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Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam In-Depth Review

The Multi-Award-Winning 4K Cinematic Smart Dash Cam Experience

The Nextbase 622GW is the first dash cam in the world to offer 4K video resolution, adjustable polarizing filter, digital image stabilization, What3Words geo-tracking, Emergency SOS service, Alexa voice control, and free Cloud storage.

Everything you need plus more from a 4K touchscreen dash cam

With the Nextbase 622GW featuring a built-in CPL filter, digital image stabilization, 4K recording resolution, and enhanced night vision sensors, the resulting footage is of excellent quality. The addition of Alexa voice control and What3Words emergency geolocation are much-welcomed added features.

Key Features

  • 4K UHD @30FPS recording
  • Optional 2K QHD @60FPS and 1080p Full HD @120FPS recording
  • 140° wide-angle lens
  • 3.0” HD IPS Touchscreen display
  • Alexa voice control
  • Emergency SOS
  • What3Words
  • Modular design to add your secondary camera and accessories


4K image quality
 Built-in polarizing filter
Extra security features
Simple file transfer
Easy setup
Free Cloud Storage


❌ It does not come with a microSD card

Discover all the specs and features of the Nextbase 622GW.

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Unboxing the Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam

The 622GW shares a similar build as its sister cameras, the Nextbase 522GW and 422GW, but while the latter two feature a black case, Nextbase has opted for a battleship gray for the 622GW. And just like the other Nextbase cameras, the 622GW comes with a built-in 3-inch full-color touchscreen display. If you prefer having a physical screen, it makes setting up the camera reasonably easy compared to pulling out a smartphone and accessing an app to change settings or playback clips. But do remember that because of the built-in touchscreen display, the Nextbase 622GW is not a little dash cam.

In front of the lens is a rotating bezel - the built-in CPL filter, which helps reduce both windshield glare and reflection, resulting in better overall footage.

Next to the camera lens is a magnetic flap that allows easy attachment of the included Click&Go Pro GPS mount and gives access to the removable internal battery.

The Nextbase 622GW, like all other Nextbase cameras, is sold as a single front unit-only dash cam. You must purchase the module cameras separately if you want a secondary camera for
in-cabin or the traffic behind. Nextbase does offer a few different options to choose from - rear window camera, rear view camera, and cabin view camera.

4K UHD video quality and recording capabilities

4K Recording at 30FPS

The 622GW uses the latest Ambarella H22 chipset and an Omnivision OS08A10 8MP (megapixel) sensor, which allows the camera to capture sharp 4K resolution at 30fps. On top of this, Nextbase has installed an adjustable polarising filter, so all you need to do is rotate the bezel in front of the lens to produce beautiful, glare-free footage.

To add, you can manually adjust the resolution from 4K UHD @30FPS to 2K QHD or 1080p Full HD and select between 60FPS and 120FPS recording. In other words, the Nextbase 622GW allows for Full HD recording at 120 frames per second, which Nextbase calls their Super Slow Motion setting and will enable you to capture more details you might have missed at normal speed.

Enhanced Night Mode

With the 522GW, 422GW, and 322GW, Nextbase introduced Nextbase Enhanced Night Vision which uses the latest light sensor technology to capture and process superior image quality. With the 622GW, Nextbase upgraded the image sensor with larger pixels, allowing more light into each one. The camera automatically detects light levels and enhances the image as it is being recorded.

Image Stabilization and Extreme Weather Mode

Worried about how well it’ll work on bumpy roads, dark highways, foggy nights, or the pouring rain? With the Nextbase 622GW, you can record footage in all conditions, thanks to its digital image stabilization, extreme weather mode, and enhanced night vision sensors. For instance, extreme weather mode is your go-to when driving through harsh weather conditions like intense fog. Its clever algorithms improve image quality to capture clear and crisp footage in challenging situations.

File sizes and memory cards

The dash cam doesn’t come with any microSD card, but you can use any 32 to 128GB SDHC/SDXC U3 Class 10 memory card.

