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Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera

These days, it's just common sense to have a backup camera. Not only do they help you park and reverse the vehicle more accurately, they help in preventing an accident. With the help of a backup camera, the blind zone is eliminated.

However, installing a camera on your vehicle can be a pain without the right equipment. There are some cameras that require you to run wires and cables from the back of your car while some requires frequent recharging. This is why in the recent years, many of the best backup cameras are wireless and solar-powered, like the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera.


The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P is an upgraded version of the Solar 1 backup camera, with a bigger solar panel, bigger battery, wider camera view angle, a redesigned on/off button and a re-engineered rubber plug for the USB port.

The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P comes fitted on a license plate bracket so that the camera sits nicely behind your vehicle's license place. It is IP67-rated for water and weather-resistance and is built to withstand year-round weathering. In other words, you don't have to worry about it in the rain or snow, or in temperatures from as low as -20°C to as high as 65°C (-4°F to 150°F).

The black license plate bracket and camera design appeals to many buyers as it is low profile on all type of vehicles.

Installing and Mounting the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P

The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera is one of the easiest of its kind to install. In fact, it will probably only take you five minutes to install it yourself and the only tool you need is a screwdriver - to get the licence plate off and then back-on again.

The license plate bracket holds both the camera and solar battery, and can fit a typical license plate. Because of the design of the mount, license plate length doesn’t matter at all, giving you even greater versatility.

And thanks to the flexibility of the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P, you can even mount the backup camera to the front of your vehicle if it fits your needs better. Another great aspect of the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P's design is that it can be easily uninstalled, too, allowing you to swap it between vehicles.

Note: Make sure to hang on to the original plate screws as you will need to use them to mount the bracket for the backup camera.

Mounting the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Monitor  

The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P comes with a 5" monitor that offers a 480p view at 30FPS, which is sufficient for normal reversing.

The monitor comes with a suction cup mount so you can easily mount it on your windshield or dashboard, if it works better for you. But make sure wherever you mount the monitor doesn’t obstruct your view of the road ahead. One place that we recommend is to the left on the windshield, right next to the A-pillar. Then simply connect the wire coming off your monitor to the cigarette lighter wire and route it to the cigarette lighter socket.

When the backup camera is activated, the rear view of your car will be displayed on the monitor that you have mounted on your dashboard or windshield. In addition to the rear view, you will also see parking lines. You can choose from different line options. Or, if you feel you’re better off without the lines, you can always just disable them.

Solar-Powered Charging

The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera is powered by a 3,350mAh battery that charges with the solar panel that is on the mounting bracket. Before first use, it is strongly recommended that you give it a full charge using the included USB cable, typically 3-4 hours. Once it's fully charged and installed, you simply need to expose the camera’s battery to the sun for about 30 minutes per day and that will provide enough power to run the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P for up to 46 days, providing you start with a full battery. You can also use the available USB cable to recharge the battery. This is a really helpful feature if you store your car in a garage for months between uses.


The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera is wireless, which means there is no wire or cable connecting the monitor and the camera and you don’t have to go through the hassle of running wires inside your car.

The signal transmission distance of the Solar 1-P is pretty far. We tested it by leaving the camera inside our office and we were able to keep the signal all the way past our install center and warehouse.

In other words, we are confident that the Solar 1-P fits small and mid-sized vehicles, as well as pickup trucks, commercial vans and small class RVs. So, if you have a cargo van with tinted or covered rear windshield, the Solar 1-P backup camera can definitely help.

Camera Quality

The Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera's true quality shines in varied environments. For starters, the Solar 1-P camera gives you a 110-degree view of the rear of the vehicle, including objects meters away. Image quality is decent in both day time and night, thanks to the low-light vision. Even in completely dark environments, like at night, it can provide you with a clear view of the rear of your vehicle.

The backup camera is also rotatable allowing you to adjust the best angle you need.

Using the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Backup Camera

Using the Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera is as simple as pressing the button on the power adapter. The monitor will then automatically turn on to give you a clear view of the behind the vehicle to eliminate any blind spots and make parking a lot more simple and safe. You will also see guidelines will appear on the monitor to help you determine vehicle placement and the distance remaining during reverse or parallel parking procedures.

Once the backup camera and monitor are activated it will only turn off by the auto-off timer inside the monitor. While there is no manual OFF switch, you can adjust the timer settings from the main menu.

The parking lines are also adjustable from the main menu. You can also disable the grid lines if you feel you’re better off without them.

Overall, everything about Auto-Vox Solar 1-P Wireless Backup Camera is smart, simple and secure. We highly recommend this wireless backup camera for anyone who is searching for a more secure parking experience. With its relatively low price point compared to other models with similar features, the Auto-Vox Solar Wireless Backup Camera is a great way to equip your vehicle with a reliable and easy to use rearview camera.