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IROAD X9 Parking Mode

A dash cam isn’t just an investment in protecting yourself on the road. These cameras are becoming more and more popular based on their parking mode capabilities, giving customers peace of mind that their cars are protected even when left unattended and off the road. After testing the parking mode features on the IROAD X9 for the past month, we’re happy to report that it has passed with flying colours and has certainly proved its match to other leading dash cams!

The X9 has two recording modes: continuous driving mode when the car is on, and parking mode when the car is switched off. During continuous driving mode the impact detection feature will automatically save the footage directly surrounding an event in order to protect it from being overwritten. In much the same way, parking mode has both impact and motion detection, leaving you certain that your car will be protected even when you’re not around.

When using normal settings during day or nighttime parking, the X9 performed extremely well. The motion sensor was very consistent in picking up subtle changes in the environment, to a point where even an insect flying past or a light turning on would trigger the motion detection. The trigger sensitivity level can be adjusted via the app or desktop viewer, as per your preference. This means anyone walking by or any vehicles driving by will trigger the motion sensor for recording.

One of the most impressive built-in parking mode features of the X9 is its ability to analyze the environment in low light situations. We can’t tell you how many times our customers write to us that their dash cam has caught an impact on camera during parking mode but it was too dark to see anything. The X9’s “X-Vision” leaves no room for error, automatically adjusting the brightness in low light situations within 5 seconds to ensure that the recorded video is visible.

The X9 also comes with an easy-to-use mobile app which supports all major smartphone platforms. Parking mode on the X9 is activated by default but this can be changed on the app with the click of a button, along with numerous other camera functions. One of our favorite things about this unit is its attention to detail which makes for an overall enhanced user experience. For example, when exiting parking mode, if there was any impact the X9 will actually signal that there has been an event detected via a verbal announcement. The X9 also trumps other leading manufacturers in effectively alerting the user upon start-up in the event that parking mode recording has been interrupted due to a voltage cut.

The X9 also uses significantly less energy than its closest competitors, consuming just 2.9W for its 2CH system, which puts a lot less strain on your car battery. What’s more, the 64GB SD card can generally hold around 8 hours of Full HD continuous driving footage. We found that parking mode lasted on a quiet neighborhood street for approximately 28 hours before the X9 shut off to protect the vehicle’s battery, which is a very high number.

Overall, IROAD has really thought of everything to bring you a dash cam that effectively safeguards your footage even when your car is parked, while also offering high video quality for a great price! Don’t miss out on our exclusive pre-order deals.

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