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What is the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0?

Is it worth it, or are there other alternatives?

In 2019, BMW began offering a dash cam recorder that promised dependable assistance in critical road situations. Through this technology, BMW owners have begun recording videos using the car's built-in cameras, also known as the BMW Drive Recorder. 

For BMW special security, it is a good deal, but it was only available for vehicles manufactured in 2019 and later. Therefore, older BMW models may require a more traditional solution to have their cars fully protected through surveillance.

And this is how the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 was born.

What is the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0?

A product of BMW, and in collaboration with globally renowned dash cam brand Thinkware, the BMW Advanced Car Eye (ACE) 2.0 is a brand-exclusive video recording accessory particularly designed to sync with the BMW model ecosystem.

Compared to the BMW Drive Recorder, the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 has leveled up its features with phone integration. While BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, like any other current dash cam, allows for an iPhone or smartphone connection, the Drive Recorder does not, forcing you to keep your USB on hand.

That is ACE's main advantage over a digital recorder, because the BMW ACE app serves as portable storage for all your recording data and allows you to check in on your videos or share them right away.

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 Image and Video Quality

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, or ACE, features a full HD 150-degree wide-angle camera that automatically documents your daily drive and records any critical driving situations in 1920 x 1080 resolution. This recorder is also designed with light-sensitive sensors fit for high-quality recording both during the day and at night.

BMW ACE 2.0 Security Features

When capturing videos of the road ahead, the detailed video automatically gets saved, allowing your BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 to serve as a trustworthy eyewitness on potentially dangerous traffic situations, car damage, and attempted break-ins.

For additional security, the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is equipped with a Smart GPS and G-Sensor to record precise location and speed, which can be monitored via the map views function.

To make sure that you don't miss a thing especially on rear accidents, an additional rear dash cam is also available in this BMW video recording system.

Data Storage and App Capabilities

When you use the BMW ACE 2.0, the data is saved onto a high-quality micro SD card 32 GB that comes free in every purchase. The card's storage capacity is divided into folders, making it easy to find events. The device itself is also easy to operate, having camera control keys to configure the image captures, video recording and microphone. Moreover, these can also be controlled thru the ACE app which can be used via WiFi.

Why Should I Get It?

The Advanced Car Eye 2.0's excellent workmanship and materials emphasize its premium quality, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the interior of your BMW. They are compatible with all BMW models and can detect potential collisions as well as store key incidents separately, including essential map data and other details that you may need if you get into an accident with another driver.

However, if you're planning to get one from your dealership - that would obviously be more costly, keep in mind that there are other premium dashcam alternatives that can give you what the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 does, with more features at the same price tag.

BMW Advanced Eye 2.0 Alternatives: BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus 4K UHD Dashcam

4K UHD Resolution Image Quality and Video Recording

Also loved by BMW drivers, especially those who consider getting clearer, crisper, and higher quality videos, the BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus is a great option. Compared to the BMW ACE 2.0 that has Full-HD resolution, this BlackVue offers 4K Ultra High Definition at 30fps with its 8-megapixel CMOS sensors - that's four times more clarity and details than Full HD.

Advanced Parking Mode

With its advanced parking mode technology, your dashcam protects your car, recording videos when it detects movement or impact, even when you're not there. Buffered recording even includes the few seconds before and after the triggered event, so you get the complete picture.

Voltage Monitoring System

The DR900X Plus also has a built-in voltage monitoring where you can hard wire the dashcam to your car's fuse panel without the need for additional accessories. That way, when you leave your vehicle, the DR900X Plus goes into Parking Mode while monitoring the voltage from your vehicle’s battery and shuts down if the voltage gets too low.

BlackVue App and Cloud with Dual-Band Wi-Fi

The DR900X Plus also has a mobile app for added convenience. Setting up your dashcam is a breeze with Seamless Pairing. Seamless Pairing makes everything simple and intuitive, whether you want to browse your dashcam's files and settings or connect your dashcam to the Cloud.

With ultrafast dual-band built-in wi-fi and GPS, you'll know what's going on in real time. Downloading your footage via 5GHz wi-fi is literally twice as fast as other dashcams using 2.4GHz wi-fi. There will be no more lengthy buffering while you try to figure out who (or what) hit your car. At the touch of a button, you can access location data directly from your desktop or smartphone app viewer.

BMW Advanced Eye 2.0 Alternatives: Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dual-Channel Dashcam

4K UHD Resolution Image Quality and Video Recording

By the creators of the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 itself, another top-rated dashcam for BMW models is the Thinkware U100. Similar to the DR900X, this premium dashcam also offers 4K UHD in its dual channel camera system.

To deliver crystal-clear, high-quality footage, the Thinkware U1000 Dual Channel Dashcam has a 4K Ultra HD at 30FPS front camera that can be switched to 2K QHD at 60fps. The U1000, which is equipped with an 8.24-megapixel Sony STARVIS image sensor for an improved Night Vision mode, can record high-quality videos in low-light environments such as dark backcountry roads and dim parking lots.

Wide Angle Coverage

For best-in-class protection day and night, a 2K QHD rear camera and a free Thinkware Anti-Glare CPL Filter are included. For wider coverage, the dash cam is equipped with a 150º wide front view and a 156º rearview. Its installed camera lenses are also rotatable to accommodate a wide range of windshields and mounting angles.

Energy Saving Parking Mode

When in Parking Surveillance mode, the U1000 saves energy by going to standby and only recording events triggered by impacts. Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 provides three times the video recording time of standard parking mode. It also comes with a free hardwiring kit to maximize this feature.

GPS and Safety Camera Alert Functions

The internal GPS of the Thinkware U1000 provides precise location information, while the comprehensive safety camera and driver assistance warning systems keep you safe on the road. Its Safety Camera Alert function is always on the lookout for red lights, speed traps, and other traffic enforcement cameras.

Thinkware App and Cloud

Its Thinkware Cloud phone app - also included in the purchase - allows you to check the location of your vehicle and receive geo-fencing and impact notifications directly on your compatible iOS or Android smartphone.

Smarter, Premium Dash Cams for Your BMW

If you’re looking for premium dashcams that can offer you excellent quality, functionality and reliability in both front and back, the BlackVue DR970X-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam and Thinkware U1000 4K UHD Dual-Channel Dash Cam are available at BlackboxMyCar. Grab yours and get the lowest price guaranteed exclusive for the holiday season!