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VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 3-Channel Dash Cam Review

The VIOFO A139 is known to be the dash cam brand’s first triple-channel model, which has been sought-after by ride-sharing drivers and fleet managers who are looking for a smart solution to keep their vehicles protected.

And recently, VIOFO launched a fresher version of the A139 - the all-new A139 Pro. The biggest feature upgrade of the new A139 Pro versus the A139 is the groundbreaking Sony STARVIS 2 image technology. Take note, it’s the A139 Pro that has earned the title as the first dash cam to be equipped with this!

Now, apart from the STARVIS 2 technology, in what other areas does the A139 Pro differ from the A139? Let’s find out.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Design

With the newer A139 Pro 3-channel dash cam, VIOFO kept the design discreet by adding no screen - just like the VIOFO T130 and the older A139. Although it has no screen, the VIOFO A139 Pro’s front camera can be rotated vertically up to 300 degrees.

Both the A139 Pro and A139 3-CH come with three separate cameras. The interior camera is not built into the front or main camera, giving you more freedom when mounting the cameras on your windshield to get the optimal coverage in all directions.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Video Recording Capabilities

Now, let’s reveal why the A139 Pro is the real pro in terms of video. Aside from its triple-channel capabilities, the A139 Pro is also the first dash cam model to use the latest 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX 678 technology. The A139 Pro 3-Channel also supports up to 4K UHD 3840 x 2160P for its front at 140-degrees, and Full HD for its rear and interior, both with a 170-degree field of view.

On the other hand, the older VIOFO A139 3-CH front camera features a lower 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor as the A129 Plus, providing 2K QHD images in all lighting conditions and with a 140° field of view. The rear and interior camera also includes a Sony STARVIS image sensor, providing nearly identical 1080p Full HD quality to the A129 Pro and A129 Plus rear cameras.

This is the primary distinction between the two dash cams: the A139 records in 2K QHD front, whereas the A139 Pro has a new image sensor and 4K UHD recording capabilities.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Built-in Features

Both the A139 and A139 Pro 3-channel dash cams have dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5GHz Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. This ensures smooth video streaming, downloading, and sharing, which is advantageous because users will frequently use the VIOFO mobile app.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Parking Mode

Both dash cams also have parking mode: Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. In Auto Event Detection, the VIOFO A139 and A139 Pro will automatically start recording once an event is detected, saving the footage to the "Parking" folder on the microSD.

In Time Lapse mode, they will continuously take snapshots at the lower frame rates (1/2/3/5/10/15 FPS). The files will be saved onto the microSD card to be played back as a continuous video. Alternatively, the Low Bitrate mode keeps recording continuously in mini file sizes.

You can also switch on buffered parking mode, which in the event that an impact is detected, a few seconds of footage before and after the impact will be taken so that users will receive a comprehensive coverage of the entire incident.

Take note that to enable parking mode, you have to hardwire install the dash cam to your vehicle. Good thing that the A139 Pro and A139 are fully compatible with the Type C HK3-C and HK4 ACC.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Convenience Features

The A139 Pro series and the A139 have voice notification features that will notify you of parking mode notifications or memory card errors. This feature, which is available in multiple languages, allows you to stay focused on the road while keeping track of your driving and dash cam status.

The CPL Filter is another accessory that these two dash cams have that other VIOFO dash cams do not - yup, no need to purchase a CPL Filter separately with the A139 Pro series or the A139. By reducing reflections and glare off glass and road surfaces, this circular polarizing lens (CPL) filter can significantly improve image clarity and contrast. If this works on the A139, can you imagine how sharper and clearer the video will be with the 4K UHD and Sony STARVIS 2 powered A139 Pro?

Verdict: VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 3-Channel Dash Cam - Which is better?

The A139 is VIOFO’s first dash cam to offer three-channel configurations.

With innovation in mind, VIOFO upgraded this to the all-new A139 Pro that is now more popular as the first dash cam to have the Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor technology.

Because of additional features like improved video resolution, CPL filter, up to 512GB maximum SD card, we are confident that the A139 Pro will give you a better user experience. Although do note that the A139 Pro's front camera case may get a bit warm when the front camera is configured to record 4K 2160P 24fps or 4K 1600P 30fps video.

Parking mode, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, voice notifications, and design? The A139 and A139 Pro perform similarly well. However, in terms of video recording, which is the primary purpose of having a dash cam, the all-new and upgraded A139 Pro comes out on top.

Maximize protection with VIOFO’s Flagship 4K, triple-channel dash cam now

With the features and first-in-the-industry video capabilities of the A139 Pro, you might think that it’s one of those expensive premium dash cams. When in fact, it is one of the most budget friendly triple-channel dash cams to date! Shop the VIOFO A139 Pro, now available at BlackboxMyCar!