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What is Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)?

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) is a drivers assistance feature available on select few cameras to let the driver know that the vehicle in front of you is pulling away from an intersection. This feature is used to alert drivers who may be distracted to divert their attention back to the road in front of them and can be found in the ADAS settings of these cameras.

The only cameras that have this features in our current lineup are those with an LCD screen. The reason for this is the driver is presented with a large car visual with a beep to inform them of the departing car ahead. With this being said, Blacksys is working on this for their new screen-less camera that we are expecting to see some time in the near future. 

Cameras featuring FVDW are:

Instructions on configuring FVDW can be found below

Thinkware X550

To enable this functionality, navigate from: [LCD Menu > Settings > Road Safety Settings > FVDW]

 (Preview of X550 FVDW)


Called Front Vehicle Start Alarm(FVSA). To enable this functionality, navigate from: [Main Menu > ADAS > FVSA]

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