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Introducing the BlackboxMyCar Rewards Program

Introducing the BlackboxMyCar Rewards Program

Something Special For You

Here at BlackboxMyCar, we highly value our customers. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing you happy with your purchase, our service, and the support our team has for you.

And as our way of giving back to your trust and support since 2012, we bring you the BlackboxMyCar Rewards Program to make the full experience just a little bit sweeter.

How do I access it?

  1. Find the Program on Our Website: Look for the "Rewards" tab at the bottom left or the top right of your screen on our website.

  2. Log In to Your Account: Simply log in (more details below), and all the information related to your points will be at your fingertips.

  3. Check Your Points: Once logged in, you'll find the number of Points that you have accumulated in your account. These points can be used for exclusive benefits and special offers.

So how do I play?

Participation is easy!

Participating in the BlackboxMyCar Rewards Program is completely FREE! All you have to do is sign up for an account. If you have previously made a purchase from BlackboxMyCar, all you have to do is login to your account with the email you purchased with & all your points will be there. We have retroactively added points for you from all your previous purchases!

If you haven’t bought from BlackboxMyCar yet, you can check out our website for the best dash cam dealsbest price guaranteed! Once signed up, you can now start earning points to get our exclusive rewards.

Earn points for everything :)

Here’s a list of ways you can earn them:

  • 1 point: Every $1 spent
  • 10 points: If you like our official Facebook account
  • 10 points: If you subscribe to our YouTube channel (we have new videos every week!)
  • 10 points: If you follow us on Instagram (we share amazing tips)
  • 10 points: If you follow us on TikTok (oh, our videos are fresh)
  • 25 points: If you sign up for an account
  • 25 points: If you sign up on the BlackboxMyCar Newsletter (fresh deals and news for you!)
  • 50 points: If you write us a review on

And if you’ve made your purchase before our rewards program, rest assured, points will be retroactively applied to you for your previous purchases!

Redeem for more!

Now here’s the sweet part. As a reward for the points you’ve earned, you get to enjoy the following deals and discounts from us!

  • Earn 250 points: Get Free Shipping anywhere in the US and Canada
  • Earn 500 points: Get a total of 5% off on your purchase
  • Earn 750 points: Get a total of 7% off on your purchase
  • Earn 1,000 points: Get a total of 10% off on your purchase

The best part is? There’s no minimum order required! So whatever you get from us, the discount will automatically be applied on your purchase!

Bonus: Refer Your Friends to Get 7% Off

Now, here’s another bonus for you. While we believe in the power of the community and the value of sharing experiences, we also love giving a special reward to our customers who would refer and spread the word about BlackboxMyCar to friends and families! More dash cams, means safer travels for everyone, right?

Invite your friends to take 7% off their next order over $100. For each successful referral, you will get 750 points!

How does the BlackboxMyCar Exclusive Referral work?

It's simple! If you're already a BlackboxMyCar customer, you're eligible to participate in this Exclusive Referral Program.

Here's how you can start earning rewards:

1) Make a purchase

Once you've made a purchase from BlackboxMyCar, we will send you a unique referral link.

2) Spread the Word

Share this referral link with your friends, family, work colleagues, and anyone else you know who would like to protect themselves with a dash cam from us!

3) Give 7%, get 750 points

When your friend uses your referral link to make a purchase from us, they will automatically receive a 7% off for a minimum of $100 purchase. And as our way of giving thanks for the referral, you'll also receive 750 points straight to your BlackboxMyCar account!

Referral FAQs

What are the Reward Conditions?

The discount is applicable only to the referred friend's first purchase. The referee must be a new customer to BlackboxMyCar and must make a valid dash cam purchase using the unique referral link provided.

How long will the Referral Link be valid?

The unique referral links we send out are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. After this period, the link will expire, and no rewards will be granted for referrals made using the expired link.

More bonus: VIP Tiers

And more for our VIPs. We appreciate how much you trusted us, so we’re giving bigger points for you. Here’s the pointing system exclusive for you!

  • Bronze: Everyone
  • Silver: 2,500 points required. Bonus 1,000 points!
  • Gold: 5,000 points required. Bonus 2,500 points!

Refer a Friend, and Protect Them with a Dash Cam!

At BlackboxMyCar, we believe in giving back to the strong community of dash cam enthusiasts. We hope this Loyalty Program can give you more opportunities to the drivers you know, while earning more rewards for you!

For any questions, please direct enquiries to our email: [email protected].

Terms and conditions

Data Usage and Privacy

We take data privacy seriously. Any data collected as part of the BlackboxMyCar Exclusive Rewards Program will be used solely for the purpose of tracking and administering the rewards. Rest assured, our team complies with all relevant privacy laws and regulations to safeguard your information.

Termination and Modifications

BlackboxMyCar reserves the right to terminate or modify the Rewards Program at any time and for any reason. If there are any changes to the program, we will notify you in advance so that you can make the most of your referral rewards.

Misuse and Gaming

While we love rewarding our customers, we also maintain the integrity of the BlackboxMyCar Rewards Program. Misuse or gaming of the system, such as referring oneself or using multiple accounts to gain rewards unfairly, is strictly prohibited. Such activities will result in disqualification from the program.

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