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Should I Get a Blindspot Mirror for My Car?

For our fellow drivers out there, we all know that blind spots can be a real headache when it comes to road safety. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 800,000 blind spot accidents happen each year. These usually happen when changing lanes, merging onto highways, navigating busy intersections, parking and reversing, especially when driving large vehicles like RVs and trucks.

Modern cars now include technologies that help you become more aware of your surroundings – backup cameras, collision alert systems, and other features, but there is no standardized approach for decreasing your blindspot zone while driving. The good news is there’s one solution that we can rely on to improve visibility and help dodge the blindspot disasters.

Blindspot Mirrors: Extra Eyes for the Drivers

The reality for us drivers is it’s not feasible to see everything in front, at the side, and behind our cars. This is one of the toughest challenges of first-time drivers, especially difficult when making a turn or overtaking a car. Luckily, when you have blindspot mirrors, you can see areas that your rear-view mirror and side mirrors cannot.

Blindspot mirrors are small, about 2 to 3-inch sized, convex mirrors that stick onto your side mirrors. These accessories feature an adjustable design that picks up multiple angles for better visibility. It’s swivel-mounted, and best of all? Waterproof. Yes, you don’t have to roll down the window and wipe it over and over when it’s raining.

Why You Should Get Blindspot Mirrors

Better Visibility

The top perk of blindspot mirrors is that they give you a wider view. These mirrors provide a far better view of vehicles approaching on your sides, so when you take a turn, you can easily see who or what is approaching from behind. Remember, a good background view will help to lessen the likelihood of an accident.

Safer Lane Changes

With blindspot mirrors, you'll also have a clear advantage when changing lanes or merging onto highways. We understand that it can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you need to quickly assess the flow of traffic. When you have blindspot mirrors, you'll spot those cars trying to sneak up on you, so you can switch lanes smoothly.

Smooth Parking Moves

Parking lots and parallel parking can be difficult due to restricted sight surrounding your vehicle. Blindspot mirrors increase your field of vision, making it easier to maneuver and prevent collisions with surrounding objects or other vehicles. They let you see a broader view, so you can navigate parking lots and parallel-park like a pro. It’s always easier to park when you can actually see how close to the curb your vehicle is!

Efficient Checking

While shoulder checks are still essential, blindspot mirrors give you a quick visual check. No more twisting your neck and craning your head—just a quick glance at your mirrors to see what's coming your way.

Blindspot Mirrors vs. Shoulder Checks

On the subject of shoulder checks, here’s one thing that you might be wondering: Can blindspot mirrors replace shoulder checks?

Shoulder checking is done to see what is in your side blind spot. The side view mirror will show you a piece of what's behind you, but the shoulder check will show you the entire picture. So, to answer the question, shoulder checks can’t just be replaced by blindspot mirrors.

For us, shoulder checks are still vital for keeping tabs on everything around you. Think of blindspot mirrors as the trusty sidekicks that add an extra layer of safety. On top of shoulder checks, these mirrors work great at enhancing visibility. So our tip is to keep doing those shoulder checks, and feel free to let blindspot mirrors be your backup.

Where should I place my blindspot mirrors?

Based on our experience, the most ideal spot to mount your blindspot mirrors is on the outer edges of your side mirrors. That way, you get the widest field of view possible. You can place it up top or lower down, placing the blindspot mirror lower down will prove more helpful for parking situations, and capturing lower details.

When angling the blindspot mirrors, they should be oriented to reveal the blind spot area. The exact angle will vary based on your car's design, your height, seating position, and personal preference.

The ideal setup would allow you to see from the side of your vehicle to several lanes over by scanning across your main mirror and your blindspot mirror.

We recommend you to install blind spot mirrors on both left and right side mirrors, especially if you frequently change lanes on the highway.

How to mount blindspot mirrors

When installing a car accessory, whether it's a dash cam or a rain guard, the first step is to make sure the surface is clean and clear of debris, dust, or any residue that could prevent the adhesive from properly sticking.

Next, place the blindspot mirrors against the outside edges of your side mirrors. Adjust them till you reach the ideal position that provides an enlarged vision while not obstructing your conventional mirror.

Once you've discovered the best position, firmly press the blindspot mirrors against your side mirrors. Most blindspot mirrors have adhesive backing and should adhere securely.

And finally, adjust the angle of the blindspot mirrors after they've been installed. Feel free to experiment with small changes until you reach the ideal angle for visibility without generating distortion.

Our Top Recommendation? BlackboxMyCar EdgeSight Mirrors

Now that you already know the advantages of having blindspot mirrors, another thing to consider before buying is the quality. Our top recommendation are the EdgeSight Mirrors, exclusively available at BlackboxMyCar. Unlike other blindspot mirrors, the 360° rotation feature of the BlackboxMyCar Edgesight Mirrors allows for customizable positioning, ensuring optimal viewing angles and maximum visibility in all driving situations.

Moreover, this accessory is best paired with essential accessories such as the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield which protects your dash cam’s view from rain and dust, and the Smooth Vinyl Scraper for more efficient installation. You can also get all these in our bundled BlackboxMyCar Safety Essential Kit.

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