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VIOFO A139 PRO 4K Dash Cam In-Depth Review

If you’re looking for a true 4K dash cam within a certain budget, VIOFO’s latest dash cam is the perfect choice for you.

Say hello to the A139 PRO, the industry’s first dash 4K dash camera to use the Sony STARVIS 2. This new dash cam comes in three versions - the A139 Pro 1-channel, the A139 Pro 2-channel, and the A139 Pro 3-channel dash cam.

With the A139 Pro 2-channel, you also get the rear camera and the rear camera connecting cable. And for the 3-channel configuration, you get an interior camera and a 1M interior camera cable as well.

If you want to hardwire the A139 Pro for parking mode, keep in mind that it requires the VIOFO HK3-C or HK4 ACC hardwiring kit, which is not included in the box. A microSD card is also not included. Fortunately, both are available at BlackboxMyCar.

VIOFO A139 Pro Design

The VIOFO A139 Pro is the industry's first dash cam to feature Sony's new STARVIS 2 technology. Its front-facing 8MP 4K camera has a 140-degree lens. This can also be rotated vertically up to 300° for greater coverage, adapting better in different car models for optimal positioning.

If you like to record your trips or include travel videos in your vlogs, you can easily switch the front lens to the cabin with this. Karaoke in the car? The A139 Pro is an absolute must-have!

The A139 Pro is screenless, similar to the VIOFO T130. On the front, we can see that it comes with the LED status REC, Mic, GPS and Wifi. On the bottom part of the front camera, you can see the Power, Recording, Video Protection, Microphone, and Wi-Fi buttons.

The most important thing to know is that you can use the Video Protection / Emergency Button to lock the currently recording video. This is crucial if you're driving and you want to make sure you save the current footage as locked to ensure that loop recording doesn’t delete it.

The A139 Pro is not only a flagship 4K dash cam, but it is also the first VIOFO model to include a CPL filter. Unlike all previous VIOFO units, there is no need to purchase it separately.

Going to the rear, this secondary camera is powered by a Sony STARVIS Sensor 2MP IMX291 image sensor. And if you’re getting a 3-channel, it also includes the interior camera which also carries the same resolution as the rear camera.

The A139 Pro’s coaxial cable with mini connectors is smaller than the thick USB cables used by the other VIOFO models, which makes installation more user-friendly. Sized at 2.8mm, the A139 Pro is smaller than VIOFO A129 Pro’s 5mm. This also reduces the electromagnetic interference to other in-car electronic devices such as car multimedia systems which has been an issue in the past for some customers.

One more thing that VIOFO added to the A139 Pro dash cam is Voice Notification system.

Say goodbye to annoying beeping sounds, and listen to a clear, concise voice instead! Available in multiple languages, this feature allows you to remain focused on the road while being in the know of your drive.

VIOFO A139 Pro Video Quality

In terms of video recording, we know that Sony STARVIS technology performs admirably in low-illumination monitoring. However, Sony's most recent tech, the STARVIS 2 IMX 678 image sensor, does a better job with a much wider dynamic range in a single exposure.

And this is what they built in the all-new A139 Pro. In addition to having a larger image size with a type of 1/1.8", the 4K A139 Pro series now has much less noise and motion blur during day and night recording, making license capturing more seamless than before. With Super Night Vision 2.0, HDR, and WDR, you get a really clear view in this VIOFO.

Suitable for drivers who want to capture what’s happening inside their vehicle, the all-new A139 Pro’s interior camera now has an F1.6 aperture, 7 elements glass lens, and six infrared LED lights.

This feature, which records incidents inside the cabin in detail even in complete darkness, is extremely useful for commercial and Uber drivers to avoid unnecessary disputes. The IR LEDs will also automatically adjust and turn on/off as needed, whereas plenty of other models out there just leave them on all the time, negatively affecting the colouration of the video.

IR LEDs naturally discolour the video, so having these turned off during standard daylight situations will result in more colourful videos than other IR models.

Another thing we noticed is that when the A139 Pro operates in 1, and 2-Channel configuration, the front camera records at 4K at 30fps. When used in a 3-channel configuration, the front image quality will record 2160p at 24fps, as opposed to the 30fps above. There is also an option for 4K at 1600p for 30fps with the 3-CH system.

VIOFO A139 Pro Parking Mode

The A139 Pro offers 3 different parking recording modes.

  • Auto-Event Detection with buffered recording
  • Low Bitrate Recording
  • Time-Lapse Recording

The most important one here that you will use is the Auto-Event Detection with buffered recording. With this mode, the Auto-event detection will automatically record for 45 seconds while a moving object is detected, and if any impact is detected, it’ll give you footage 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after so you can get a full understanding of the incident.

Regardless of the parking mode you are using, you will need the Type-C HK3-C or HK4 hardwiring cable - yes, it works with either of the two cables!

VIOFO A139 Pro File Storage and Playback

From 256 GB, now at 512 GB. The VIOFO A139 Pro saves your drive onto the microSD card. Files are recorded in H.265 and saved in MP4 format, and it supports cards up to 512GB. Since the dash cam has no screen, you can view the footage through the VIOFO app. You can also take the microSD card out of the dash cam and plug it into your computer.

Note that VIOFO doesn’t offer any desktop viewers, so you will need to use a 3rd party program like the Dash Cam Viewer, which we highly recommend for VIOFO dash cams.

You can also connect the dash cam directly to your computer using the included Type-C data cable, or even use an SD card adapter to view the footage directly on your phone!

VIOFO A139 Pro Wi-Fi and VIOFO App

With the VIOFO mobile app, everything is more accessible and easier to view. You can download the free VIOFO mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. And once you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can pair it with your A139 Pro.

Pro series, like the recent A229 Duo, includes an upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi module that provides 4 times faster data transfer, ensuring smooth video streaming, downloading, and sharing.

VIOFO A139 Pro Installation

One reason why we love the recent VIOFO dash cams is because of its static sticker. VIOFO introduced this with the VIOFO A229, and they've brought this sticker to all of its latest models, including the A139 Pro. This goes right onto the front windshield and the dash cam goes onto the sticker. In other words, the dash cam is not mounted directly onto the glass.

The static sticker acts as a barrier between the mount’s sticky tape and the glass, so you’re not left with sticky residue or marks when you need to uninstall the dash cam.

Moreover, the A139 Pro uses a new super slim coaxial rear cable with mini connectors -making installation much easier as you don’t have to deal with thick, bulky wires.

In terms of power, the A139 Pro comes with a 12V power cable that you can plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket if you want a simple plug-and-play solution without parking mode. To use the parking mode features, you must either hardwire the dash cam to your vehicle's fuse panel or use a dedicated dash cam battery pack. Battery packs? The VIOFO A139 Pro is compatible with the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 battery.

Shop the VIOFO A139 Pro 4K UHD Dash Cam Now!

The A139 Pro is a flagship dash cam from VIOFO, being the first to carry the Sony STARVIS 2 image technology. It’s available in up to three-channel configurations and boasts its 4K video resolution for ultra smooth and crisp footage, which can even be improved by the included CPL filter in every package - no need to buy separately. More than that, you also get Parking Mode, Voice Notifications, plus up to 512GB micro SD compatibility! What more can you ask for? Get the VIOFO A139 Pro only here at BlackBoxMyCar now!