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Zooming with the ZZ-2: Comparing the ZZAIR-CP, ZZAIR-DUO, ZZ-AIR PRO and Zeus Ultra

We all come to a point when we have to answer a call, reply to a message, or do something with our phones while driving.

Admit it, the thought that there is something we should urgently do can’t keep you a hundred percent focused on the road. And if it’s an emergency, it's either you take the risk of distracted driving, or you stop the car – which is safer but less convenient.

And sometimes, especially during long travels, or your friends and kids are with you, you want to keep them entertained amidst the tiring trip and heavy traffic – so watching a movie or listening to music would be a great help, right?

Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, gone were the days when you had to use your phone while driving to accomplish these tasks. Through these interface systems, you can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy your favorite music and shows - all on your car's built-in display.

However for many vehicles, you still have to go through the process of connecting your phone to your car. And in some cases, not all cars are compatible with Android Auto, or Apple CarPlay.

ZZ-2: A more convenient way to enjoy Android Auto and CarPlay

While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may require wires to connect from your mobile phone to car, we are excited to bring you a fresh lineup of products that lets you enjoy the best of both CarPlay and Android Auto, through a simple plug-and-play solution.

Say hello to the ZZ-2 ZZAIR-CP Wireless CarPlay USB Dongle, the ZZ-2 ZZAIR-DUO Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter, the ZZ-2 ZZAIR-PRO Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter, and the ZZ-2 ZEUS ULTRA Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Live Streaming Interface Box. Let’s see how each one works.

ZZ-2 Wireless Adapters

The ZZAIR-CP Wireless CarPlay USB Dongle lets you get the most out of your car’s CarPlay connectivity feature, without having to take your iPhone from your pocket.

Through this module, you can simply plug and play it to your car and enjoy CarPlay in seconds. No need to worry about wires to answer calls, send messages, or get directions from your mobile.

Do note that the ZZ-2 ZZAIR CP is compatible with vehicles equipped with factory, OEM and Aftermarket Radios with CarPlay, and not compatible with Aftermarket Sony radios. Again, this only works for your Apple device and CarPlay feature.

While the ZZAIR-CP only works with iPhones, the ZZAIR DUO wireless adapter is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. So, whether your car is equipped with CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity feature, the ZZAIR DUO can connect your device to your car wirelessly.

What makes it different from the ZZ-AIR CP is that even if your car only runs CarPlay, the ZZAIR DUO can also run Android Auto on it, simply through a USB connection.

Note that the ZZAIR DUO wireless adapter is compatible with vehicles equipped with OEM, and Aftermarket radios, wired with CarPlay and Android Auto, and the vehicle or aftermarket radio must have factory (USB) wired CarPlay to enable this.

ZZ-2 Streaming Interface

Now, we move on to ZZ-2’s streaming interface systems. First, we have the ZZAIR-PRO that highlights connectivity and entertainment in one.

Compatible for both Android Auto and CarPlay devices, the ZZAIR-PRO Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter enables you to stream your favorite shows and films on Netflix, or your vlogs and music videos on YouTube on the road.

The ZZAIR-PRO also has an SD card slot allowing you to view stored videos and music directly through your vehicle’s infotainment system. This means you can connect the SD card of your Dash Cam to the ZZAIR-PRO, and have all footage available at your fingertips!

Similar to the ZZAIR-CP and ZZ-AIR DUO, the ZZAIR-PRO converts your factory wired CarPlay into wireless CarPlay and Android Auto via a simple USB connection. What makes it stand out is you can directly access these services directly through your car’s radio controls!

And if you want to elevate the entertainment level, ZZ-2’s most powerful streaming interface device doesn’t limit you with YouTube and Netflix alone!

The ZZ-2 ZEUS ULTRA enables you to watch live TV using your internet TV provider such as YouTube or Sling, stream the latest movies and series in Netflix and Amazon Prime Video directly through radio controls, and access more different apps online — all via a USB connection, and a wifi connection. This wifi connection can be from an outside source, or through an optional SIM card, with it’s SIM card slot.

The ZEUS ULTRA also comes with a (mini) HDMI output for use with an external monitor for better viewing. In terms of compatibility, you can use the ZZ-2 ZEUS ULTRA with vehicles, OEM or aftermarket radios equipped with wired CarPlay input . Like the ZZAIR PRO, some vehicles may require a USB-C to USB-C cable.

ZZ-2 Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Adapter Comparison


Apple CarPlay

Android Auto



Amazon Prime Video

YouTube TV

Sling TV

Radio Control Function

Other Apps

Factory, Aftermarket
Radio Compatibility

          Sony Radio Compatibility      

With HDMI input