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Protecting Frontline Heroes - Interview with a Paramedic - - BlackboxMyCar

Protecting Frontline Heroes - Interview with a Paramedic

We have always come together when times have gotten tough. It is how we cope, especially when activities that we commonly enjoy are cancelled. It’s frustrating to be told to social-distance and isolate when the most effective way to resist panic is, after all, the comfort of togetherness. But as days of social distancing turns into weeks and even months, we realize that the spirit of coming together has nothing to do with standing face to face with one another. It’s about helping each other, especially those impacted by the crisis and those on the frontline, in whatever way we can.

This is exactly what Annelie Van der Heyden learned after thieves broke into her car and made off with all her work gear: two uniforms, boots, masks, stethoscope, helmet, and everything else she needed to do her job. Annelie is a paramedic in Vancouver, BC, and she hasn’t been able to work because she no longer had her gear. Thankfully, residents of a local shelter found her bag and brought it into a local fire hall, where firemen cleaned and disinfected everything before returning them to Annelie.

When we first learned about the theft in the news in late March. It made sense, with businesses shutting down in the city, it’s going to affect crime levels. But we’d think that when the thieves saw Annelie’s gear and not realize or respect the importance of her role as a paramedic in times like this, it is definitely heartbreaking.

We specialize in dash cams and vehicle safety, and we knew the dash cam would be perfect in protecting Annelie and her family. In partnership with Thinkware, we contacted her and surprised her with a Thinkware FA200 dash cam!

See what Annelie has to say about the incident, what she's doing now, the outpour of support from the community, what she’s hoping to capture with her new dash cam, and how dash cams can help paramedics and other frontline workers.

“The whole experience at the end was a really positive one and reaffirmed how communities work.”

There has been many uplifting moments that have left us feeling hopeful and connected in these difficult times, and Annelie’s story is definitely one of them. And as Annelie was able to recover the bulk of her gear (including the very special stork pin), she has donated money raised on her GoFundMe page to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Annelie has also disabled new donations to her fundraiser, but if you would like to continue to send in your support, there are many local food bank fundraisers you can choose from. If you’re living in British Columbia, you can consider helping the BC Emergency Health Services’ Critical Care Program raise money for the food bank.

Healthcare Heroes Discount - 10% OFF all dash cams

And we would like to reach out to all frontline healthcare professionals. Let us take care of you while you take care of us - from now until April 30, we are offering 10% off all dash cams on our website to frontline healthcare heroes: doctors, nurses, EMS/paramedics, nursing home caregivers, pharmacists, hospital staff and even CBP/CBSA agents. More details on our Healthcare Heroes Discount can be found here: Healthcare Heroes Discount.

And if you know someone in those fields who you think is deserving of a dash cam, stay tuned as we have exciting news and promotions coming in May as part of our 8th Anniversary Grand Celebration.

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