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SD Card Memory Partitioning (Thinkware F750/F770)

Premium Dashcams like the Thinkware F770 organize videos by different file types so that events can be located more easily and card space can be prioritized differently. Continuous recording is the file type that most dashcam users are familiar with, this is your normal driving footage which takes up most of your memory card space with the Thinkware dashcams. There is also parking motion which applies only to hardwired dashcams and would comprise of files where the motion sensor was triggered albeit without any physical shocks. Then there are incident modes for both parking and continuous recording which are video clips where the G-sensor was triggered by a shock/impact. Lastly there is manual recording which is where the user physically presses the "REC" button on the camera.

Thinkware F770 Memory card

Loop recording will take place within each of these folders meaning the oldest clip will be deleted to make room for the newest clip. Because the card is partitioned into these separate folders though, you don't have to worry about a regular driving video overwriting an incident clip. This is important, particular for parking mode as the driver may not notice that their car has been damaged until several days later and with other dashcams such as the BlackVue cameras which don't use partitioning, the footage would be long gone after a day or two.

Sample Recording Times

Below are the different partition settings for the Thinkware F750 and F770, please note that 16GB and 128GB cards are also compatible with these cameras. Times may vary depending on formatted size of card. These are estimates and not exact number measured from the camera.

Memory Partition A Type

Thinkware Partition Memory Type A

1CH (32GB)2CH (32GB)1CH (64GB)2CH (64GB)
Continuous Recording4H2H8H4H
Continuous Incident1H 20M40M2H 40M1H 20M
Parking Motion40M20M1H 20M40M
Parking Incident20M10M50M25M
Manual Recording40M20M1H 20M40M

Memory Partition B Type

Memory Card Type B

1CH (32GB)2CH (32GB)1CH (64GB)2CH (64GB)
Continuous Recording2H 25M1H 10M4H 50M2H 25M
Continuous Incident1H30M2H1H
Parking Motion40M20M1H 20M40M
Parking Incident20M10M40M20M
Manual Recording2H 40M1H 20M5H 20M2H 40M

Memory Partition C Type

Thinkware Memory Card Type C

1CH (32GB)2CH (32GB)1CH (64GB)2CH (64GB)
Continuous Recording3H 30M1H 45M7H3H 30M
Continuous Incident1H 30M2H1H
Parking Motion2H1H4H2H
Parking Incident40M20M1H 20M40M
Manual Recording40M20M1H 20M40M

Check out the Thinkware F770 here!
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