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[Rideshare Bundle] BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR + DR750S-1CH + BlackVue B-124X + Bonus 1 Year Warranty



Rideshare Bundle: BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR + BlackVue DR750S-1CH + B-124X

Our BlackVue DR750S-2CH rideshare bundle is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful cloud-enabled setup. Both front and rear cameras feature Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensors for best image quality under any light. Also included are GPS logger, Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity, impact and motion detection. All this in a stealthy design that never gets in the way of your driving.



Sample Footage

Sample Footage



App Guide


DR900S vs DR750S

Sample Footage

DR900S vs DR750S

Sample Footage

App Guide

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What's Included

  • BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR
  • BlackVue DR750S-1CH
  • BlackVue B-124X Battery Pack
  • Memory Cards: BlackboxMyCar Guaranteed 128GB + BlackVue 64GB + BlackVue 16GB
  • B-124X Cigarette Splitter
  • Premium Installation Kit
  • BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case
  • License Plate Frames (x2)
  • Stickers (x2)
  • 1-Year Warranty + Bonus 1-Year Warranty


Resolution (Front)

Full HD 1080p @ 60 FPS

Resolution (Rear)

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS



Parking Mode




Wide-Angle View


Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

Loop Recording


Maximum SD Card


LCD Screen








File Format

H.265 / .MP4

Country of Origin

South Korea


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty + Bonus 1-Year Warranty


What is a dash cam?

A dash cam stands for a dashboard camera that is mounted inside the vehicle, usually on the front windshield. A dash cam, depending on the model, can do many things such as record both when the vehicle is being driven and when it’s parked, record audio, provide a connection to a smartphone app so that video can be reviewed and saved on the spot, etc.

What is an IR dash cam?

An IR dash cam is a dash cam with infrared lights that provide recording details under poorly-lit conditions, as well as total darkness. These are dual-channel dash cam setups with a regular front-facing unit and a secondary unit that comes with infrared lights.

The secondary unit is typically mounted to face and record the interior of the vehicle, and thus is especially recommended for rideshare users, such as for Uber and Lyft, or for commercial use, such as fleet managers.

Why buy a premium dash cam?

There are a few reasons as to why this is the case, and these reasons make a huge difference. Learn more about premium features including design, parking mode, smartphone integration, 4K UHD video resolution, g-force, ADAS, memory card storage and more.

What is parking mode?

Parking mode recording is a feature of a dash cam that keeps your dash cam recording footage even when the vehicle is off. Typically found only in premium dash cams, parking mode provides around-the-clock protection and surveillance for the vehicle.

What is Wi-Fi & GPS?

The wi-fi feature in a dash cam is what allows a smartphone to be paired to the dash cams. Unlike a regular wi-fi network signal that gives you internet access, the purpose here is just to connect the dash cam and smartphone together.

The GPS feature in a dash cam shows the vehicle’s speed and, for some models, the location of the vehicle with Google Maps integration.

How much footage will my memory card store?

Please note the below are averages and may differ unit to unit.

Memory Card




2 Hours

1 Hour


4 Hours

2 Hours


8 Hours

4 Hours


16 Hours

8 Hours

How do I install my dash cam?

There are 4 different methods to installing your dash cam which vary in difficulty. Check out our install guide for details.

Where do I find the latest firmware?

Find the latest firmware and all downloadable content here.

What is the return policy?

We fully stand behind our products and are absolutely confident that they will meet and exceed your highest expectations. However, within 30 days of purchase, if you are unhappy with your unit or if you simply wanted to try out a dash cam, we will refund your money. No questions asked. For more details, click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rideshare Bundle is great!

Easy to install and get started!

Awesome bundle!

These cameras work great! Not only are the cameras great, but the software is great too!!! Nothing but good experiences with this system!

Awesome Setup!

Upgraded from a less expensive dashcam for complet coverage with the Platinum Rideshare Bundle DR650 2CH+IR & DR650S 1CH. Best upgrade ever! Installation was extremely easy (It took me a solid three hours, because I'm a perfectionist). My setup is AWESOME! Now I can keep an eye on everything that takes place in and out of my vehicle. I love the cloud ability although I wish viewing capabilities were unlimited. Thank you BlackboxMyCar!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rideshare Bundle is great!

Easy to install and get started!

Awesome bundle!

These cameras work great! Not only are the cameras great, but the software is great too!!! Nothing but good experiences with this system!

Awesome Setup!

