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ThinkCar ThinkDiag Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool



ThinkDiag Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

Your Professional Car Techician Diagnostic Tool

THINKDIAG is an automobile diagnostic tool with professional-grade function. Simply plug the ThinkDiag dongle into your car, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and your smartphone becomes a professional diagnostic tool.

Curvy, egg-shaped casing for improved durability while keeping the size small for great portability.

Each ThinkDiag comes with a free 1-year manufacturer software subscription.


4K UHD Resolution - NEW
High-quality image processor captures crystal clear video in 4K UHD @ 30 FPS and 2K for the rear

Wide Viewing Angle - NEW
The U1000 comes with a 150 degree viewing angle to provide the best coverage of the road

Wide Dynamic Range
The video is always in the right exposure and contrast in any environment

Enhanced Full Vehicle Scan
Perform all systems functions such as reading/clearing codes, reading data streams, and performing actuation tests

Special Functions
Perform tests specific to your car model or system

Identify VIN Information
Automatically identify the vehicle and all relevant information such as previous accidents specific parts numbers, warranty claims, recalls, etc.

Live View - NEW
Watch what is happening in real-time. Monitor your vehicle with your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Create up to 20 geographic zones and receive notifications when vehicle(s) are arriving and/or departing the preselected zones

Driving Impact
Receive a notification every time the dash cam detects an impact while driving

Communicate with ECU
Communicate (bi-directional) with the ECU to send and receive information within the ThinkDiag app on smartphone, including vehicle operation data

Live Data Stream
Read your vehicle's live data, and present on a graph for better visualization of results

Downloadable Diagnostics Report
Download and share a full report of the vehicle

Time Lapse
Records footage at a lower frame rate to cover a longer period of surveillance and reduce video file size

Impact Detection
Monitor any impact to the vehicle while it is parked to catch any hit and run driver in the act

Motion Alert
Monitor and capture any motion around the vehicle for potential vandalism attempts

Software Subscription
Instant access to ALL diagnostic functions, including read/clear codes, live data streaming, actuation tests, and ALL maintenance functions of your vehicle

Maintenance Functions Software  
Each manufacturer software subscription comes with all 16 maintenance functions for car models from the manufacturer

Remote diagnostics function
Unable to resolve a problem? Your mechanic can perform diagnostics remotely with ThinkDiag

Lane Departure Warning
Detects if the vehicle is veering off the driving lane

Forward Collision Warning
Warns the driver of impending road hazards

Safety Camera Alert
Alerts on upcoming speed and red light cameras

Super Night Vision 2.0
In low light conditions, videos are recored with minimal noise and correct exposure

Integrated Thermal Protection
The integrated super capacitors and thermal sensor provide added safety and reliability in extreme temperatures

Anti-File Corruption
Thinkware's proprietary anti-file corruption technology improves the dash cam's reliability by protecting your memory card from data corruption

Wide Dynamic Range
The video is always in the right exposure and contrast in any environment

Diagnostic Functions

Complete OBD II diagnostic functions:

  • Read Fault Code
  • Clear Fault Code
  • Freeze Frame
  • MIL Light
  • Full OBD Data Stream
  • DTC
  • I/M Readiness
  • O2 Sensor Test
  • Vehicle Information
  • Real-time Data Stream
  • EVAP System Test
  • On-board Monitoring

Maintenance functions:

  • ABS Bleeding
  • Engine Oil Lamp Reset
  • Battery Matching
  • Sunroof Initialization
  • Throttle Adaptation
  • Tire Pressure Reset
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Brake Pad Reset
  • Steering Angle Reset
  • Immobolizer Matching
  • Injector Coding

What's Included

  • ThinkOBD 100
  • User Manual
  • Free 1-Year Manufacturer Software Subscription


Compatible OBD II Protocols

ISO 14230-4(KWP2000), ISO 15765-4(CAN), ISO9141-2(iso), ISO14229(uds), SAEJ1850(VPW & PWM)

Smartphone Support

Android & iOS



Manufacturer software subscriptions

Free 1-Year Subscription


4.6 x 3 x 1.5 inches

Country of Origin



1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Does ThinkDiag require an internet connection?

ThinkDiag device required Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. If you need to update your vehicle diagnostic software, your smartphone needs an internet connection.

Can I share my test reports with others?

Yes, you can share your reports on Facebook, Twitter, or in the ThinkDiag app's community ThinkMoments.

What format are the reports saved or exported in?

The reports can be exported as PDF so you can easily share or print it.

Does ThinkDiag need charging?

ThinkDiag is powered directly by the vehicle's OBD II port.

Can ThinkDiag be used on more than one car?

Yes, it can be used with different vehicles as long as you download the corresponding diagnostic software.

Can my ThinkDiag device connect to multiple smartphones?

Yes, simply use the same account to log into a new smartphone. You can restore the previously purchased software by downloading it on the new phone.

Do I need to pay extra to use ThinkDiag?

Each ThinkDiag you purchase comes with free 1-year subscription for TWO manufacturer software. You'll pick two manufacturers from our store and enjoy a FREE first year subscription that costs $39.95 per manufacturer. You only need to pay after your subscription ends.

What is a Manufacturer Software subscription?

Each manufacturer software subscription gives you access to ALL diagnostic functions, including read/clear codes, live data streaming, actuation tests, and ALL maintenance functions of the manufacturer you picked.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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