You never leave home without a GoPro strapped to your head

You’re a professional video blogger, and you document every second of your every day with a GoPro. Luckily, you have the GoPro Hero 9, so every second of your life is captured at 5K @ 30FPS. Who needs a 4K UHD 150-degree unobstructed field of view of the road when you can get a 155-degree view of the steering wheel, dashboard, the Junior Whooper in your hand, and a partial view of the traffic in front. People are only interested in you and the destination, not the journey. Dash cams are for those who fall for the “it’s about the journey” hype - you are smarter than that.

Though it would’ve been awesome if you have one more for the back of your head, at $400 a piece, it’ll probably have to wait until the next Black Friday or Boxing Day. And even then, you'd rather spend it on extra batteries - you'll be needing a lot of them if you want to capture your entire drive and beyond.

5. You don’t really care if your car gets hit, scratched or stolen

You find it very annoying that everyone else is super paranoid about their cars getting scratched: dent repair, paint touch-up, polish, and wax - why waste more money on a depreciating asset! Then again, if you don’t really care if your car gets hit or stolen, chances are you don’t need a dash cam - you need a new car.

Please, don’t buy just for the sake of saving

We hate to see you think you need to purchase a dash cam just because we are currently having one of our biggest sale events of the year. It’s rather difficult to justify spending money on something you won’t be using at all. Though unboxing videos are pretty popular on social media nowadays, perhaps you can make a dash cam unboxing video to garner a few likes and shares, and who knows, your unboxing career might take off like that kid on YouTube!

Now, if somehow none of the above applies to you, chances are that a dash cam is still a pretty good idea. Or you know someone who actually drives and care are about their car or their passengers. Dash cams make great thoughtful gifts! Not sure which dash cam you need? Talk to us today - our dash cam experts will help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

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