Upgraded from a less expensive dashcam for complet coverage with the Platinum Rideshare Bundle DR650 2CH+IR & DR650S 1CH. Best upgrade ever! Installation was extremely easy (It took me a solid three hours, because I'm a perfectionist). My setup is AWESOME! Now I can keep an eye on everything that takes place in and out of my vehicle. I love the cloud ability although I wish viewing capabilities were unlimited. Thank you BlackboxMyCar!

Based on 4359 reviews

I would come back and buy from blackboxmycar

Quality help

No matter when I’ve had a problem they’ve always been there for me - i would never go anywhere else

Hi Wayne, thanks for leaving a review! Come back anytime :)
Over 30 hours of battery power for my devices!

I purchased a B-124E to add to my Blackvue and B-124X setup. I needed this additional battery power because I’m also running a Nighthawk M1 hotspot that is powered by the 5V/2.0A usb-A output of the B-124X. Works flawlessly. My camera is always connected to Blackvue Cloud and I am always notified of motion and/or impacts.
Amazing combo.

Hi Lauren, awesome review - thanks for leaving one! Your setup sounds great. Don't hesitate to contact us at anytime if you need help.
Every car should have one!

So far I have capture 2 near miss accidents, several on road incidents and a hit and run on my vehicle. It captured the vehicle license plate and my car is being repaired on their dime.
I’m the DR900S-2CH combined with the B-124X is a killer combination. Enough battery power to keep your camera powered - even though your vehicle is off.
I purchased the hardwire kit and did a custom install directly with the fuse box for a cleaner install and faster charging rate.

Hi Lauren, love the combination and the joy you're getting out of your BlackVue dash cam. We absolutely love hearing from customers like you who have had such great success with a dash cam. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else in the future!
Great cam for a great price

I bought the A129 Pro Duo 4K after watching numerous videos especially those from Black Box My Car. For me, it was a great way to get 4k quality on a budget without necessarily needing all the features of the U1000.

I still have to set up the wiring harness to my 2016 Jetta, but so far just powering it on the cigarette lighter has offered me a great piece of mind while driving.

The VIOFO app works decent, and you can wirelessly download or watch clips from the camera to your iPhone by connecting via WiFi to the cam while sitting in the car.

If you want 4K quality to protect yourself and your car in the case of an accident, I would definitely recommend this cam.


Thanks for leaving a review, Kallu!
Cellink Neo

I've just installed this with a thinkware camera. It is working excellent

Thanks for leaving a review, Sheldon!
Provides Pece of Mind

I've been driving around with my DR590W for about a month now and I'm really quite pleased with it. I installed this myself on my 2017 Mustang Ecoboost using the Power Magic Pro (PMP) and the Essential BlackboxMyCar Install kit and it was very straightforward. There were lots of of videos/resources available for cable routing/fuse selection so no guessing on my part. Installation took about two hours.

So far I've been pretty happy with the quality of the footage - when viewed on my computer monitor, it's fairly easy to read license plates/determine make/model for cars directly in front of the camera. However, due to the wide angle lens, there's a slight fisheye effect that distorts things on the sides of the footage. I don't really see this being an issue.

Parking mode works as expected - footage is saved based on motion or acceleration triggers. With the PMP set to 12V, the camera records for the 8-9 hours I'm at work without issue.

The Android app works fairly well, with a couple of slight annoyances. To connect to the camera wifi (and transfer data), mobile data needs to be disabled on my phone. The app design is pretty intuitive, and it's pretty clear how to navigate through the menus, etc. The other problem I have is during video streaming - the video will buffer for a couple of seconds, then start to play, but stop after four seconds. I haven't been able to figure it out, but I can download the entire video segment without issue. The desktop viewer has more functionality than the phone app, but I found it far less intuitive to use (but there is good documentation on the blackvue website).

Overall, this dash cam has met my needs. It provides me some amount of reassurance that I will have video evidence in the event of an accident or parking lot collision.

- Built in Wifi allows for setting changes/video viewing without the need to remove the microSD card and find a computer
- Good quality (in day time, straight ahead)
- Parking mode (with PMP) protects against parking lot mishaps
- Plenty of spare wire length for rear camera

- Fisheye distortion on edges of footage
- mobile viewer will buffer, then only play four seconds of footage (but everything can be dowloaded without issue)
- desktop viewer has a learning curve (checking a filter removes that type of recording from the list)
- Android version of app requires disabling mobile data to connect to wifi

Hi Ana, thank you for leaving a detailed review! We're glad to hear that you were able to install the dash cam yourself through our resources. Your detailed feedback is extremely valuable, and we will pass it along to BlackVue as feedback for them for the future. Come back anytime!

I am very happy with blackboxmycar, good service and fast delivery. I would recommend to someone else to buy from blackbocmycar

Hi Michael, thanks for leaving a review!

