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FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus 2K QHD

Dash Cam Comparison Review

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus

In the dash cam community, one of the most talked about brands is the FitCamX. If you value discreteness, or want a driving recorder that will seamlessly blend to your vehicle’s interior, FitCamX claims that they are built exactly for that. Since FitCamX’s are specifically designed around specific vehicle models, that allows them to appear more built-in than other systems

However, when it comes to dash cams, it’s not just the form factor that you should consider. This has been shown in one of the most recent dash cams to releases, taking the dash cam world by storm through providing top-tier image quality, a variety of features, and versatility: The Viofo A229 Plus.

In this article, we’ll compare the FitCamX with the VIOFO A229 Plus 2K QHD dash cam.

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus Design

First, let’s talk about the physical design of the FitCamX. Popular for its OEM-style form factor, this dash cam boasts a replication of the original rearview mirror back cover of your vehicle. Your mileage may vary depending on your vehicle, as the design does change for every car model. Generally speaking, the FitCamX will act as an extension of the car’s rear view mirror, making it larger and longer, sitting right at the tip of the snout. Most FitCamX models are smooth plastic with no ventilation, absorbing any heat from your windshield, into the camera.

On the other hand, the VIOFO A229 Plus has a small, wedge-shaped design and a 2.4-inch HD screen where you can watch footage and configure settings. Both dash cams are designed to be discreet, but the screen of the VIOFO A229 Plus makes controlling the dash cam easy and convenient.


VIOFO A229 Plus

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus Image and Video Quality

Next, let’s talk about one of the most important factors of any camera – the video quality. If your dash cam has low video quality, the footage will look grainy or blurry, and seeing important details like facial features or license plates. For the FitCamX, the video resolutions available are 4K and 2K. We are impressed with how expansive FitCamX’s 170-degree field of view on the main camera is. However, in terms of video quality, the footage is not that clear and crisp – probably because of the subpar GalaxyCore 4753 image sensors.

With the VIOFO A229 Plus, video quality is where it stands out. In fact, the VIOFO A229 Plus delivers the best 2K QHD quality in its class, thanks to the 5MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor, which captures footage in both daylight and even low-light conditions. While other 2K QHD dash cams only have Sony STARVIS 2.0 on the front, the A229 Plus is now sporting the same image sensor for its rear camera, which has a 2.5x higher dynamic range and light sensitivity. Unlike the FitCamX, which only records subpar 2K QHD and full HD rear at 30 frames per second, the VIOFO A229 Plus records up to 2K QHD at 60 fps at 140-degree field of view for the front, and 2K QHD @ 30 fps at 160-degree field of view for the rear. Again, both are powered by Sony STARVIS 2.

This difference in detail is especially noticeable during night drives or high-speed situations where the A229 Plus’s footage will really shine at capturing those small details like license plates.


VIOFO A229 Plus

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus Parking Mode

Both dash cams offer parking mode, a solution if you want 24/7 monitoring for your dash cam. FitCamX offers a convenient plug-and-play OBD solution for parking mode, while the VIOFO A229 Plus requires hardwiring. We found the FitCamX’s Parking Mode to be standard, but the VIOFO A229 Plus takes the lead with its 15-second buffered parking mode. Aside from low bitrate, time lapse, and auto event detection, the VIOFO A229 Plus provides more flexibility with selectable cutoff voltage options. This is ideal to fine-tune the dash cam, and set a proper cut-off that fits best with your vehicle. If you want to hardwire the VIOFO A229 Plus for parking mode, keep in mind that it requires the VIOFO HK4 ACC hardwiring kit or a dash cam battery pack, which you will need to buy separately.


VIOFO A229 Plus

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus Convenience Features

Now, let’s talk about features. FitCamX's 2.4GHz WiFi facilitates video download and social media sharing through its mobile app. In contrast, the VIOFO A229 Plus raises the bar with dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi. Now with Voice Controls, the VIOFO A229 Plus is easier to use than ever for hands-free dash cam controls. This allows you to utilize simple voice commands to start/stop recording, snap photographs, and turn on/off WiFi while remaining focused on the road. It also uses Voice Notifications to keep you up to date on storage, features, recording modes, and video protection status.

The A229 Plus also has a new integrated Quad-Mode GPS module that provides more detailed location and speed data. By combining four global satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), the VIOFO A229 Plus’ Quad-Mode GPS uses the geometric distribution of several satellites to boost 3D positioning precision for a more accurate driving trajectory, whether in urban regions between towering buildings or in mountainous places with difficult terrain.

FitCamX's car-specific design is one unique feature, albeit we believe this limits its applicability to other car models. The VIOFO A229 Plus boasts of its universal compatibility, which enables users to switch between cars with ease. This makes it ideal for fleets and ride-sharing services, as well as private individuals who have multiple cars in their garage. Furthermore, the VIOFO A229 Plus supports a large microSD card of up to 512GB, giving customers more than enough storage to continue recording without sacrificing quality – only 128GB can be supported by the FitCamX.


VIOFO A229 Plus

FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus Pricing

Due to its car-specific make, the FitCamX is priced at a higher price tag at a range of $250. Meanwhile, the VIOFO A229 Plus is affordably priced at $229.99, offering great value for money and premium features such as Sony STARVIS 2, parking mode, and Voice Controls.

Which is better? FitCamX vs. VIOFO A229 Plus

Both the FitCamX and VIOFO A229 Plus are well-loved by the dash cam community. Check Reddit, DashCamTalk and other forums and you’ll find a lot of things to love about these cameras. For FitCamX, it’s primarily the OEM-style design. For VIOFO, it’s the value for money through the Sony STARVIS 2, advanced security and convenience features, and guaranteed reliability – which matter more than just design. For us, the clear winner is the VIOFO A229 Plus.

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