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Your 2023 Black Friday Dash Cam Guide: What to Expect and What to Buy - - BlackboxMyCar

Your 2023 Black Friday Dash Cam Guide: What to Expect and What to Buy

Just like what Mariah Carey said, it’s time!

If you’re still thinking about when to buy dash cams this year, Black Friday is an excellent time since you may take advantage of marked-down deals, letting you purchase high-quality dash cams for significantly discounted prices! Plus, with the holiday season approaching, nothing beats the peace of mind that a dash cam provides to protect your holiday rush travels!

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for your friends or family, or want to improve the security of your own vehicle, BlackboxMyCar’s 2023 Black Friday Guide will reveal the best Black Friday deals for dash cams across all categories, helping you to make the best decision and remain ahead of the holiday shopping competition!

This Holiday Season, be confident that you’re getting the best deal with us, as we’ll match pricing from November 1st to January 31st. Find more details here.

1. All I want for Christmas is…. A Basic Dash Cam.

For those who want the essential features without all the bells and whistles, Black Friday has something in store for you. Basic users can enjoy great deals on no-frills dash cams like the Thinkware F70 Pro, Thinkware F200 Pro, VIOFO A119 Mini 2 and VIOFO A119 V3 that get the job done without breaking the bank. These dash cams offer reliability and straightforward functionality, making them perfect for individuals looking for a simple solution to enhance their safety on the road.

Learn more about the Best Black Friday Deals for Basic Users here.

2. Rockin’ Around with a Front and Rear Dash Cam

Front and rear dash cams offer double protection and peace of mind on the road. They record everything that happens in front and behind your vehicle, giving you valuable evidence in times of incidents! This Black Friday, get the lowest deals on dual-channel dash cams like the VIOFO A229 Pro, VIOFO A229 Plus, BlackVue DR770X, Thinkware Q1000, and Thinkware U3000. With these dash cams, you'll always have your vehicle’s front and back covered, literally.

Learn more about the Best Black Friday Deals for Front-and-Rear Dash Cams here.

3. Oh, Holy Night and Day with 24/7 Parking Mode Dash Cam

Now let’s prioritize 24/7 safety! Dash cams with parking mode are a must-have for anyone who wants to monitor their vehicles, even when they’re away. Best ones for this category? The Thinkware F70 Pro, Thinkware Q1000, BlackVue DR770X Box, and Thinkware U3000! With features like Motion and Impact Detection, Buffered Recording, Energy Saving Mode, and Smart Parking Mode, you can make sure that wherever you leave your vehicle, and whatever time it is, your Parking Mode dash cam will be your reliable witness.

Learn more about the Best Black Friday Deals for Parking Mode Dash Cams here.

4. It’s the Most Wonderful.… and Advanced Dash Cams

And if you want to go big this Black Friday, go for high-end and advanced dash cams like the Thinkware U3000, VIOFO A229 Pro, BlackVue DR970X, and BlackVue DR770X Box. These premium dash cams come equipped with a host of advanced features that can enhance your driving experience and safety, talk about Cloud Connectivity, ADAS, Bluetooth, and Sony STARVIS 2! With these cutting-edge dash cams, you can stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and protection.

Learn more about the Best Black Friday Deals for High-End Advanced Dash Cams here.

5. Do You See What I See with 4K Dash Cams?

Do you want to level up your full HD or 2K dash cam to the most advanced 4K Ultra High Definition resolution? You deserve it this Black Friday. 4K dash cams like the VIOFO A229 Pro, Thinkware U3000 and BlackVue DR970X provide crystal-clear footage best for identifying license plates and details in recorded incidents. You won't miss a single detail with these top-of-the-line dash cams, making them an excellent Black Friday investment for your vehicle's security, and holiday travel footage as well!

Know more about the Best Black Friday Deals for 4K Dash Cams here.

6. Silent Night, Clear Night with Night Vision Dash Cams

No, don't compromise on safety when the sun goes down! With the change of season and evening parties, nighttime driving can also be challenging. But with a night vision dash cam, you can navigate the dark with safety and confidence! Like the VIOFO A119 Mini 2, Thinkware U3000, VIOFO A229 Pro, these cameras use advanced image sensors to capture clear footage in low-light or pitch-black conditions.

Know more about the Best Black Friday Deals for Night Vision Dash Cams here.

7. Have Yourself… a Front, Rear, and Interior Dash Cam

And if you wish for the highest level of protection from the front, rear, and insides of your vehicle, go for a three-channel! The BlackVue DR770 Box, VIOFO T130, and VIOFO A229 Pro are on the top of our Black Friday triple-channel list! Best for businesses, fleets, Uber, Lyft, and taxis, these all-in-one solutions will ensure that you're fully protected from every angle throughout the year!

Learn more about the Best Black Friday Deals for Triple-Channel Dash Cams here.

Enjoy the Black Friday Sale here at BlackboxMyCar!

Whether you’re looking for a basic dash cam, for security, for video resolution, or for all-around protection, you can find the best Black Friday deals here at BlackboxMyCar! Check out our latest and lowest discounts and shop as much as you can, until supplies last!

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