[$50 OFF] VIOFO A119 V3 QHD+ Dash Cam

Hi Horace, thanks for leaving a review!
Works just as intended.

USB Cable that came with original dash cam was doa, this works perfectly fine as a replacement.

Hi Ankhang, thanks for leaving a review!
Quality at Great Value

Happy with purchase. Quality level was more than I expected. Customer support from BlackBoxMyCar was excellent! Murphy was patient and answered all my questions regarding the menu and best settings to use. The only thing I did not like were the cable clips (did not stick well) and I wish they provided more. Otherwise, it was very easy to install.

Hi Dan, thanks for leaving a review! Murphy is delighted to hear your compliments. We will take your feedback to our manufacturers for you, but in the future, do let us know if your cable clips aren't working and we will send more out to you.
unlock the power of the cam

Nice solution for fast choice parking power alternatives. Also, I would prefer to have chosen the OBSD adapter version for easiness, but once installed should be fine. The cigar adapter contacts doesn't appear to be enough reliable.

Hi Raz, thanks for leaving a review! We did offer an OBD version of the Power Magic Pro called the Power Magic EZ before. However, there were some compatibility issues with it, and BlackVue has since discontinued the product. The Power Magic Pro is the best option thus far for customers!
this is awesome product

it relay make the insulation for me very very easy and my customers was very happy because i didn't use any factory wire to connect the dash cam
i give to my customer 30% off from my insulation coast and i save 30 min from my instillation time .

Hi Robert, thanks for leaving a review! Glad to hear that the IROAD OBD-II Cable is exactly what you needed, and it saved you time!
Great camera system

Bought the front, rear and diagnostic port cable (plus their crevasse tool - buy this for sure, I didn’t need the huge install package). Setup was simple and the quality of image is stellar. I personally don’t like all the audio startup info (got old within a day) but will have to live with it, cannot turn it off it seems. For the overall system with me installing it myself, she gets 5/5, could be 6/5 if the audio could be turned off.

Hi Chris, thanks for leaving a review. We hear you regarding the audio - it is something that we have passed on to Thinkware, and hopefully, they will give us the option to turn it off in the future. Glad you were able to install your dash cam successfully!
easy as pie

so i watched a video as they talked about all the best cameras of all different levels. i chose the best of the best. i placed the order and it was sent to me. literally just that easy

Hi Stephen, hope you were watching one of our videos, and glad you found the information you needed ;) Let us know if you need any help.
Viofo A129 Pro duo

Hooked the unit to my truck amazing picture quality amazing videos great sound it has it all very satasfied

Hi Jesus, thanks for leaving a review!

Thinkware Q800PRO 2K QHD Dash Cam

Thanks for leaving a review, Jason!
Great service

Very professional and was happy with all the service

Thanks Oliver for the review!
great price, bought two!

Best mini 128GB at a nice price. Thank you

Hi Bobby, thanks for leaving a review and the compliments :)
No complaints - ready for another

Quick shipping and all the tools necessary for me to easily install the DR900S. I've had the camera installed in our Equinox now for almost 90 days and I don't have any complaints with it. Changing settings and accessing the footage via wifi is straight forward and was very helpful to review with my daughter after our driving lessons! Now that she has her own car it's time to purchase a second dash cam and I don't have any hesitation in purchasing a second DR900S for it.

Hi Ken, thanks for leaving a review! Come back anytime - let us know when your daughter is ready for a dash cam :) We're here to help!
so many emails

I bought the suction cup mount 10 days ago and every couple days I get an email about leaving a review so here it is. I have not used the suction cup mount yet or even taken it out of the packaging. I'm sure it's a nice mount but I can not attest to that. I can say when I contacted the website, they got back to me within a day and were very helpful. Would buy from "blackboxmycar" again.

Hi Honcho, thanks for leaving a review! Glad to hear that our team was able to help you out :)
Bought this to replace a different camera

I tried to use the financing option to pay for the camera. Story of my life, I was rejected for some stupid reason. I also had a lot of hours cut from work, so I didn’t get paid a whole lot. I ended up having to make the purchase in full, which left me with very little money. Other than that (I’m not holding it against anyone; the universe hates me lol), my experience shopping here was excellent. I didn’t have to pay any sales tax like I thought I would and shipping was free. The camera also arrived one day earlier than the initial estimate.

