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VIOFO A119 and A119S!

The A119 has been the best-selling 1-channel dash cam under $150 over the last 3 months for us; so popular in fact, that we sold out of the A119 just before Christmas. It's no surprise as the VIOFO A119 offers impressive video quality, great build quality, and is a very user-friendly device overall. With its great specs and form factor, the A119 has essentially trumped every other device in the under $150 price category. 
For 2017, VIOFO is releasing the A119S which is a further refined variant of the A119 featuring a higher end Sony IMX 291 CMOS Sensor. For the customer that's looking for that extra bit of night time video quality, the A119S would be a great choice. Check out our breakdown below for the similarities and differences between the A119 and the A119s.

VIOFO A119 A119S
VIOFO A119 VIOFO A119S Notes
Processor Novatek 96660 Novatek 96660 Both cameras use the same processor
Sensor Omnivision OV4689 Sony STARVIS IMX291 The OV4689 sensor has more pixels but the Sony sensor offers larger pixels with better light sensitivity
Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1440 WQHD 1920 x 1080 FHD With the Omnivision sensor the standard A119 can support 1440P resolution
Maximum Frame Rate 60 FPS (@ 1080P) 60 FPS (@ 1080P) The OV4689 sensor has more pixels but the Sony sensor offers larger pixels with better light sensitivity
Lens Angle 160° 135° The A119 uses a wider angle lens compared to the A119S. On most vehicles the 135° angle should offer sufficient coverage from A-Pillar to A-Pillar
Lens Features F1.8 Aperture | Vertical/ Horizontal Adjustment F1.6 Aperture | Vertical Adjustment Only The wider aperture of the A119S lets in more light and further contributes to its impressive night time video quality. The standard A119 has a greater range of adjustment compared to the A119S
Camera Body and Design Wedge Shape w/ 2" LCD Screen Wedge Shape w/ 2" LCD Screen Both cameras look virtually identical and are the same size. Mounts and power cables will be interchangeable between both. The only noticeable difference is that the A119S has vents around the lens whereas the A119 has left/right adjustment around the lens

Between the two cameras, the differences are fairly subtle and many users might not notice them unless they are compared side to side. Most users would be happy with the video quality and price point of the standard A119. For the user simply looking for the best of the best, the A119S offers better night time video quality in the same well designed body as the A119. Given the marginal price difference it's definitely worthwhile to consider the S model.

Check out the A119 and A119S here!