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Philips GoSure GS5101D 2K QHD 2-CH Dash Camera In-Depth Review

In a world brimming with automotive technology, the Philips GoSure GS5101D stands out as a testament to Philips' enduring legacy of innovation and quality. Since its inception in 1891, Philips has consistently delivered products that enhance daily life, and the GoSure GS5101D is no exception, especially when it comes to driving safety.

Reasons to get the Philips GoSure GS5101D

BlackVue Dash Cams BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE Cloud Dash Cam

✅ Compact Size
✅ 2K QHD front camera recording + 1080P Rear
✅ Sony STARVIS IMX335 Sensor
✅ WDR Night VIsion
✅ Built-in Wi-Fi
✅ 3-inch screen
✅ Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

What’s inside the box?

  • Philips GoSure GS5101D Front Dash Cam
  • Philips GoSure GS5101D Rear Dash Cam
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 3.6M/12ft Power Cord
  • 6M/20ft Video Cable
  • Philips GoSure Manual

Philips GoSure GS5101D Design and Installation

The Philips GoSure GS5101D boasts a user-friendly design that emphasizes ease of installation and operation. Featuring an intuitive 3-inch screen, the unit can easily be controlled using the 4 buttons underneath the camera. The small mounting plate on the top of the unit can be slid downwards and off of the camera to remove it from the windshield, and the large front lens of the camera can be rotated in all directions a small amount.

With its straightforward setup using the included Cigarette Lighter Adapter, you can have the dash cam up and running in mere seconds, providing instant protection without the need for complex wiring or professional installation.

Philips GoSure GS5101D Video Quality and Performance

One of the key highlights of the GS5101D is its ability to record in 2K QHD at 30 fps, powered by a 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor. Sony STARVIS is widely recognized as the highest quality dash cam image sensor in the industry, and is the exact same image sensor found in the VIOFO A119 V3, an ever-reliable model that has stayed at the top for many years. This image sensor especially excels at capturing footage in low-light conditions, which is further improved with the camera’s Wide Dynamic Range(WDR). WDR is great at helping to differentiate between bright lights and dim darks.

This high-resolution recording ensures that every detail of the road ahead is captured with remarkable clarity. With a 135° field of view, the dash cam provides comprehensive coverage, minimizing blind spots and capturing more of what matters.

As for the rear camera, it will record 1080p quality with a 2MP CMOS sensor, with a 120° field of view, field of view, still high enough quality to capture rear-end accidents.

Philips GoSure GS5101D Features

Philips recognizes the importance of connectivity in today's tech-driven world, which is why the GoSure GS5101D is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. This feature allows drivers to connect their smartphones to the dash cam via the dedicated Philips Dash Cam app, facilitating easy streaming, downloading, and sharing of videos.

Moreover, the GS5101D's Smart Voice Controls set it apart, offering a safer and more convenient way to operate the dash cam. Drivers can execute commands such as taking a photo or locking a video clip with simple voice instructions, reducing distractions and maintaining focus on the road.

The GS5101D is not just a recording device; it's a comprehensive driving assistant. The dash cam's advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) provide timely alerts that enhance situational awareness and promote safer driving habits. Features like Stop & Go reminders, Collision Detection, and fatigue warnings based on driving hours exemplify Philips' commitment to road safety. These proactive alerts can significantly mitigate the stress of navigating busy streets and long journeys.

Final Review

The Philips GoSure GS5101D is a robust dash cam that marries high-quality recording capabilities with smart features and user-centric design. Its performance, especially in low-light conditions, connectivity options, and emphasis on driver safety, make it an invaluable companion for any journey, and an ideal choice for anyone’s first foray into dash cams. As a product from a brand synonymous with innovation, the GoSure GS5101D is a testament to Philips' dedication to enhancing the driving experience and ensuring road safety, making it an excellent choice for drivers seeking reliability and advanced functionality.

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