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VIOFO A139 Pro’s Sony STARVIS 2 and Super Night Vision 2.0 Technology

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Finally, the world’s most powerful image sensor has launched its next generation technology, with the all-new Sony STARVIS 2. We take pride in being one of the first to experience how superior video recordings have advanced, as the first dash cam to be equipped with Sony STARVIS 2 is officially here at BlackboxMyCar - the VIOFO A139 Pro.

Let’s dive into how the VIOFO A139 Pro’s new video recording features can make a glowing difference.  

What’s the Sony STARVIS 2 technology in the VIOFO A139 Pro?

Sony STARVIS is an image sensor technology used to help improve the camera's low-light sensitivity and video quality. These sensors are known for their excellent low-light performance and capacity to capture clear footage even in challenging lighting situations.

The Sony STARVIS 2 is the latest version of this technology. Compared to the first Sony STARVIS, the upgraded Sony STARVIS 2 boasts a larger pixel size, allowing it to capture more light and produce clearer, more detailed footage in low-light conditions. It's also known for its improved performance in the dark, high resolution and clarity, and lower power consumption , which is highly useful for dash cams who are expected to do their job all day, all night.

And the VIOFO A139 Pro is the first dash cam to be equipped with this. In addition to having a larger image size with a type of 1/1.8", the A139 Pro 4K UHD with Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 series now has much less noise and motion blur during day and night recording, making license capturing more seamless than before. No doubt, you get a clearer view of your vehicle’s surroundings especially with additional video enhancements such as High Dynamic Range, Wide Dynamic Range, and more importantly, Super Night Vision 2.0.

How does the Super Night Vision 2.0 improve the VIOFO A139 Pro’s performance?

We know that Sony STARVIS technology performs admirably in low-illumination monitoring. However, Sony's most recent tech, the STARVIS 2 IMX 678 image sensor, does a better job with a much wider dynamic range in a single exposure, even at night time.

Thanks to the Super Night Vision 2.0 of this VIOFO. To give you an idea of how much of a difference this makes, consider driving at night with only streetlights to light the road. Footage from a dash cam with older Sony STARVIS technology may appear dark and grainy. But with a dash cam using Sony STARVIS 2 technology, like the VIOFO A139 PRO 4K UHD, the footage will appear brighter and clearer, allowing you to see more detail.

Moreover, the Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 image sensor features advanced noise reduction technology and supports an on-chip lens (OCL) and phase detection autofocus (PDAF) for better focus performance. It also supports Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range and Clear High Dynamic Range to ensure you don’t get blurry footage, but high quality images.

What other wonders does the Sony STARVIS 2 do in the A139 Pro?

Now, aside from providing ultra enhanced footage, this new technology also reduces your dash cam’s power consumption. Given Sony STARVIS 2's improved technology and design, it is expected to consume less power than Sony STARVIS 1.

Larger pixel sizes and advanced image sensor technology allow the dash cam to capture more light, improving low-light performance and reducing power consumption. This means that the dash cam would deliver superior performance and image quality, and could potentially last longer in parking mode without draining your car's battery.

What other features of the A139 Pro highlights video coverage?

Apart from the Sony STARVIS 2 and Super Night Vision 2.0, the VIOFO A139 Pro also maximizes its video recording performance by using a three-channel configuration. Take note, all three cameras of the VIOFO A139 Pro are equipped with Sony STARVIS sensors - with its front camera capturing 8MP Sony STARVIS IMX678 and its rear and interior cameras sporting an Sony STARVIS IMX291.

Suitable for drivers who want to capture what’s happening inside their vehicle, the all-new A139 Pro’s interior camera now has an F1.6 aperture, 7 elements glass lens, and six infrared LED lights. This feature, which records incidents inside the cabin in detail even in complete darkness, is extremely useful for commercial and Uber drivers to avoid unnecessary disputes.

The IR LEDs will also automatically adjust and turn on/off as needed, whereas plenty of other models out there just leave them on all the time, negatively affecting the colouration of the video. IR LEDs naturally discolor the video, so having these turned off during standard daylight situations will result in more colorful videos than other IR models.

See the best views, day and night, with the VIOFO A139 Pro!

The A139 Pro is a flagship dash cam from VIOFO, being the first to carry the Sony STARVIS 2 image technology. It’s available in up to three-channel configurations and boasts its 4K video resolution for ultra smooth and crisp footage, which can even be improved by the included CPL filter in every package.

More than that, you also get Parking Mode, Voice Notifications, plus up to 512GB micro SD compatibility! What more can you ask for? Get the VIOFO A139 Pro only here at BlackBoxMyCar now!

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