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VIOFO A139 Pro 3-Channel vs. Vantrue N4 4K UHD Dash Cam Review

While front and front-and-rear dash cams might sound enough for some drivers, having a triple-channel dash cam provides a better view of what’s ahead, behind, and inside your car which we highly recommend for ridesharing, fleet, and recreational vehicles.

And what more if your triple channel dash cam captures 4K? In this review, we'll look at the VIOFO A139 Pro and the Vantrue N4 to see which triple-channel 4K dash cam is the best for you.

parison review of the VIOFO A139 Pro and Vantrue N4.

VIOFO A139 Pro 3-CH vs. Vantrue N4 Video Quality

Powered by a 5MP Sony STARVIS sensor, the front camera of the Vantrue N4 has a maximum resolution of 2160P @ 30 frames per second (when the front camera is recording alone) and a field of view of 155 degrees, but this drops to 1440p when both the interior and rear cameras are used. When used with either the interior or rear cameras, the resolution remains at 2160P, but the frame rate drops from 30fps to only 25fps. The interior camera has a 165-degree FOV and a 1080p rear camera with a 160-degree FOV.

On the other hand, aside from its triple-channel capabilities, the VIOFO A139 Pro is also the first dash cam model to use the latest 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX 678 technology. The 3-Channel also supports up to 4K UHD 3840 x 2160P for its front at 140-degrees, and Full HD for its rear and interior, both with a 170-degree field of view. When the A139 Pro operates in a 3-Channel setup, the image quality can also be set to 1600p at 30fps, or 2160p at 24fps, both 4k.

So, in terms of video resolution and quality, the A139 Pro 3CH provides clearer and more up to date image technology. It also captures true 4K and is equipped with High Dynamic Range and Super Night Vision to keep your footage crisp in all lighting conditions.

VIOFO A139 Pro 3-CH vs. Vantrue N4 Design

In terms of form factor, the flattened-cylindrical Vantrue N4 is quite large, measuring over 4 inches long and 1.5 inches deep and wide. It must be large enough to accommodate both the front and rear cameras, as well as a 2.45-inch IPS color display. On top of that, the main unit is the connection for the included suction mount, causing the camera to hang low off the windshield, which is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically.

On the other hand, the A139 Pro is built without a screen allowing for a more seamless and discrete installation. Its low profile allows it to blend in much more easily to your windshield, so it’s less distracting for the drivers, and less attention-seeking to thieves. Additionally, the front 4K camera of the A139 Pro is designed with a lens that can be rotated up to 300° for better positioning in any car model.

While the Vantrue N4 uses larger USB-C rear cables, the A139 Pro comes with an ultra-thin 2.8mm wide coaxial cable and miniature connectors, making it easier to install and run along the trim of your vehicle - especially in European cars that typically have very tight trims.

VIOFO A139 Pro 3-CH vs. Vantrue N4 Security Features

Aside from its Parking Mode capabilities, the Vantrue N4 has a variable sensitivity G-sensor, an Emergency Lock feature for media saving, and Loop Recording, although it doesn’t have GPS. We also discovered that Vantrue's N4 hardwire kit has two voltage cut-off settings: a 11.6V default, and 12.0V. The safe voltage cut-off range is 12.0V to 12.2V, and setting it to 11.6V can be hazardous to your car battery, causing it to drain, require a jumpstart, and shorten its lifespan.

If you want to extend your parking modes, we recommend you to use a dedicated dash cam battery pack. Fortunately, the Vantrue N4, plus the A139 Pro are compatible with battery packs like the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 - which we highly recommend to maximize security and peace of mind, even when your car is unattended for longer periods of time.

Unlike the Vantrue N4, the VIOFO A139 Pro has a built-in GPS. The VIOFO A139 Pro has the N4’s security features as well, with the Parking Mode recordings available in Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate recordings. To activate these features, the A139 Pro must be connected through your car’s fuse box through a separate hardwiring kit, particularly VIOFO’s Type-C HK3-C and HK4 ACC hardwirings.

VIOFO A139 Pro vs. Nextbase 622GW Connectivity Features

Aside from having no built-in GPS, the Vantrue N4 also has no Wi-Fi connectivity for either storing your videos to the cloud or quickly grabbing them from a connected smartphone app - both significant omissions for a modern dash cam.

Since the VIOFO A139 Pro is a fresher model, you can expect that it has higher tech features compared to the N4. More than just the built-in GPS, the VIOFO A139 Pro also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that offers not just one but a dual-band connectivity - 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This allows faster data transfer and ensures smooth video streaming, downloading, and sharing through the dedicated VIOFO app.

The VIOFO app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, is included with the A139 Pro. The Vantrue N4, on the other hand, is not compatible with a mobile app. When viewing, you can either use the 2 inch screen or remove the microSD card from the dash cam and insert it into your Mac or Windows computer.

The maximum SD card capacity supported by the Vantrue N4 is 256GB. VIOFO, on the other hand, increased the A139 Pro's storage capacity by increasing the maximum SD card capacity to 512GB. It's uncommon to find dash cams that support memory cards up to 512GB, so the VIOFO A139 Pro is a welcome addition.

VIOFO A139 Pro 3-CH vs. Vantrue N4 Price

Compared to other premium triple-channel dash cams like the BlackVue DR770X Box, the VIOFO A139 Pro is more budget-friendly. The single-channel A139 Pro dash cam is $229.99, the front-and-rear dash cam is $299.99, and the triple-channel dash cam is only $369.99. While the Vantrue N4 3-channel is relatively lower at cost at $269.99, we do believe that features like GPS, Wi-Fi and smartphone app capabilities are important features to have and are worth the investment for the VIOFO A139 Pro.

Verdict: VIOFO A139 Pro 3-CH vs. Vantrue N4 - Which is better?

While Vantrue N4 considers itself as a 4K triple-channel dash cam, the reality is that it only records 1440p when using all three channels. It also uses Sony STARVIS sensors, but not as enhanced as the new Sony STARVIS 2 which is sported in the A139 Pro.

Above that, the VIOFO A139 Pro also comes with a free CPL filter that reduces glare and reflections, working best with its HDR and Super Night Vision Capabilities.

Moreover, the A139 Pro is designed to be discreet and screenless, as VIOFO values saving space, reducing distractions, and taking dash cam legalities into account in some US states that only allow a certain size for dash cams.

The Vantrue N4 is bigger, but you can’t really blame them because the screen has to be there - especially that it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app where you can easily access your footage. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS and WI-Fi either, unlike the VIOFO A139 Pro that has all of them built-in, along with Voice Notifications to make every drive more convenient.


VIOFO A139 Pro 3-Channel

Vantrue N4

Video Resolution

4K UHD @30FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS

4K UHD @30FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS

Image Sensor

8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 | 2MP Sony STARVIS IMX291 (secondary)

5MP Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor | 2MP Sony STARVIS (secondary)

Field of View (F|R|I)

140° | 170° | 170°

155° | 160° | 165°




Parking Mode






Operating Temperature

-10°C - 65°C (14°F - 149°F)

-10°C - 70°C (14°F - 158°F)

Loop Recording



Max SD Card

512 GB

256 GB

LCD Screen




Yes, Dual-band


Mobile App









Country of Origin



Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty