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UPS Access Point integration - - BlackboxMyCar

UPS Access Point integration

Ensuring our customers receive the best possible buying experience is our top priority. That’s why we have implemented UPS Access Point for continental US customers for delivery services! UPS Access Point is a convenient feature that allows customers to arrange where and when packages are delivered, freeing up time and decreasing chances of misdeliveries and lost packages.Trying to see the source of headaches for customers and looking for the next big thing to not only improve our efficiency but simplify the experience for our customers is always a massive, and never ending, challenge. Fortunately UPS Access Point brings the best of all the available tools that allow BlackboxMyCar to bring the level of care we are known for to one of the most important aspects in the dash cam purchasing experience.

What does this all mean to you? Probably the most stressful part of making a digital purchase in the hundreds of dollars is the process of getting that product from the warehouse to your hands without things going wrong in any way. This has been something that has been a plight on large dollar e-commerce purchases that we have been working on constantly since the the first dash camera was sent out. Moving forward. not only will our United States customers be able to track their dash cams from the moment it leaves the warehouse but at nearly any point in the delivery process the drop off point can be selected, whether it be changed to a residential address or a nearby certified USP pick up location!

It’s not plainly obvious why making an announcement about an operations upgrade is something important or even headline worthy for that matter, but allow me to explain. One of the most common pre-purchase questions we get is how long will it take to get my dash cam, and the most common post-purchase questions we get, is where is my dash cam? So with both of those being impossibly consistent for the last 7 years our focus on being able to deliver without room for second guessing has been a never ending focus. With UPS Access Point we are able to further centralize and simplify the information like never before so we can process the expectation requests faster than ever. So normally we would keep the back end developments to ourselves but something this important we had to share, we love getting questions, now we have a time tested and proven system to make finding the exact answer you need easier than ever.

To celebrate making our lives easier we have decided to make yours, our valued customers, lives easier as well! Starting Tuesday, December 4th 2018 we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders $400.00 and above! Want to see some great offers we have for brands like Thinkware, BlackVue, IROAD, VIOFO, and more just CLICK HERE

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