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Fast-paced flying debris from Phoenix, Caught on Dash Cam - - BlackboxMyCar

Fast-paced flying debris from Phoenix, Caught on Dash Cam

An Ordinary Day of Highway Driving until…

Driving can be unpredictable, and sometimes the unexpected happens in the blink of an eye, turning the ordinary into a stressful, adrenaline-filled struggle. This story involves a piece of debris flying off a truck and causing significant damage to a vehicle's windshield, highlighting the real dangers drivers face on the road. In this blog, we’ll share the details of a recent incident, and showcase the dash cam footage that captured it all.

The Incident

While driving on the 202 highway in Phoenix, just before the 52nd Street overpass, this Kia Soul experienced the unexpected. A Ram truck ahead lost a piece of debris, which flew off and collided directly with the front windshield of the following vehicle. The impact was severe, leaving a crater-like crack that severely impaired the driver’s visibility on the driver-side corner of the vehicle. This incident not only posed an immediate safety risk but also required the driver to replace the entire windshield.

Aftermath and Repairs

Following the incident, the vehicle was taken to a shop for a thorough check-up to ensure no further damage was done. The windshield had to be completely replaced, which was both time-consuming and costly. However, thanks to the dash cam footage, the process of filing an insurance claim and proving the incident was straightforward, and was processed quickly. It’s always best to have physical evidence of any incident that may occur to you.

Captured on Camera

The Thinkware Q1000 dash cam recorded the entire incident, providing clear evidence of the debris hitting the windshield. The Dash Cam gave the driver the full perspective on what happened, proving their experience to others.

The road can be a dangerous place, and unexpected incidents can occur at any time. Having a high-quality dash cam like the Thinkware Q1000 can make all the difference in capturing crucial moments, providing evidence, and ensuring your safety. Don't wait until it's too late – equip your vehicle with a dash cam and drive with confidence.

Stay safe out there, and remember, a dash cam is more than just a recording device; it's your silent witness on the road.

Thinkware Q1000 2K QHD 2-CH

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Thinkware Q1000 2K QHD Dual Channel Dash Cam

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