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The BlackVue DR770X Box: the dash cam that car thieves would hate - - BlackboxMyCar

The BlackVue DR770X Box: the dash cam that car thieves would hate

For a thief who wants to break into your car, seeing a surveillance camera installed on your windshield or dashboard can lead to two things. Number one, they would run away because they are aware they are being recorded. Two, they would continue to break in and just steal the dash cam so you would have no evidence of the crime at all - which we never want to happen.

This is one of the reasons BlackVue designed their dash cams simple and screenless. But taking it a step higher, BlackVue recently devised a cutting-edge solution providing full video coverage, while also being discreet from theft. The all-new BlackVue DR770X Box.

In the Consumer Electronics Show or CES in January 2023, BlackVue announced the launch of the all-new BlackVue DR770X Box, along with the DR970X series.While the DR970X series are upgrades to the DR900X Plus and DR750X Plus, the DR770X Box is an entirely new product that highlights interesting and impressive features.

What is the BlackVue DR770X Box Series?

The BlackVue DR770X Box is the newest addition to the company's triple-channel and Full HD dash cam lineup. This new set includes Sony STARVIS cameras capable of capturing Full HD @ 60fps on the front, Full HD @ 30fps on the rear, and Full HD @ 30fps Interior IR that can cover up to a 180-degree field of view.

If you drive a commercial vehicle, the DR770X Box also has a Truck series with a waterproof external rear camera, yes, derived from the DR750X-2CH Truck Plus. But unlike this three-channel full HD dash cam, the all-new DR770X comes with the Box.

Now what’s with this new BlackVue Box?

What is the Box for in the DR770X Box Series?

With security on top of mind, BlackVue designed the DR770X Box to be a separate unit from the cameras, carrying the BlackVue dash cam's processor, power cable, and memory card - all essential when recording footage.

If you’re wondering how the full system works, the three cameras on the DR770X are linked via coaxial video cable to the Box, which serves as the recording unit that can be safely stored in the glove compartment. This means the Box can be easily kept out of sight, preventing a thief from accessing it, while keeping your dash cam footage safe and private.

Smaller, but more secure cameras

Beside the inherent security improvement provided by this configuration, the DR770X Box allows a smaller design for the front camera compared to a conventional dash cam, since all the components required to process and record the video feeds are embedded in the Box.

In fact, the DR770X’s newly designed front camera, which includes a speaker and microphone, is only slightly larger than the interior infrared and rear cameras. Because of its size, it also helps minimize overheating risks of a dash cam sitting on your windshield in the sun.

Advanced Parking Modes

Aside from keeping your video recorder safely stored, you also have additional protection with BlackVue’s advanced parking modes which keep an eye on your car 24/7.

Similar to other BlackVue models, the DR770X Box also offers Loop Recording, Intelligent Parking Mode, Impact and Motion Detection, and Time Lapse Recording. It also has a built-in voltage monitoring system used to maximize usage and provide extra care for your battery.

Optional CM100 LTE Module

Here’s another security feature that the BlackVue DR770X Box can offer. Using the CM100 LTE Module that provides 4G LTE connectivity, the DR770X Box can easily connect to the BlackVue Cloud.

Once connected, you can enjoy and protect yourself with BlackVue Cloud’s features such as Remote Live View, Instant Alert Push Notifications, Video Backup, Remote Video Playback, Real-Time GPS Tracking, Two-way Voice Communication and Live Event Upload.

SOS Button

Also unique to the DR770X Box is the inclusion of a coin battery-powered, remote Bluetooth button that can be used to trigger Event recordings manually, as a way to easily bookmark important files.

Capturing Everything You Need, While Keeping it Safe and Private

The all-new DR770X Box is the ideal security solution for high-risk drivers and anyone else who wants to avoid theft-attracting situations in the car.

If you want to own this game-changing BlackVue, keep an eye out for BlackboxMyCar's official launch of the DR770X Box this Spring!

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