The system has been installed in our vehicle for only three or four days. I wanted to get the hardwire kit, but that’ll have to wait until next pay check. The power adapter that was included seems a little questionable. A little green disk lights up when it’s receiving power, which I like, and it includes two USB ports. I assume one to power the camera (duh) and the other for your phone or whatever. It has a three amp current output, but I don’t know how much the camera system uses. I figured probably 2 amps for the camera(s) and the last amp for your device. I didn’t like that it doesn’t list the input current, but that could just be me being picky. The power cord is plenty long enough for us. We installed it so that the cable runs out of the camera and then drops straight to the floor and back up to the power adapter. Absolutely nothing fancy about it. Well, we have a medium binder clip clipped onto one of the hvac vents and then the cable is ran inside of the...the flippy things you squeeze to open the clip.

The rear camera was a different story. I used the included wire clips to take the cable across the top of the windshield (to the passenger side), then I sent the cable over the sun visor, using it as support. Then I used the little hook over the back seat (the one you can put hangers and stuff on) as another support (did I mention this is an 05 Chevy cobalt). I then used another of the included hooks to hold the cable to the back windshield. There was a lot of leftover cable, so I lowered the back seat backrest and dropped the excess behind the seat. I do wish that both ends of the cable were angled or that the connector on the rear cam was angled. I had to place it fairly low on the window to allow the cable to plug in. It would also be pretty cool if there were some bigger cable clips included too so that I could stuff both cords into one clamp. I’d only need a couple though, as the two cables would depart ways early in the routing.

Installing the camera system was easy. Maybe a little too easy. I found a great spot to place the front cam first. It was right behind the rear view, and the mesh allowed me to get the camera installed level. I took the film off the sticky pad and very gently touched it to the glass to line it up before pressing it firmly. I got it just a little bit uneven, but the sticky pad had already taken a strong hold to the glass. It isn’t noticeable at all, which is good because I never got it unstuck to realign. I did take the gps unit off (since it is the base) and mounted /it/ to the window.

The rear cam went about the same, but I did have to peel it off a few times. Once because I misaligned it, again because I couldn’t fit the cable into the port, and yet again for the same reason. Other than those nuances, installation was fairly straightforward. I also downloaded the app (which only has two stars on the App Store!!) to assist in the installation (yay for live view lol). My first issue with the app was when I put my phone into landscape mode. It would seem like the app developers would have accounted for people who rotate their phone in different directions. I flipped mine in a direction the app wasn’t proud of, and I was getting an upside down view of everything. Of course, when I flipped my phone the other way, the view was right side up. But surely that’s not the reason it was given only 2 stars (I’ll come back to this. I’m writing this review chronologically).

The captured videos are massive in size. Almost a half gigabyte or more for a 10 minute recording. The instructions imply the cameras WiFi has a 5G mode. Either this is wrong, or the option is very, very well hidden. It takes about as much time to download a video as the videos duration is (10 minutes for a 10 minute video). It looks crisp on smaller displays, but on a 1440x1080 monitor (which is basically standard these days), the view becomes degraded rather obviously. As with basically all wide-angle cameras, it’s hard to get a good judge of distance and speed, which is part of why I wanted the gps (the leading factor was so that our speed would be stamped in the video, so no one could claim we were speeding or something if something happened).

Next came what I’m going to refer to as long-term testing. When I initially tested a video, there was still plenty of free space left on the included uSD card. My precious camera gave a weird issue. It’s videos ...

Hi Joseph, thank you for leaving a detailed review. We're glad to hear that you had a positive shopping experience with us, and sorry to hear that the financing option didn't work out. Our support team will be reaching out personally to assist you further with your installation if necessary, but we look forward to your long-term testing! Do let us know if you come across any further issues and we will be sure to help you out.

Thanks to All at BlackboxMyCar. From the time I purchased my Viofo 119 V3 Dashcam, to the excellent and timely delivery, and technical support I received from your Company is second to none. Thank you, look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Kelowna BC

Hi Sherri, thank you for shopping at BlackboxMyCar! We're glad to have you as a customer. Come back anytime :)
Great customer service!

I bought this dashcam based on very positive reviews! Well I received the package and realized that I was sent the wrong rear camera, a 1080p as the U1000 two channel comes with a 2K QHD rear camera! I was able to email Jonathan and he verified that I received the wrong camera and will send the matching camera when I send back the 1080p camera! Thank you Jonathan for your assistance! I could have bought from other authorized resellers but I had bought from you because your company is based on customer service! I could have paid more or less but customer service and support is more important to me! Loyalty to service is key! Even though you are located from almost opposite sides of the Country, your customer service sold me to you!!! Continued success!!!

Hi David, thank you for leaving a review! We apologize for the mishap and we thank you for your patience. We're glad to hear that Jonathan was able to help you out with fixing the situation. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the future.