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FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH 4K UHD

Dash Cam Comparison Review

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

For those who are looking for a discreetly designed driving recorder, you might have 74encountered the FitCamX. Popular for its OEM-style form factor, this dash cam boasts a 1:1 replication of the original rearview mirror back cover of your vehicle. Since FitCamX’s are specifically designed around specific vehicle models, that allows them to appear more built-in than other systems.

However, form factor is just one part of the long list to consider when buying a dash camera. Aside from discreteness, there is video quality, convenience, features, and of course, reliability in an accident. In this article, we’ll take a look and compare the FitCamX with another dash cam model, particularly the brand new BlackVue DR970X Plus.

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH Design

As mentioned earlier, we see that FitCamX's dedication to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) integration is evident with how it looks. When installed, the FitCamX blends well with your car's rear view mirror thanks to nearly identical materials to the interior of the vehicle, your mileage may vary depending on your vehicle, as the design does change for every car model. Generally speaking, the FitCamX will act as an extension of the car’s rear view mirror, making it larger and longer, sitting right at the tip of the snout. Most FitCamX models are smooth plastic with no ventilation, absorbing any heat from your windshield, into the camera.

Meanwhile, similar to other BlackVue models, the BlackVue DR970X Plus boasts a tubular-shaped design that can also be concealed by the rearview mirror. Beyond discreteness, the DR970X Plus has a matte black surface and an effective cooling system with vertical and flat stripes that are specifically designed to dissipate heat.


BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH Image and Video Quality

Next, let’s talk about image quality and video recording capabilities. The FitCamX is available in one-channel and two-channel configurations, recording in 2K or 4K video resolutions for the front, and standard full HD for the rear, with a 170-degree field of view on the main camera. However, in terms of video quality, the footage is not that clear and crisp – probably because of the subpar GalaxyCore 4753 image sensors.

Image sensors play a vital role in recording footage, and this is where BlackVue shines. Looking at BlackVue’s sample footage, the BlackVue DR970X Plus elevates the game with an 8MP Sony STARVIS 2 IMX 678 sensor – the world’s most advanced image sensor that delivers excellent performance in day and night conditions.. Sony Starvis 2 has been widely adopted over this past year by the top dash-cam brands, and recognized as the best choice for capturing details in high-moving, low-light situations, and your best bet for recording license plates on the road.

Both cameras have full-HD 1080p rear cameras, though BlackVue’s is still using Sony STARVIS 1st generation image sensors, still a leg-up over the FitCamX.


BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH Parking Mode

Both dash cams offer parking mode, a solution if you want 24/7 monitoring for your dash cam. FitCamX offers a convenient plug-and-play OBD solution for parking mode, while the BlackVue DR970X Plus requires hardwiring through the Hardwiring Kit included in the package. We found the FitCamX’s Parking Mode to be standard, and the DR970X Plus more advanced due to intelligent options such as Impact and motion detection, time-lapse recording, plus a voltage monitoring to create a comprehensive security net for your vehicle. Best of all, the DR970X Plus works with a dash cam battery pack like the BlackVue B130-X Ultra Magic Battery Pack or the PowerCell 8.


BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH Convenience Features

Despite being small and discreet dash cams, the FitCamX and BlackVue DR970X Plus also have a wide array of features. FitCamX's 2.4GHz WiFi facilitates video download and social media sharing through its mobile app. In contrast, the BlackVue DR970X Plus raises the bar with dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, along with cutting-edge technology like Seamless Pairing, and the industry-leading BlackVue Cloud. While the FitCamX doesn’t have a Cloud, the BlackVue DR970X Plus has Cloud features like remote access, live view, push notifications, auto event upload, and two-way communication, which you can all configure in the BlackVue mobile app.

One thing we find interesting with FitCamX is its car-specific design, which in our opinion limits its adaptability to different vehicle models. On the other hand, the BlackVue DR970X Plus takes pride in its universal compatibility, allowing users to seamlessly switch between vehicles, best for ride-sharing services and fleets, or even private users with more than one car in the garage. Additionally, the DR970X Plus accommodates up to a substantial 512GB microSD card, providing users with ample storage for extended recording without compromise. The FitCamX can only support up to 128GB.


BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the FitCamX positions itself as an affordable option, entering the market around the $250 USD range depending on the car model. The BlackVue DR970X Plus starts at a price range of $470 USD, but justifying its premium tag with an array of advanced features. True 4K recording, Cloud connectivity, seamless pairing, and universal compatibility make the DR970X Plus a compelling investment for users seeking a dash cam that exceeds basic functionalities.

Beyond that, BlackVue has added a 2-year Manufacturer Warranty to their DR970X Plus units, showcasing their dedication to long-term reliability.

Which is better? FitCamX vs. BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH

In this comparison review of the FitCamX and the BlackVue DR970X Plus 2-CH, we think that the latter emerges as the winner. With true 4K brilliance through Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, intelligent parking mode, Seamless Connectivity, universal adaptability, and a larger storage capacity, the BlackVue DR970X Plus makes a premium and reliable choice. And to prove its reliability, the BlackVue DR970X Plus also comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, which no other premium dash cam model has offered yet.

Choose the Best. Choose BlackVue.

The BlackVue DR970X Plus is available in 1-Channel, 2-Channel, IR, built-in LTE, and 2-CH Box and 2-CH IR Box variants. Choose yours now, only here at BlackboxMyCar!