About Us

Our History

In his sophomore year at the University of British Columbia, BlackboxMyCar founder Alex Jang had family members involved in a horrific car accident. As both parties in the incident denied responsibility for the collision, and with a lack of video evidence and witnesses, the case to prove his family’s innocence took over a year to settle. Alex realized that this long delay in reaching a resolution and the stress and money wasted could all have been eliminated with simple video evidence. With that, Alex looked into dash cams and started BlackboxMyCar in 2012.

Car accident

Our Mission

As North America’s dash cam pioneer, BlackboxMyCar is dedicated to providing products that offer protection for everybody on the road. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from serving our customers to training our employees. We aim to protect our community so that every driver can feel safe on the road, knowing that a silent witness is on board to provide video evidence. One of our primary goals is to also educate the public on what dash cams are, what they can offer and that they are readily available in the market. We are confident that our well trained staff will be capable of tackling any issues and accomplishing any goals that we set for ourselves.

Dash cam being installed in car

Our Vision

We envision a future where every driver is protected from auto insurance fraud, careless driving and vehicle vandalism. We want video evidence to be something that makes drivers feel safer, knowing that a silent witness is always on board to offer the truth. The entire team at BlackboxMyCar work hard every day to provide as much free information on dash cams as possible so that drivers are better educated on the importance and benefits that a dash cam can bring to everyone.

Happy people driving in their new safe dash cammed car

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Our Partners & Sponsors

BlackboxMyCar.com sponsored the Justice Institute of British Columbia with dash cams as an educational tool to assist police officers and ambulance drivers with their vehicular training, creating a safer community in British Columbia
BlackboxMyCar.com sponsored the annual Scion City Hunt to capture exciting footage of the event as teams dashed around the city taking part in scavenge, search, trivia, and purchase challenges.
BlackboxMyCar was invited and sponsored by the Korean government to meet with major technology companies in Korea. Alex was able to visit 3 major cities and meet 13 different companies.
For the first time in North American Insurance history, Northbridge Insurance Company in Toronto has partnered with BlackboxMyCar.com to promote the use of dash cams to ensure road safety.
For the first time in North American Insurance history, Federated Insurance Company in Toronto has partnered with BlackboxMyCar.com to promote the use of dash cams to ensure road safety.
Alberta RCMP cruisers are equipped with dash cams from BlackboxMyCar to protect their officers and to provide irrefutable video evidence in the event of an accident or emergency.
The Canadian Border Service Agency, or CBSA, uses our dash cams as a silent witness to keep Canada safe and secure; even as a second eye in screening all individuals entering the country
Approved by Makita HQ in Japan, all Makita fleet vehicles in Canada, USA & Puerto Rico uses our dash cams to ensure that their employees are following company rules when they're driving.
All Japanese Consulate vehicles are equipped with our dash cams to provide an extra level of safety and security, so that they can have video evidence at all times even when the vehicle is turned off.