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6 Things You Must Have Inside Your Car for Day-to-Day Driving

“I should have brought that in my car!”

As drivers, we all enjoy the freedom of hitting the road, but it's also a must for us to have some backup plans in place. We all had this situation where something came up while we’re driving, and if only we were prepared enough to bring these important things in our car, we would’ve been saved!

Whether it’s being caught in a traffic violation, getting hungry while stuck in traffic, or getting a flat tire in the middle of a road trip. It’s embarrassing, so in this article, we’ll tell you about the top 6 things you should always have in your car – non-negotiable!

Top 6 Things You Must Have Inside Your Car

1. Emergency Kit: Your Roadside Wingman

This is highly important, especially when you’re travelling with your little ones. You’ll never know when they’ll get an injury, or if they feel a little sick on the road – and that's where an emergency kit swoops in. Bandages, meds, a trusty flashlight, and a blanket can keep you feeling better, and cozy inside your car.

2. Water and Snacks: Stay Fresh, Stay Fuelled

No one plans for those unexpected traffic jams that turn your quick drive into a mini-picnic. But guess what? Having water bottles and snacks on hand makes you the champion of snack stops. Whether you're stuck in a jam or need a pick-me-up, these goodies are a must-have. And remember, do care to share!

3. Mobile Phone Charger: Juice Up for Tech Triumphs

So, you're cruising to a friend's place and realize you forgot the address. Your charged-up phone and navigation app save the day.

Especially with today’s tech, our phones are like sidekicks in this modern adventure, but their battery life can be as unpredictable as a plot twist. Fear not, because a trusty car charger or portable power bank is your secret weapon for staying connected and never losing your way.

4. Spare Tire and Tools: Flat Tire, No Problem

Pop! Goes your tire. While it's not exactly a party trick you'd want, a spare tire and the tools to change it are your VIP tickets to getting back on the road. Spare tire, early warning device, lug wrench, and jumper cables? Yep, those can jumpstart your day too!

Make sure to keep updated on the air levels of your tires with a handy pencil tire pressure gauge.

5. Car Cleaning Products: Shine like a Star!

Say, for example, you have an important meeting to attend and you had no time to get the car washed in the shop – quick car cleaning products can be your saviour! Having cleaning supplies readily available lets you promptly address spills, stains, or even sudden bird droppings that could obstruct visibility, ensuring your car remains clean, safe, and comfortable while you drive!

Check out our recommended Quick Car Cleaning products here!

6. Paperwork and Documentation: Stay Organized, Stay Cool

And lastly, your documents. For example, you're on a spontaneous road trip and cross state lines. A friendly officer asks for your info, and bam! Where are the papers, sir?

Just like you wouldn't venture into a treasure hunt without a map, you wouldn't drive without your paperwork. Your license, car docs, and emergency contact list—all neatly organized—can smooth out any bumps in the road.

Don’t Forget These When You Drive!

And that’s our top 6 must-have things for your daily driving! As soon as you read this article, ensure you have these equipments stored in the car. If you don’t have them complete yet, such as the car care products or the trusty dash cam, go get ‘em now at BlackboxMyCar!