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How do I take out my Thinkware Rear Camera from the mount?

The rear camera for the Thinkware F800 and the F770 have different internals (Sony Starvis vs. Sony EXMOR) however, the exterior looks virtually identical. This is great news as customers who are upgrading from the F770 to the F800 can reuse the camera mount for their new rear camera without taking off the tape. To do so, simply rotate the lens so that it is facing the opposite of the mounting pad. At this point you can simply push the camera body away from the mount and it should slide out nicely.

*This guide applies to the Thinkware rear camera models BCFH-150, BCFH-150 IR, and BCFH-200. If you have a 2 channel F800, F770, or X550, you may have one of these rear cameras. 

Picture Guide

Thinkware Rear Camera Rotation

The orientation of the micro USB port relative to the mount for separating the two pieces

Thinkware rear camera and mount

The two pieces separated (mount + rear camera body)

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