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Our Summer Savings Splash is now ON!


Get 10% off your first dash cam with BlackboxMyCar

Get 10% off your first dash cam & drive with confidence

It's normal to feel nervous and even a bit overwhelmed when learning to drive. And before you are confident about being on the road, it can feel like there's unlimited potential for things to go wrong.

A safer and more secure driving experience.

Knowing that your vehicle is helping you be a safer driver and making the roads safer for you will go a long way to improving your confidence, especially if you are nervous about getting into an accident.

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Why a dash cam?

A dash cam stands for a dashboard camera that is mounted inside the vehicle, usually on the front windshield. Dash Cams can come with 1-Channel, 2-Channels or even as many as 3-Channels to protect you and your vehicle.

Explore the basic features of a dash cam, including high-resolution recording, night vision, parking mode, and built-in GPS. Already know what you want? Jump right into our Best Dash Cams.

Why buy a dash cam?

Discover its importance on the road, how it saves you money, protects your investments and more.

How to install

Dash cams can be an easy plug-and-play install in under 5 minutes, or done professionally to maximize your protection.

Shop sale & offers

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