Multi-Safer vs. Power Magic Pro

Our two most popular hardwiring kits are Pittasoft's Power Magic Pro (PMP) and MotoPark's Multi Safer (MS). Generally speaking they serve the same purpose and their installation is pretty much identical but there are some notable differences between the two kits which we will discuss.

Hardwiring Kit Shootout Power Magic Pro vs Multi Safer

Installation and Setup

Both the PMP and MS have 3 wires and a female cigarette socket, although with the Multi Safer connecting the red accessory wire is not mandatory. This makes it a better option for vehicles where an ignition switched fuse is hard to find such as older Mercedes and some newer Ford vehicles. Both hardwiring kits use a relatively thin wire gauge and Add-A-Fuse kits are not mandatory as they'll easily wrap around the leg of a fuse.

The Multi Safer is a little smaller in size and our preferred choice if the aim is to tuck the kit out of sight. In contrast, the Power Magic Pro comes with screws and tape to mount somewhere visible and is a better choice for those that want to be able to turn their parking mode recording on and off as the switch is very straight forward on the PMP. While the Multi Safer also has a multi-booting switch, the switch is smaller and the LED indicators are harder to understand.

Both devices require consulting the user manual to setup properly as a combination of dip switches configures the voltage and timer cutoff features. The PMP has a wider selection of timer settings while the Multi Safer has more voltage settings for 12V systems. We find that the vast array of timer settings on the PMP aren't particularly useful as the standard batteries on most passenger vehicles can't record for more than 24 hours.

Features and Functions

For all 12V systems the Multi Safer is definitely our preferred choice, this is because the voltage detection is more accurate and there's a 12.2V cutoff setting which is preferable for larger displacement engines and diesel engines that need a bit more battery power to fire up. For those that prefer to live on the edge, the Multi Safer has you covered there as well with a 11.6V cutoff voltage, best reserved for smaller displacement engines. The 12.2V setting is also ideal for cars with weaker batteries that don't hold their charge as well as a healthy one. It's important to keep in mind that batteries discharge even without a dashcam running off of them so if your battery is very weak and needs to be replaced the voltage cutoff can only do so much. Users with a small or weak battery should consider the Cellink Battery B


Power Magic Pro Multi Safer
Rated Output Voltage 11.8 - 24.0V DC 11.8 - 14.0V DC
Rated Output Current 1A 2A
Output Voltage Cutoff Settings 12V: 11.8V, 12.0V
24V: 22.8V, 23.2V
12V: 11.6V, 11.8V, 12.0V, 12.2V
24V: N/A
Timer Cutoff Settings (Hours) 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 120
6, 12, 24
Voltage Detection Accuracy +/- 0.1V +/- 0.05V
LED Indicator Yes (Green LED) Yes (Red LED)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty