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What is FineVu GX1000 Smart Temperature Monitoring?

Dash Cam Turning Off Because of Overheating? Say No More with this new FineVu Heat Protection Feature

Summers in the south are extremely hot. If you own a dash cam, you'll want to make sure that your surveillance system can withstand the extreme heat in your car. And if you live in the north, you'll want to make sure that it can also withstand the cold of winter.

Extreme temperatures, particularly heat, can degrade the performance of your dashcam, causing it to turn off and malfunction. If you have an always-on dashcam, you should be aware of how hot the interior of the car can get in order to keep the dashcam from turning off, especially when it is in parking mode.

How do I know if the temperature is affecting my dash cam?

You don't need a thermometer to check the temperature of the dash cam. Your hands can do the job for you. Dashboard cameras are programmed to shut down automatically if they become overheated, as a preventative measure that guards against heat damage.

What can I do to protect my dash cam from high temperature conditions?

Sometimes, all you need to do is move the dash camera out of the sun. Changing the position of the dashcam is another option, to keep it out of warm spots near the windshield.

Increasing airflow in the vehicle either by opening the windows, getting a fan or running the air conditioning unit will help. You can also disable the Wi-Fi when it’s not in use.

Obviously, while these can keep your dash cam from overheating, it also means that you can't get the most out of it because you have to take it down or wait for it to cool - which can be a cause of inconvenience.

High Temperature Protection: FineVu GX1000's AI Smart Temperature Monitoring Function

South Korean dash cam brand FineVu have seen how the temperature affects their dash cam usage and experience, which the brand has been committed to improving.

That's why, with the newly launched FineVu GX1000 - now available for pre-order here at BlackboxMyCar - the manufacturer ensured that this cutting-edge device would be strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing the driver with the peace of mind that it would continue to serve its purpose, even when the car was left unattended.

How does the AI Smart Temperature Monitoring work on the FineVu GX1000?

Unlike other brands where the dash cam simply shuts off, leaving you with no parking monitoring, the FineVu GX1000 constantly monitors the ambient temperature and if extreme heat is detected, it will automatically switch to Power Saving Mode with a reduced power consumption of 0.2W.

What other Smart AI features does the GX1000 have?

The GX1000 also includes AI Damage Detection 2.0, which uses machine learning technology to filter false impacts and generates an incident report on actual impacts to tell you exactly where,

In this feature, the impact area during parking is subdivided into eight directions and reported in multiple levels of impact size using machine learning techniques. When you return to your car and turn on the ignition, the GX1000 will notify you of the impact, and the WiFi app will display which area was likely hit as well as a video clip of the incident.

Moreover, the GX1000 also has a Power Saving Mode to ensure that you get the most out of your dash cam. When parked, the GX1000 consumes only 0.06W for two channels with its GPS connection turned off.

Does the GX1000 also have a Smart Time Lapse?

This FineVu also has the Smart Time Lapse feature, which ensures that impacts and events are properly captured while tripling, if not quadrupling, the storage capacity on your micro SD card.

GX1000: The Smartest Parking Mode FineVu Dash Cam to Date

Aside from the smart features and technology in the GX1000, the image quality is without a doubt another major improvement. The FineVu GX1000 features the most recent 5.1MP Sony Exmor R STARVIS image sensors in the front camera and another set of 5.1MP in the rear. Yes, both have the same image sensors, allowing you to see the road ahead as well as the traffic behind you.

In comparison to the GX33 and GX300, which only provide FHD front and rear and QHD front + FHD rear video footage, the GX1000 provides excellent 2K QHD @ 30FPS video footage, aided by HDR and Auto Night Vision, which optimize video quality by automatically tuning to deliver bright images in low-light and high-contrast settings.