Here’s what you can expect from various memory card sizes:

Front Camera

Recording Time


90 minutes


180 minutes


360 minutes

* Recording (based on default settings for 1-Channel)

And you’re probably wondering why the Thinkware U1000, BlackVue DR900X Plus, and the VIOFO A129 Pro get you at least 2 hours on a 32GB card while the Nextbase 622GW only holds 90 minutes of recording.

That’s because of a Nextbase feature called Dual Files. When recording, the Nextbase 622GW saves both a high and low-quality video. The smaller file size of the low-quality video means it is quicker to transfer and edit within the app. In other words, if you have a rear camera attached and Dual Files is enabled, High and Low-resolution files will be saved for the rear camera as well, giving you a total of 4 files (Front High, Front Low, Rear High, Rear Low).

So, if you’re going to use the Nextbase 622GW as a dual-channel dash cam (in combination with the rear view or the cabin view camera module), you’ll need some extra storage space.

Intelligent parking mode recording

Regarding parking recording, it seems Nextbase’s Intelligent parking mode covers everything for you. All Nextbase dash cams, including the 622GW, can be hardwired into an “always-on” or constant fuse, as opposed to a fuse linked to the ignition switch - this will allow you to record every moment while driving and parked. All you need is the Nextbase hardwire kit power cable.

If the car battery is running low, the voltage limiter on the Nextbase hardwire kit power cable will detect a low car battery, switch off the hardwire kit, and use the tiny 320mAh built-in internal battery to give you about 15 mins of recording time.

Once the dash cam’s G sensor detects an impact, it will wake up the camera, start recording for 3 minutes and continue to do so if another impact is detected. According to Nextbase’s VP of Marketing, the Nextbase 622GW will record for 15 minutes if someone is beating on your car for 15 minutes or catch approximately five incidents while parked.

Emergency SOS - Alert emergency services to your location

When it comes to driver safety, Nextbase offers a couple of top-quality features that will come in handy when you’re in trouble and require assistance.

If you’re injured and require assistance, the 622GW can alert the emergency services close to your location and provide them with medical details you have shared with your Nextbase mobile app.

How does the dash cam know when to call for help? After the dash cam detects a crash, it will call your phone to check if you’re responsive. If it gets no answer within 150 seconds, the dash cam will automatically contact emergency services with your location, medical and vehicle details.

This feature is free for the first year after purchasing the camera. After that, you can renew it every month, year, or three years. To get the Emergency SOS Response running perfectly, make sure to have your phone running the MyNextBase app in the background while driving and in cell service.

What3Words - Pinpoint your precise location

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the Nextbase 622GW over the competition is the What3Words integration, which can pinpoint a location and encode the geographic coordinates into three permanently fixed words. This allows emergency services to narrow your location to a three-meter squared area and reach you quicker.

How does it work exactly? What3words breaks down the entire world into a grid of three by three-meter squares, each square being identified with three unique words.

Best of all, what3words doesn’t require data connection. This is valuable if your vehicle is lost or caught in a bad accident.

Touchscreen Display

Setting up the Nextbase 622GW dash cam is fairly easy using the 3" touchscreen on the back of the camera. Simply use the button on the screen to control your dash cam, adjust camera settings, playback videos, access Nextbase Emergency SOS and more. The bright red button on the camera's bottom edge lets you manually copy the last 30 seconds of recording to the protected folder.

MyNextbase Suite: MyNextbase Connect app, MyNextbase Player, and MyNextbase Cloud

MyNextbase Connect mobile app

The MyNextbase Connect app is available in both the App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). Connecting the dash cam to the Nextbase app is straightforward, and the interface is relatively user-friendly. And as long as you have some patience for loading, you can playback and download the video file using your phone. You can also configure the dash cam’s settings without fumbling with the device through the app. The app connects to the camera via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (dual 2.4GHz a+ 5GHz).

