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Rexing S1 vs. VIOFO T130

Which is the Better 3-Channel Dash Cam?

While standard dual dash cams can cover most angles well, there is always a glaring weakness that 2 cameras cannot capture scenes completely.  

Be it a front and rear system that is missing important moments from the vehicle's interior, or a front and interior system that cannot see the traffic behind, there's always the unfortunate possibility that a key detail occurred just out of sight.

This is the reason why three-channel dashcams are made - to keep your car overseen and secured, all-around. Today, we look at the triple-channel dash cams from Rexing and VIOFO - the S1 and the VIOFO T130.

Rexing S1 Dash Camera Image Resolution and Recording Capabilities

The Rexing S1 is a triple-channel dash cam that records video in 1080p+720p+720p on the front, inside, and rear cameras at the same time with the GC2053 image sensors. These work together to fill all of your vehicle's blind spots, both inside and out.

Does the Rexing S1 have Night Vision?

The S1's 3-inch display allows you to easily view the 170° wide angle footage of the front, as well as the interior and rear. Super Night Vision Technology from Rexing produces clearer footage and images when recording in low light. Four infrared LED lights aimed at the passengers allow for accurate recording of the entire cabin, even in complete darkness.

How can you view videos on the S1?  

Apart from viewing the footage on the 2.4-inch screen, you can connect to the Rexing mobile app to instantly access media and configure settings.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, you can also share the recorded videos on social media, or have them downloaded straight to your smartphone as long as you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Does the S1 have a Parking Monitor?

The Rexing S1 also ensures the safety of the driver and passengers when the car is left unattended with its parking monitor. When the car is parked, the dash camera will begin recording a 20-second video when it detects vibration.

On the other hand, the S1's Accident Auto Detection feature uses the in-built G-sensor to detect collisions and locks the current video when it does. It is also equipped with loop recording to automatically overwrite the oldest files to maximize the storage size of the SD card.

VIOFO T130 3 Channel Dash Cam Image Resolution and Recording Capabilities

With the VIOFO T130, you have all-around protection in a Quad HD dash camera's triple channel system. The front, rear, and interior camera record ultra high-definition videos at 1440P+1080P+1080P @ 30 frames per second in 140° front, 165° interior, and 165° rear wide-angle visions. Because of its full coverage, the T130 makes a good choice for Uber, Lyft, and ride-sharing services.

What are the T130 dash cam Image Sensors?

Ensuring a clear view of the footage, the VIOFO T130 is built with an Omnivision sensor for the interior camera and the ever-reliable Sony IMX335 Starvis sensors for the front and rear cameras. This enables your driving view to be vibrant inside and out, in bright and low-lighted settings. Thanks to the addition of 4 infrared LEDs and WDR technology.

Does the T130 have GPS?

The VIOFO T130 is also outfitted with GPS. The timestamp can be embedded in the video, and it can record your exact current speed and route. The current speed would be displayed on the car camera screen in KM/H or MP/H.

What are the safety and convenience features of the T130?

The VIOFO T130 dash cam has three advanced parking modes for maximum safety. When an event is detected, Auto Event Detection begins recording immediately. On the other hand, the Time Lapse function records a video with only a few frames to reduce recording size. Low Bitrate Mode records audio and video normally in parking mode, with the exception of using a high compression ratio, which allows for longer recording times, such as overnight recording without overwriting the previous day's recordings.

With loop recording, the dash cam will automatically use the most recent video file to replace the oldest video file when the memory card reaches its storage capacity. The VIOFO T130 also includes an emergency lock feature. When the camera detects shaking or a collision, the built-in G-sensor can lock the video to prevent important videos from being overwritten during loop recording.

Is the T130 Wi-Fi capable?

The VIOFO T130 3-channel dashcam has built-in WiFi. You can watch live videos on your iOS or Android device by using the VIOFO app. Viewing, downloading, and sharing your recordings with friends and family is also as simple as a few mouse clicks.

What are its other advantages for fleet and ride-sharing vehicles?

To maximize recording footage, the VIOFO T130 dashboard camera also has a microphone and speaker built-in for audio. It also has a static sticker that adheres to the windshield using static electricity, making it a cost-effective alternative to a suction mount and easy to install. It is designed for rental, carshare, and fleet vehicles. When using the static sticker, it also acts as a barrier between the 3M sticky tape and the glass, preventing sticky residuals and marks if the dash cam needs to be removed.



Resolution (Front)

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS

2K UHD @ 30 FPS

Resolution (Rear)

Full HD 720p @ 30 FPS

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS

Resolution (Interior)

Full HD 720p @ 30 FPS

Full HD 1080p @ 30 FPS

Image Sensor


Sony IMX335 Starvis

Parking Mode






Wide-Angle View

170° + 170° + 170°

140° + 165° + 165°




Operating Temperature

-20°F to 176°F

-10°C - 65°C (14°F - 149°F)

Loop Recording



Maximum SD Card



LCD Screen

2.4 inch








Microphone & Speakere



Added Features

Infrared Night Vision

Voice Notifications, Circular Polarized Lens (Opt), Bluetooth Remote Control (Opt)

Which is the better 3 channel dash camera? Rexing S1 vs. VIOFO T130

Compared to the Rexing S1, the VIOFO T130 has more advanced features. The image quality and recording capabilities are more impressive because of the Sony STARVIS sensors and enhanced resolution. Although it doesn’t have a screen, users can always check the VIOFO app for previews and media file accessibility.