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VIOFO A139 Pro vs. VIOFO A129 Pro 4K UHD Dash Camera Review

Since it was launched, the VIOFO A129 Pro has been one of our most highly recommended 4K dash cams for those who are looking for a budget friendly option.

Still, there's a new contender on the market that is designed to provide better image quality and additional convenient features - the VIOFO A139 Pro. The question now is whether the newer version is worthwhile.

In this article, we’ll find out and compare each of the features of the VIOFO A129 Pro and the VIOFO A139 Pro. Let’s go!

VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Image Recording and Capabilities

The VIOFO A129 Pro, which is available in single and dual channel configurations, captures 4K UHD at 30 frames per second for the front camera and employs an 8MP Sony STARVIS IMX317 sensor. For the A129 Pro Duo, which has a rear camera, it records Full HD @ 1080p using a Sony STARVIS IMX291 sensor.

In comparison to the A129 Pro, the VIOFO A139 Pro performs better in terms of dynamic range in a single exposure. While both dash cams are equipped with HDR Night Vision, the A139 Pro series is the industry's first to use the latest 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX 678 technology, which also supports up to 4K UHD 3840 x 2160P front recording in all single, dual, and triple channel systems.

Drivers who prefer full coverage in three-channel recording will no longer have to deal with front 4K downgraded to 2K with the VIOFO A139 Pro, as the A139 Pro 3CH is the first to support true 4K front + FHD interior + FHD rear recording.

VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Design

The VIOFO A129 Pro is designed with a 2-inch LCD screen on its main camera that is used for video playback and settings configuration.

With the newer A139 Pro, VIOFO kept the design discreet by adding no screen - just like the VIOFO T130 and other premium dash cams. Although it has no screen, the VIOFO A139 Pro’s front camera can be rotated vertically up to 300 degrees.

Moreover, if you want to configure its settings, you can easily access its data and footage through the included VIOFO app that’s available in Android and iOS.



VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Parking Modes

Both the VIOFO A129 Pro and A139 Pro have three parking recording modes - Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording.

Equipped with buffered parking mode, this feature protects your car and records videos when it detects movement or impact - even when you're not there. It captures 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after the triggered event, so you get the complete picture.

VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Installation

When mounting the dash cam, VIOFO has already included static stickers in every package. Additionally, the A139 Pro series now includes ultra-thin coaxial cable and miniature connectors for installation.

When compared to the A129 Pro, which has a 5mm wide connector, the A139 Pro is only 2.8mm wide, making it easier to install and run along the trim of your vehicle.

If you’re wondering how beneficial the thinner cable of the A139 Pro can be, it also reduces electromagnetic interference to other in-car electronic devices like car multimedia systems.

VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Built-in Connectivity

Aside from the built-in Bluetooth and included GPS logger, the A129 Pro and the A139 Pro are equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi.

Like the recent A229 Duo, these dash cams include an upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi module that provides 4 times faster data transfer, ensuring smooth video streaming, downloading, and sharing.

VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro: Additional Features

Another feature that the A139 Pro has, which the A129 Pro doesn't, is voice notifications.

What's better to hear from your camera, a clear and concise voice, or repeated beeping noises? While beeping noises can be distracting (and annoying) at times, the A139 Pro series has been equipped with voice notification features to alert you of parking mode notifications or memory card errors. Available in multiple languages, this feature allows you to remain focused on the road while being in the know of your drive and dash cam’s status.

Although the A129 Pro is compatible with it’s own Circular Polarizing Lens filter, the A139 Pro series now includes a new CPL Filter in its package - no need to get it separately. This circular polarizing lens (CPL) filter can be used to significantly improve image clarity and contrast by reducing reflections and glare off glass and road surfaces.

Verdict: VIOFO A129 Pro vs. VIOFO A139 Pro - Which is better?

The VIOFO A129 Pro is one of the industry’s well-loved dash cams because of its multifunctionality and lower price tag compared to other 4K dash cams like the BlackVue DR970X or the Thinkware U1000. It is also one of the highly-recommended dash cams in forums like Dashcamtalk and Reddit for its excellent value for money.

But there’s always a time to have an upgrade, and for VIOFO, the best time is now with the VIOFO A139 Pro. Aside from being the first dash cam to employ the Sony STARVIS 2 1MX 678, this is also the brand’s 4K dash cam that can cover up to three channels - perfect for ride-sharing vehicles and any driver who wants to get extra protection from their front, rear, up to their cabin.

Moreover, the slimmer coaxial cable, voice notifications, and the included CPL filter in the VIOFO A139 Pro are also worth the purchase to make the dash cam experience even more convenient. With a few extra bucks, you get not just front-and-rear, but also 360-degree protection while also ensuring ultra HD videos all day, all night.