MyNextbase Player

If you prefer managing your footage using a bigger screen, you can use the included USB cable to connect the Nextbase 622GW directly to your computer. By using the USB cable, your dash cam will function as a card reader for your computer, giving you access to the files on the microSD card inside the dash cam. The MyNextbase Player software is available to download from

Once connected, you have three options: ‘Access Files’, ‘Power On’, and ‘Update Firmware’. The desktop app also gives you additional information about your drives, such as speed, coordinates on a Google Maps display, and G-Sensor readings. There are also simple editing tools that you can use to trim and splice your footage, as well as easy access buttons to send footage to your insurance provider and social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can plug the SD card into your computer and use the MyNextbase Player.

MyNextbase Cloud

MyNextbase Cloud is a file storage and sharing platform for larger 4K files. It makes sharing with your family or insurance company more accessible. Videos can be password protected to ensure security. Send the encrypted file link to your insurance company or anyone you want, and they can view the footage using the free online web portal - offering a more secure way to send and transfer footage files.

Clips are uploaded only if you push them, which you can do so using your home WIFI, so no additional data plan is required. Once you’ve uploaded your footage to the MyNextbase Cloud, the files will store for 30 days before being deleted.

Amazon Alexa voice control

With the Nextbase 622GW, you get the option to link the dash cam to Amazon Alexa voice control via the MyNextbase Connect mobile app. Once the dash cam and the mobile app are linked, you can tell Alexa what to do, and it can help you start or stop recording, take a photo, play music, and more without taking your eyes off the road and keeping your hands on the wheel. However, it’s worth noting that the Nextbase 622GW’s mobile Alexa function only supports Amazon Music, unlike an Amazon Echo, which allows third-party music apps like Spotify.

Rear camera modules

All Nextbase cameras come as front-facing only. You must purchase a rear-view camera separately to capture the traffic behind or in-cabin activity. Luckily, these rear-facing camera modules are compatible with some of the other Nextbase models, so if you currently have a rear camera module for your Nextbase 322GW or 522GW, you can reuse the rear camera with your Nextbase 622GW.

Nextbase has a few rear cam modules to choose from, all of which offer 1080p Full HD video resolution:

Rear Window Camera

The Nextbase Rear Window Camera is a table tennis ball-sized camera designed to be mounted on the rear windshield to capture tailgaters and rear impacts. It uses a 140° ultra-wide viewing angle to capture the whole road behind. The camera comes with a 6m long cable to connect to the front-facing camera and uses a fully adjustable magnetic mount to give you total flexibility.

Rear View Camera

The Rear View camera, designed with a narrower telephoto lens, connects directly to your Nextbase 622GW and records the traffic behind your car. The view recorded is similar to the image seen in your rear-view mirror. While not as great as the rear window camera in terms of capturing fine details, it requires the least installation - simply click it into the side of your Nextbase 622GW.

Cabin View Camera

The Nextbase Cabin View Camera uses a wide 140° lens to capture events inside your vehicle. Like the Rear View Camera, simply click the Cabin View Camera into the side of the camera.

Click&Go Pro Mount

The Click&Go Pro mount is not a suction cup mount, but it offers you the freedom to easily bring the dash cam from car to car. The mount itself stays on the windshield, and the power cable installs directly into the mount, allowing the dash cam to be completely wireless. All you need is a second mount, and you can easily remove the camera and move the 622GW between vehicles.

Nextbase 622GW Review: Should I buy it?

The Nextbase 622GW sits at the higher end of the price spectrum as you only get a front-only 1-channel dash cam for that price. But despite its high price point, it is an excellent choice for an easy-to-use dashcam with premium features you won’t find in other brands: stunning 4K video recording to enhance night vision, digital image stabilization, Amazon Alexa voice control, and revolutionary smart safety features, the 622GW is one of the best dash cameras on the market.

The Nextbase 622GW is ideal for users who are new to dash cams or not the most tech-savvy and want a top-of-the-line premium dash cam that isn’t too complicated to use. Suppose you’re looking for a reliable first dash cam that offers 4K video recording, emergency assistance, built-in Amazon Alexa, and the freedom to add on rear-view camera modules. In that case, the Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Camera is the best dash cam on the market.

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